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  1. Stevens typically used J-200, J-180, but also allowed Ovation inside the herd. Here is the early Cat with something unknown. Could be a Levin. .
  2. Hi back to all who introduced themselves here in recent times. We need to hear more from you down on the pages. Stay logged in and have fun. Tell about your guitars and guitar-dreams, thoughts and mysteries. It's necessary to to focus on something positive and uplifting these days. Acoustic 6 and 12-strings do that for us all. .
  3. Agree, , , he is playing some beautiful traditional wooden 6-string from that mark and out. But apart from that I found out that my Dove has its back-braces placed over a centimeter forward compared to the F-bird, , , which has slightly thicker b-braces. The 2 top bracings aren't examined, but I think it was done some years ago. Must repeat and take a closer look during next double-string-change. So far so good. . On another note - which some might find controversial - I feel tempted to claim, that if there ever came an acoustic hippie-guitar out of the holy Gibson halls, it is the Dove. The Hummingbird may point in that direction, but a well broken in Dove is there. .
  4. Well, we see silver tulips. Actually the same Grovers I have on the F-bird. My 1996 Dove had golden kidney-shaped nameless ones from the plant, but I had to go golden waffle-back. That move really brought the guitar home. Re-cheers
  5. Brand new Stones track - KOOL stuff - few hours old, , , new. .
  6. ~Hi ~ The - as you probably know - 1962 born Dove is one of the great Gibson legends and it really lives up to that status. It flies in an altitude of it's own and there are not that many around. Especially not in the cherryburst version like yours. Bozeman once in a while feel like celebrating these classics with a re-issue and sometimes they go all the way, , , that be with the adjustable saddle/bridge or fx the Tune-O-Matic ditto. Like Nick writes the latter became a part of the original Dove sound - but was also seen on the J-200 up through the decade, probably ending with the big shift between 1968 and 69. Can't say more about your particular model, but would like to see the headstock, truss rod cover and tuners. Would also like to hear it - bet it sounds like sunshine on the upper side of a cloud.
  7. Great news -🎺 this guitar must be fanfared with a video when time is right.
  8. The obvious scientific Q there, burst - the answer is yes. Haven't tried many Doves though. But bein' an incarnated A/B'er I know the difference between nuances of similar models (yes, they can be huge) and 2 fundamentally different guitars. Of course went through many films demoing both fliers on the Tube - and they all more or less confirm my view : The Dove bein' so dovish while the F is bigger yet more neutral. To avoid further self-repetition, let's set up 2 videos, which work quite illustrative - The second was posted on page 1 of this thread. Would like to hear others chime in, but guess both the Dove and especially the F are too rare and high-flying for common small talk. Feel freee. . .
  9. If the fine arrrt of sonic memory serves you well, you will be able to see what I mean when you meet an F-bird somewhere ahead. Do look forward to that as I look forward to read your evaluation.
  10. Kool set. What's behind the colour-code ? I used to be the 2-sheets-on-floor-type - using a big slightly infantile handwritten black tusch font. Necessary with a vibe from the list, , , it must not make me feel like an office clerk.
  11. Thanks. I have not played a standard Dove. i have played standard and true vintage etc higher end hummingbirds and felt there was a significant difference in playability and tone. Well, as seen in my response to burst, the differences between my maple-fliers are bigger than the ones experienced between my (now gone) yellow Std. Bird and the TVs here. The Dove really is a character of it's own - so dovish. Without losing the maple-syrup, the F-bird comes across more neutral. A member here once described the model as being closer to a Mart. That's going too far, but as said, it's straighter - should we say high-class-middle-of-the-road. I had my good friend in for a kitchen A/B between the 2 last fall. Not a maple-guy, but a fine player, who knows'n'feels a lot about guitars. Though clearly noticing the difference, he couldn't decide which one he liked best. . I have now done a bit of a tour of the recent model DIFs currently on Reverb. Specifically, I looked at late model DIFs that were listed at roughly 65%-80% list cost of a new DIF, which still prices them higher than list price of any brand new Dove standard model. In all but one, close examination of the photos show the pick guards curling up. Must say it's pretty hard to see. . I inquired about an exceptionally pretty custom model and the seller got back to me that they had not noticed it in the pictures until I pointed it out. Specifically, they have offered to have it fixed locally and to send the guitar back to me with supplies to keep it attached if it starts to lift over time. Not a bad approach... ✓ I love the way this guitar plays but am really struggling as a working head of household to justify keeping a $5k guitar that is going to have a chronic issue that does affect playability when i can get a new one with full factory support for $4k... That said, i have a call in to the seller to see if he has any suggestions before i ship it back. What a gorgeous guitar... Here is a picture of the specifics. Thanks for all the helpful comments and ideas! ✓✓ good luck - keep us reported
  12. You have some sort of point - still we don't want to receive a treasure (any product) that got reduced between buying and arriving. And a double-lifting p-guard is a pretty serious issue. . Sure enough - but this is more than variation over the same formula (which btw. always is intriguing). The Dove'n'Firebird are significantly different creatures down to their very souls. Ever tried the 2. .
