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  1. 5 minutes ago, MissouriPicker said:

    I seriously considered and almost bought one at GC a few years ago.  Not many of them around.  I must have gone up and played it 5-6 times over a few days.  A real brute in the sound department and very nicely made, but I couldn’t get past the pick guard.  The name didn’t bother me (although I’d have picked a different bird name), but that pick guard just did not seem natural for a Gibson.  Maybe A Taylor...lol..........If I remember correctly, we had a good discussion in here regarding the pick guard——too modern, drawn by a kid, not traditional..

    Yes, we had a passionate discussion about the Sparrow 3-4-5 years ago. Someone presented a brown-burst version and I even believe the person behind the creation of the guard chimed in. Would be fun to see that thread again. 

  2. 1 hour ago, tpbiii said:


    Many of you know I have this 1962


    That has the much hated plastic bridge -- often removed. But I was/am not temped to change it.  I could claim some high moral reason about history -- but that is not it at all.  To me, this guitar delivers that early 60s folk revival sound in spades.  And it is a great acoustic recording guitar -- maybe the best I have.  At least I use it the most.


    The real special deal with your 62er is the rare plastic bridge / wooden insert combo. It means mellow with mellow on top and is bound to make this Bird sing in a league of its own. 
    Glad you never changed it - the forest needs such voice too. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Twang Gang said:

    I think I'd like a Hummingbird original, but I'd certainly want to play a few before choosing.  Wish there was a place I could go and try several different models with different tonewoods to compare, but where I am no-one has that large of a selection in acoustics.

    What exactly is a Hummingbird Original ?

    'Playing a few' is a  rare luxus for most of us. Sometimes it takes years and it's a gamble as soon as the involved guitars are located in different places. Only way is to unzip the big wallet-pocket and get 2-3-4 home - for then to return the bronze and silver. A member did that with 3 J-45s recently and reported here 👍 I've tried the slow-mo version several times - it's a fest. 

  4. On 7/8/2020 at 3:19 AM, ghost_of_fl said:


    And the person who resurrected this thread was using basic forum/message board etiquette (a lost art). 



    Haha he, , , good one ghost_of_fl.  And being a ghost I assume you like ghost-threads.

    I personally have nothing against them at all - if re-fueled well they can be seen as homage to the Board history.   

    Besides the constant flow of new spectators will benefit from revived themes - even threads from the bronze age will be fresh for them. 

    The Q in this one may be 12 years old, but the topic is timeless. 


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  5. 23 minutes ago, 62burst said:

    A brazen move- how would one know when to stop? But it's something I'd been considering on one of the oldies that was at "a certain music shop" where they really didn't want to attempt to remove it's way-oversized bridge plate- either due to concerns about why it's big-ness was installed in the first place (structural?), or . . . they'd already had the guitar for almost a year, and simply wanted to put it in the "done" pile.

    Has the '63 SJ accumulated some divoting at the 2nd fret (?)- hopefully, it doesn't fret sharp on you. Does look fine, though.


    Not sure the sanding was that bold when it comes  down to it. You eye-measure an original square sh. bridge-plate and compare it with the new - then go by intuition. I stopped after 65 strokes and strung up for a listen, , , then decided not to take it any further.  Yes, of course the surface gets uneven, but that doesn't matter - it's a question 'bout removing mass. 

    There is divoting, , , and worn frets in the salvation-army-chord-area as well. The latter may generate some buzz, but the intonation is immaculate.  The main prob has been the (often mentioned) hollow G string, , , not much left of that now. I btw. is a believer in bridges and bridge-plates need for break in time. You don't just install a couple of vital new components on a 50 years old guitar and expect everything to swing . Wooden vibe takes time, , , but is worth the waiting.

  6. As a matter of fact I played a fixed bridge 1963er a few  weeks ago - and held a lot of Bird between my hands. It was just as shiny as the one above and had the same degree of mint burst. I prefer them more faded though - and would never go for a non-original bridge/saddle. What finally convinced me about that was the 1965 ceramic saddled faded orange-cherry Southern Jumbo met last year. It was the best sounding old square I ever heard and would have stayed here if the width hadn't been 1 5/8.

    Not hunting either - still investigating. My 63 ceramic saddled sunburst SJ is better than ever - especially after I sanded the unoriginal bridge-plate (which is thicker than Kalamazoo's) and evened out the hollow G-string nut groove (which had an unseen disturbing micro-bump). 


    Look how wonderfully wide the neck is. 

