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  1. 1 hour ago, 62burst said:

    They can be a good thing, and sometimes not-so-good. The not-so-good: when it's a guitar technical issue, a helpful soul could spend a good bit of time carefully constructing a reply, only to find that the OP hasn't been around for years (OP here did/got what he had to, hasn't been around since). 

    . . . and - maybe a tagged notification, a color, or a banner, could prevent time lost reading a page of posts on a years-old thread.

    BUT: sometimes you notice something the second time around. For example, Emin7's Buffalo guitar- his first steel stringer. 'Just now noticed in the photo on pg 1; it had an ADJ bridge. Did it come with the ceramic saddle (heavily compensated on the G string, in the ex shown), or was he modding to Dono's Universal Soldier? 'Might explain a sympathetic ear towards the ceramic adj nowadays.


    Just remember a good answer serves and entertain an entire audience - not just the original poster.

    My dear ol' Landola Buffalo had the metal insert with a plastic-nylon saddle, , , if I'm not too far off. Turned the screws a bit - not much. Too young.   

  2. 41 minutes ago, fortyearspickn said:

    They look like they have metal rivets holding the fabric onto the leather end tab -  that would rub up against the wood by the endpin.  And metal buckles.  But, yes, the weave patterns are very nice.  

    Had the same thoughts - too much metal. But the some of these straps are more than tempting.  I was close to put one in the basket. 

  3. 9 hours ago, Salfromchatham said:

    My brother from another mother.  What do you mean unisone.. I’ll try anything you suggest of course!  Good night for now...

    (Oh, there was an E too much.) Here unison music-wise means the same note/notes opposed to harmonies.  In the right balance it sometimes gives oooohhs a little fat. 
    Do try it out when the opportunity is there - perhaps just for the experience.  

  4. On 5/16/2020 at 1:15 AM, BluesKing777 said:

    Somewhere in there, the guitar just kicked in! Glue dried? New strings dulled? Whatever it is, I can now really dig in, for lack of better words.

    So now we have a nice setup, nice new bone parts, but on a guitar that is 18 years old and just sings!

    Those 18 years didn't disappear in vain - they are heard in the instrument, which seems loose, but still with its core intact - warm, woody even smokey. . 

    Keep digging

  5. On 5/10/2020 at 5:12 PM, j45nick said:

    The J-160 had an ADJ bridge when it came out in 1954.


    I assume they were ceramic, not rosewoody. Never seen a J-160E with the wooden version. If the concept started with the modern electric acoustic, the switch to the regular acoustics may have been more or less casual. And adding nuance to the new acoustic sound, Kalamazoo may have chosen to introduce the softer variation during the move.

    Only speculations here - please come in with competent assistance. Wooden saddles on the J-160, , , !? , , , and was that model the first carrier of the adjustable idea. . !?

  6. On 5/5/2020 at 10:33 AM, Austrum said:

    Hi All, another Australian for the ranks. Today I picked up a 2010 J45 Standard as new, it even has the plastic on the scratch plate. Wow it really is one of the best.
    I previously had a J60 nice but. Then to Martin and Ovation (still have them) but this guitar I have dreamed about for 30yrs.
    It's great having this resource for experience and advise moving forward. Other Gibson guitars; Les Paul, SG


    Hey Austrum and welcome to the acoustic orchard.

    I have a 2010 Std. as well which also came with plast over the guard. Asked my girl friend to remove it while it went down on film.  A little ritual there.

    The guitar is very good, but had some compression in the beginning. Has now opened up. It's fat, kind of earthy and bass-heavy. About the most monstrous J-45 I've played.  

    Why not start a thread that presents yours. 
    Stay safe

  7. Well, one ad says bone adjustable another says tuqs. Though bone would be louder I'm almost sure tusq is the case. 

    Bone would actually also be louder than ceramic, which of course is the real deal. Guess Bozeman wants a close-but-no-cigar - situation. If goin' for real vintage timbre, you still have to walk that extra mile. 

    The Sweet Water demo-film indicates the difference between adj. saddle and ordinary ditto (red and black 45s). The latter being stronger, more massive where the adj. has that certain undefinable ring to it. A flavor that would be even more pronounced had they offered us the original white clay. 

    Btw. 1 Q : When did the earliest adjustable bridges/saddles leave Kalamazoo - somewhere in the late 50s ? , , , and was Epiphone the first-mover. . 

  8. They'd probably all be good. But people have different ears, taste and preferences, , , that's what makes the world, , , and 45s go round.  . 

    If following your Q my take is that series of 3 or 4 would have special appeal to me, , ,  or you or mister Henderson, , , and out them 2 would end in the difficult finale. 

    Also 3 or 4 would probably be very alike and hard to tell from each other. 

    This only if we set a range within 3-4 years - goin' up above that the unfathomable Bozeman spirit would play in. 


  9. This thread made me go in and buy Paul Pena's 2 albums - what a huge'n'cool talent. Thanx Sal. Will of course get yours too as soon as it's released, , , but it has feature original material. 


  10. So we have a winner, , , , so far. To put it straight, this burst doesn't represent a problem, but should be seen as character. However, ,  if it keeps annoying you, there's a chance the bug won't disappear. As you (like many of us) obviously are mesmerized by the magik-of-bursts, this may continue to mean to much for comfort. The saying is that Gibsons are inconsistent, but in a situation like this it must be underlined that they aren't so inconsistent that you can't find another which takes it all home for you.  

    I btw. find 'inconsistent' too strong a term - similar models often comes out different, yet like nuances of the same main-theme. And many will be almost identical. 

    In other words : I look forward to hear about #4. 👁️👁️

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  11. 4 hours ago, j45nick said:


    It's a fascinating variable.


    Yes, the front or #1 brace is significantly thicker on the Standard. My 2 vintage 45s (1953 and 63) both have thin front braces - the 2010 Std. is bulky and robust. Ahaaa, , , we see a pattern here.

    Apart from that, it's hard to be too scientific, especially when translating construction to tone.  Should the slightly drier TVs get their dryness from the front bar, , , hmmm, who knows. 

    The factory people do ! , , , and it must be exciting to experiment with these nuances, , , and actually begin to master them. But then we are inside the deepest champers of the plant.  The holy hall of heart'n'soul, , , , , , , and brain. .  

  12. Don't know if this still counts. It's 8 years old from when the Std. vs True Vintage really was happening. Probably hasn't changed. 


    Another thing is that these 2 don't represent quality-difference - only sonic identity, , , which of course is a major theme.  You must listen'n'feel your way forward. Nothing else to do. 

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