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Status Updates posted by E-minor7

  1. Slowly beginning to get some skills. .

  2. Trying to learn Davy Graham's Angi this summer, , , on vintage J-45's.

  3. Hi pilot - enjoy that 45 to the max

  4. Just posted Acoustic Board thread # 20.000. Had to be done - it's about sustain

  5. The pleasure of a broken in Dove with a well sanded smooth neck ^

  6. The mesmerizing symbiosis with ceramic saddles

  7. After more than 5 years, now gettin' inside the Gibsons.

  8. The detailed'n'nuanced perception of the response from the guitars

  9. Have to say Birds. .

  10. Thanks Cindy - hope to get sort kind of sample down sooner or later.

    Enjoy your Bird and keep posting.

    (also more soundbites and playing)

  11. Congratulations -

  12. Hey again Fred - Enjoy the comin' weekend.

  13. Will be interesting as the 200 is so different from what I've heard in your hands so far. But you had the vision and we talked about it 10 months ago or something. Now it's reality (escapism or not)- and I look forward to hearing the creature.

    Best Thoughts - E-minor7

  14. A green lantern your way, M. -

  15. A green lantern your way, M. -

  16. Hey GG, long time no C.

    Good to know you still are on your feet.

    That Royal Wood connected fine. . .


  17. Hey GG, long time no C.

    Good to know you still are on your feet.

    That Royal Wood connected fine. . .


  18. You're right about the F-bird. There are many fine sounding Gibsons, but this one is in a league of its own.

  19. Okay, I should have said 'recent thread' and 'just met'. Talkin' 'bout EA's AJ order thread.

  20. A red is a negative lantern. Look at post # 20 on thread where we met.

  21. Was it you giving me a red Red ?

    Hope not -

  22. Nice Tele-pic. The whole set is ready to rock, , , , and to get mojoed.

  23. Hello Jinder - Did you see the 2 Donovan tunes played on the famous J-200 ?

    Just wanted to put that brick where it belongs.

  24. Not for too long anyway, , , , eehh talking 'bout the woman here.

    See You -

  25. Hey hooper - In case you want to speed up the aging process and add some darker hue to those tuners, you can always do the famous shoe-polish trick : Wrap them in cloth with brown paste and let them sleep over night. If it's not enough, give some extra hours.


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