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  1. Let's see what good mister Polecastro has to say - and talk when we land on the other side. Travel safe
  2. Yea, , , the film-folks wanna be musicians, , , and the musicians wanna be painters, , , and make film. But the film-folks really wanna be rock stars. .
  3. I sense you are serious here, still not sure. If yes, , , and if this was a political forum I would have asked : Why ? Would governments all over the globe be interested in stopping the machine, , , all growth and so forth to control people/societies/development ?, , , or maybe to remove the focus from climate challenges, , , which some see as an indirect revolution. . Weellllll, , , never mind. Better get back to the guitar. Have given it a totally different string by string action these past days and it plays like a Bird.
  4. Hi ol' FB - good to see you roll the train out with your passion is intact. New guitar ? P.S. - found out the trick in your name while you were gone. (some coins fall slow) P.P.S. - Don't ever lose those falsettos. .
  5. Tried a bit as a young man, but it's not ideal. May call strezzz down. Sing a few songs together instead - not too hard stuff, , , things can you perform at a dinner party.
  6. Good to hear ^ was afraid it had all landed
  7. Yes it is - playing to the sun is magnificent. I do it during summertime on the little balcony here. She's a very fine listener. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes it is - the logic is to keep the curve flat (number of infected down). Lesser crowds means less contact means fewer smitten. Overflown hospitals and lazarets must be avoided.
  8. I mean, the country is closing down as I speak. .
  9. Crazy times for sure - and the experts on tv here say you haven't yet realized the bug overthere - hope they are severely wrrrroongga. . Songs right now ? , , , apropos cash I take a pleasure from finally learning For Free. .
  10. Did you at any point touch the truss rod ?
  11. Did you just say Corona factory. . .
  12. That's really good news - tell us all about it when it arrives. Big times ahead
  13. Again you could have a point. My impression is that T.H. usually presents the guitars via his style rather than testing them by 'objective' octopusish approach. With this gentleman you get a set - to his advantage. Does it make him a lesser demonstrator ? Perhaps yes.
  14. Hehe, , , good point - but 52 !?
  15. Must be a mistake - L is almost neighbour to the J and they mirror each other. .
  16. If 55 was the year of the double-X return this one should be without it. Not sure it sounds that way, , , but what a sweet sweet tone. Let Hoffmann take over - Have to say I'm a liker of the guard-line. Turn some tulips on this one and it's home.
  17. Just the 4 of you could create small miracles.
  18. EA, just checking - do you still have the broad herd - guess NO. The Bird then, , , or did the Dove clean the sky. .
  19. What a harmonious and precious scene. Such a joy to bring the right Bird home. A big thing. May you spend endless weightless hours together. And say hello to Conrad and Paul too. .
  20. O yearh, , , sounds'n'looks very good. Something tells it isn't the loudest guitar on the wall though. That of course is a completely different thing.
  21. ^ I have found that the more precise and nuanced a player I have become, the more the type of sustain matters*. And as you say the volume and length play a big role here - actually exactly like when setting a effect-pedal. A thick long single-note-tail can occupy too much space and generate irrational sonic blur in the overall context. *besides respons time of course
  22. Some fine insight there. Still it has to said that the bluegrass people and most other acoustic ensembles typically avoid maple. Maybe because they are found too distinguished sounding, , , meaning not robust enough.
  23. Hahe he, , , title-fun guaranteed. You clearly are in contact with the inner side of Davies' wonderful classic. And inspired me to learned it. Never touched it at all. May Wellington, von Blücher, Bonaparte and their 73.000 men enjoy this tune in peace
  24. If I'm not lost behind blue eyes/ears the 180 is tuned down. I like it ^ Good idea. The Everly Bros. as I know them were primarily a duo of strummers and 2 full-body guitars could easily have generated too much traffic, , , if not soup. Faster isn't necessarily richer - then again a smaller or withheld sound isn't necessarily poor. Well, my old 35 isn't vintage, , , yet - it's a 84er. Had it out of the case the other day, but not for long. The brave squire nowadays must give room for scalloped Marts. and has retired. Not for good though, , , and it surely stays around. In the A/B one clearly hears the difference between scalloped and none-scalloped bracing. As mentioned the first is preferred here - still not in a full band situation where I'd go for tight focus, not multi-dimensional room. Actually think a strong black Everly should do the job. Light - Snappy - Precise - Cool.
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