  13. Sorry to hear about your situation. Really annoying when something looked forward to as a celebration turns out to be a drraag. . Apart from that, you might be the right person to ask : I got both the Dove and the Firebird here and it still surprises me how remarkably different they sound - especially when knowing they both are scalloped X-braced long-scale maple squares. But what about the DIF vs the old Dove Std. Have you made that comparison ?
  14. E-minor7


    ReHey Lars - all okay, it was just an idea kind of flying across when I heard the track. And sure, it sheds a bit of light into the lines. I'm sure the Nordic tristesse suits you best. But if you can't hit those 4 vocal-notes over the Gm-F, I would definitely work a little with it. Not as a part of the song (forget that), but as an exercise. Best Thoughts (made room in the inbox)
  15. Yes, the low-end is discrete, which suits this kind of very active and consistent playing. I would have liked it a bit stronger though. Guess the measurestick is to the hear the guitar as a whole band, thus the 5th and 6th as some sort (double)bass more or less present on each beat of the bar.
  16. Hehe, , , and you with the eyes of a hawk didn't see it. . Maybe busy hearing her qualities.
  17. I know this ain't the Epiphone section, but sometimes opportunity knocks. Here's a Frontier, , , and a very good song from that very same lady. When mentioning a missing tooth, I meant the third fret dot.
  18. Not sure this maple-flier brings it home for me. Actually don't really hear Dove. .
  19. She rides that song well. (the guitar misses a tooth)
  20. Thanx - you see, it could be a way to compare my own to the one flying to you as we speak. Would also be interested in seeing more pics. The guitar had this very amberrish look in the film, but appeared more conventional faded cherry on their site. Both stunning. Well, all in all just very curious about this Bird. Hope we'll be able to share your joy.
  21. Yeah ^ saw the whole show live. Seriously lost internet-connection yesterday evening, so it saved my mood. Stones were good there, Paul went abstractos over Lady Madonna, some of the new people were fine, , , Taylor Swift pretty amazing, , , and amazingly pretty. Alcohol ? , , , , I try to keep it down to normal - which is pretty sparse. Then again bein' some sort of purist, the Acoustic Monk knows the ways of asceticism, , , and the freedom within it. . remain sharp'n'disciplined - reward will surely come tune - pick and tune again strum - strum - strum
  22. An ever changing bulb in the same lamp, , , , no, , , actually the same bulb in everchanging lamps. .
  23. 2:18 of S Jumbo here. Not a 200-specialist at all, but this one has character, , , and benefits from both a dropped D and a drop of reverb.
  24. Terrific ▲ at least I now know where it is. We must talk about that guitar, , , and hear more of it. Can I begin already. . One of the Qs I asked mister Ravita in my mail was about the strings he had on in the film. Do you happen to know ? Congratulations
  25. Though they don't hang on trees like apples and oranges, I have tried quite a lot the last ten years. 60's as new. They are highly different all together - with this square-DNA running between them over 3-4-5 decades (late 60s, all 70s, 80s uncounted). If they were more or less individuals from birth, my (empirical as intuitive) conclusion/feeling is that they grow even further apart with age. And sure - most if not all guitars have a weaker side you either live with or pass on. A good part of the game. jw3571 - did you really get the amber-wonder above. . ⁉️
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