  7. 5 hours ago, MissouriPicker said:

    Yeah, that “bird” died in 81-82.  My first Hummingbird and dream guitar.  I think most of the damage was done when the guy couldn’t get-up without standing on the guitar..  I can still remember that crunching noise...lol....Life’s a bit-ch and then you die...lol....make the most of it.....Don’t think I’d feel complete without my  Hummingbird.  A couple times I considered trading it for a Bird TV, but in all sincerity I’d don’t know  if I’d like the TV better than the one  I’m totally satisfied with.  I’m simply “at home” with the guitar and it’s a good instrument to hide behind on stage...lol...

    If the Standard does that for you it's sounds like the right partner was found - perhaps even closer than the early one. Which year was that from btw. . 

  8. 10 minutes ago, 62burst said:

    "Everything was going fine until the hurdy gurdy man showed up."

    What kind of string tension does it have that can allow that tiny bridge to not just go flying off?

    Instead of changing pins to change tone & dynamics, maybe Emin7 could consider altering string break angles at the nut. . . 

    Could be interesting to hear a bit more about these strings - are the upper ones spiraled. 

    I like the decoration of the top - spades, , , hearts - and actually find the French piece between 7:53 ans 8:48 quite beautiful. Including the 1 lonesome bend. 

  9. 39 minutes ago, PickledPat said:

    yea looking forward to digging in! any recommendation on strings? I've liked John Pearse  mediums on  other guitars

    I actually have John Pearse Ph. B. lights on my 2010 J-45. Haven't used them for ages, but they were recommended to me about 2 weeks ago and I bought a Ph. B and a B. set.

    Else I like Gibson Masterbuilts and of course the old workhorse of steel : D'Addario EJ16s. But string preferences are highly subjective and I'm not the best judge.  The fact that they keep fading teases my sonic memory and sense of finesse. Other members here are much more reliable - and you yourself hold the last'n'highest card.

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  10. Sounds great ^ congratulations - 45s are fantastic.

    The blue spot is a foreigner - did you leave it inside.

    People find the weirdest things in their boxes. Not me - I only found an old grape not so long ago, , , and a few strange smells here and there. . 

    Stay around and have fun - show pics of both guitar and sticker. 

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  11. 5 hours ago, MissouriPicker said:

    My Hummingbird gone?  Even just the thought is blasphemy!....lol....No, it’s not going anywhere.  I know that we get dramatic at times over our guitars, but I think I’d feel guiltily and even a bit depressed if that guitar was gone....lol...It would be like moving-on and leaving a treasured part of my life behind me.  If anything goes someday, it might be the J15.  Awesome guitar, but the walnut J100 fills the Walnut sound for me.  I don’t know.   Time will tell.

    Reassuring to hear. It was just that story a few days ago about you leaning the Bird on a chair, , , for then to see it fall over with a drunkard upon it, which made me wonder. But maybe that was ages ago - and a whole other flier. 

  12. 5 hours ago, Lars68 said:

    I've always thought it would be cool if a guitar company just gave us, let say ten basic models to pick from, and that's it. ”We make these ten different guitars, and we make them to the best of our ability”. Then within each model, the customer could pick from a narrow selection of different neck widths and neck shapes. If they figure out how to make a specific model better, then those changes would be introduced as soon as possible without giving the guitar a model year. Enough of this ”vintage”, ”original”, modern”, ”mystic”, ”supreme”, ”deluxe”, ”legend” kind of thing. 

    That's just how I see it, and I realize I will never work in marketing...


    Well, that's a thought - and maybe it's more or less being practised already by smaller builders.

    Would make the second hand link pretty hard to navigate in though.  Difficult to judge what you see in the ad in front of you, , , and to find what you're after.

    But yes, the personalized custom idea is highly intriguing and (if withheld price-wise) it could be a hit. 

  13. 5 hours ago, MissouriPicker said:

    I get confused with the dozens of variations Gibson makes of each model.  I really don’t know a “reissue” from a “historic,” etc.  and know very little about bridges aside from I’ll cross it when I come to it.  

    You are not alone. Then again I don't think the intention is to create order and easy overvue. Rather a sea of semi-chaos in which we can swim endlessly. 
    Is your Hummingbird gone for good ?

  14. 5 hours ago, 62burst said:

    Eddie (looking well & happy) is wearing the headphones.

    Yes he is and I been after the same set recently. Got the 990 250 ohm, but they are open-backs, which doesn't work when recording. Saw the new Roger Waters videos and he has these close-backs as well. Made me go for them, but had to find out their ohms first. Hard to spot with Waters, now this pair seems to be 80. Figured R.W. used that - I'm hereby certain.  Thx AJames ^

  15. 8 hours ago, slimt said:

    The Sparrow reminds me of the J60 that Gibson made. I wonder if its the same specs.   You do post some interesting guitars. 

    Yes - the J-60 was there first.

    I guess these are guitars you need to try 'in person'. May take you by surprise as something else, , , for NO, they are not H-Birds or Doves at all.

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