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  1. Here's a guy who's very good at that - no Gibsons involved though
  2. An aura of something immaculate around the, , , , , eehh, won't call him boss. Remember posting a surprising pic of B with a Bird a few years ago. Could very well have been Scialfa's. A screen-shot from the film - 2 affairs goin' on there , , lovely.
  3. Would really like to try one of the new versions. And yes, contemporary squares are often terrific guitars. Let them break in and reveal some loose bass then they get dream-real. Btw. none of you seemed to notice that the 64'er posted last Tuesday has the plastic bridge.
  4. Can't believe this picture. Still it seems so real, , , , , ! S O S ! (sultan of slopes)
  5. That's a realization which serves everything and us all well. Exciting too. . The one above is beautiful - and I can hear it as a tight'n'snappy rhythm-axe in fast rolling not too heavy rock band. Easy to handle on stage, , , charismatic and sharp in mix. If I was a millionaire there would be a black ex on my wall.
  6. Admit bein' among the ones who think these guitars look way cooler than they sound. Then again it would be hard to match the J-180 design.
  7. Hmmm, , , an idea may be to make your own deck of wisdom now, bbg. Well, , , perhaps that's what keep you busy elsewhere already. Hilarious clip, Sergeant. Think it's right to state that these cards were made in 1975 by Brian Eno and an artist called Peter Schmidt. Originally meant to bring you further in the creative process if stranded. Like Give way to your worst impulse = Introduce bagpipes in this funk-tune Be Dirty = Press the distortion pedal and fire up the violin Listen to the quiet voice = Pay attention to the adjustable rosewood saddled Southern Jumbo in the mix
  8. Exactly 25 years ago I attended a small party where we while sitting on the floor had to draw one of these My card said : ACCEPT ADVICE Will follow it if you choose to speak. Timing is everything - and now might be the time.
  9. Reassuring to know ^ he will show up here or there. Sooner or later we'll bump into one another. On some cyber-street-corner, , , in a ditto bakery, butcher shop or bar. . Cheers
  10. Wonder where this good member went. Apparently made a pretty sudden disappearance-stunt out of these pages, , , , here today like for years, , , and gone the other. Might have been right and better to send a PM, but chose to wonder in public. Calling bbg - are you still behind the dear 45, , , and under your cap. . .???. I owe you a red beer !!!
  11. Such a satisfying feeling when things like that fall to place by one's own hand. That 45 must be something special, , , or maybe you have matured into bein' ready for the long run. But for for heavens sake NO ! - dont remove the hanger. Use it for straps and things, , , until that sublime square comes around. You haven't been investigating maple-fliers, have you. .
  12. Here's another of the old ones - looks almost mint
  13. Thanx Nick ^ that link sent me directly further to The International Forestry Forum. I am now a newbie there. .
  14. Agree - there are so many factors to consider and it's a bit absurd to scan one out. 🙄 But still I haven't really figured the logic. First, the grain itself - it's the dark year-rings, right. Second, what is more dense, the rings or the light wood. My guess is the rings. Ergo = Tight grain means a stiffer top. But does a stiffer top vibrate more !? Thought we wanted flexibility to get the party goin'. 😵
  15. I'm among the kids who took their bicycle and drove to the neighbor town to see the original when it was fresh - BIG night out ! Really look forward to the new angle. And the B-camp couldn't have chosen a better person to re-cut it = Peter Jackson. BIG nite ahead ! O dears, , , even the anniversary releases come to an end. Help !
  16. And here's the real deal ~ a clean 1965 w. porcelain
  17. T. Hoffmann is a fine player, who we have seen before on these pages. His CW sounds good, but very dry. Here's a new model, which seems looser and more lush. Sat up only yesterday.
  18. Didn't Crow just fall in love with the square Gibson sound like so many others before and after her. Believe it's a 1962 or 64 with a fixed saddle - she met then took it home as late as 1991 and (almost) never looked back. .
  19. The Maton and Taylor present what must be the something between severe silking and crossgrain. The Marts 18 too, but the HD28V is very straight forward where mine has significant zones of bearclaw. I actually like both, , , silking/crossgrain bein' somewhat sophisticated - bearclaw raw and dramatic. Lowden O22 cedar almost a block of cheddar, , , if you allow this daft first impression. All in all grain from coast to coast in that herd. I guess the luckiest destiny for a piece cut wood is to end in an instrument and learn to vibe. .
  20. Totally butter-tight 45 there, Sal. .
  21. E-minor7

    New song

    An honest and shady tune this time. And a very good performance. There is a connection between the gloomy mood and the purist melody which works fine. If it must be dark, then call down darkness. .
  22. ^Talking about new black. .
  23. Something indicates that no-rules-or-consensus regarding W/T is the new black. Collective conscience has found out that it's a bit absurd to focus on the top-grain-nature. Not so with bone nuts, saddles or of course braces. Pins, , ? , , , oh no, that's another thread. Have to say 2 of my very good sounding guitars have hyper-tight, almost invisible grain. Especially the re-topped/necked 1966 Country Western. It's like gazing on peanut-butter. Then again the wides sound fantastic too. .
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