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  1. Wow ^ what a situation. I'm not the only one here who'd take an A/B in like a kitten licks cool cream'n'butter. Are you able to offer such a show ?
  2. Dreaming, searching, finding, buying, trading, landing, , and dreaming guitars again is a sign of life. Especially if one gets tempted beyond rationale or specific needs. As we know it's like the girls – once in a while you just can't get your eyes or mind off that chick though she obviously doesn't fit anywhere in your world. A dilemma which must be handled, , , but perhaps only after the rush has somewhat faded. The thing is that certain both vintage and new guitars look so good and call so strongly it gets impossible to hear straight. In those situations the break must be pulled – but only if the instrument is pricey. A cheap irresistible precious looker found on a market should be taken home – it's a good feeling and special connections can grow from such rescues. Expensive guitars without a seducing voice is a mal-path – and it ends blind, , , or deaf. My rule is : Keep the guitars that conjure the feeling that you are a lucky guy by having it. This may not happen every time it's played, but if the thought shows ever so often, don't pass the creature on. Simply because you will regret and never forget it – and write about the sad departure here for the next between 10 and 20 years, , , well, forever. . The vintage dimension is something special – but you gotta be able to sense it, which can be a matter of playing styles. There is no doubt that the divine vintage sub-voice is real – and it's not the sound of torrefaction (but that's another thread waiting to be born). Long novel short : Don't dismiss vintage, yet never let them trap you. There are so many positive aspects about them – looks - history - sound - cash – that it would be a shame to count them out. Besides the basic act of goin' back'n'forth between old'n'new is inspiring in itself. Like switching between models, woods or brands, , , instruments. So get the right oldies inside the herd and fix them if necessary. But never let them rule or fool you, , , though they drooled you from point 1. Why ? Because they have something only they have. And because we apparently fell for that in the first place. My 5 Yen
  3. Ouch, , , I can see why you call yourself a fool, but wait a minute. This isn't the badest ding on the earth - and luckily it didn't go through the lacquer'n'burst. I'd say it should be called a love mark - a "welcome here, nothing like it will ever happen again".
  4. , , , and may show extra inner pics as your boat probably has cruised the waters thin down there. .
  5. The favorite in this temple ^ what an atmosphere
  6. Some of the tracks we know from earlier releases are good, but the ones dusted off are neither fish or bird, , , which is why they never saw the light of day in the first place. Fine details here and there though - traces of B. Keith pedal steel fx, a touch of acoustic R. Robertson and some delicate Levon Helm drumming (the other drummer, K.T. Himmel, isn't bad). But all in all : Too much hype. Then again why not - there is nothing to lose that ain't lost already - nothing to gain either, , , except from the fact that a sublime album would suit him well at this point. I would rather see him get into some serious writing now. The fantastic material and the way it was delivered is what made him back in the day. Can't believe Young has forgotten how good he was. Would be hard to see him fail to ever reach that level again. My 5 Yen P.S. - The record sounds real good
  7. Too many overtones is a mess. I introduced the ghost-tone-issue on these pages a couple of years ago : When a terrific guitar - rose, hog, maple, whatever - makes that high A distort if not destroy a plain G-chord.
  8. A reason there to ask - the rosewood wore a mask. Have to add I find the difference between the 2 woods as fascinating as mystifying. I enjoy and play both - but everytime my rationale tells rose is the king, the hog makes me sing. Why it unfolds in this way remains impossible to figure. Perhaps it's all a placebo-type-effect, , , after all these years behind the D-35. Or maybe I'm a deep-down-#2 supporter - just like when watching Le Mans or English soccer as a kid.
  9. Eeehh, curiosity awoken - could you elaborate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idea excellentos
  10. It's a great record, just heard it. Plenty of melody - lyrics at his best. Like the performances all through. This could be the anticipated m-piece from Self Portrait. This is a mountain of it's own. But not one you climb, one you find your path into. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .♠
  11. This guitar got a friend, , , will probably have a whole lot more soon. How I wish those blue dots was green. Btw. played an all original maple (T-O-M) 67er the other day - such a giant to sit yourself down with. Sounded smooth - but loud, , , not really. .
  12. I hereby have to change the had in the line above to has. Seems the fix didn't go all the way but only counted a ceramic switch. The old Texan got a new saddle-insert - yet kept the plastic bridge.
  13. You could both be right, , , but I hope the melody is intact - would be a waste to see that Nobel Prize turn him into a reciting pen & ink man. .
  14. Helo Bugsy - do chime in on the pages below. Like r_raccoon - he's already moving. Keep doin' it rocky - for heaven's sake don't collapse in the corner. .
  15. Pass, sorry - but funnily enough I placed my 2012 H-bird p-guard over the 1963 SJ the day before yesterday, , , and it didn't fit at all. Didn't go further - too hot here to be scientific. 😎
  16. One of the many fine things about this forum is that touching other brands isn't taboo. The members here simply know there are other fantastic guitars on the planet and the staff allows them to be mentioned. This creates a breath - the Board has lungs and brains. As Lars says, it's impossible for anyone else to make the big decision. I would try my favorite songs'n'style on the 2 and see which guitar answers most fulfillingly. Then get that one without forgetting the other. Personally I been playing D-35 since 1991, but that was before Bozeman returned in full blossom. A thing only discovered when my brother got a CW Sheryl Crow 10 years later. Another 10 years had to pass before I began playing Gibsons myself, , , , again (had 2 Norlin squares around 1980, which didn't work well - look Norlin up in case you don't know the meaning). Since 2010 Gibsons have been the most played in this temple. Got 3 Martins, which really are good, but I grab the Gs 3 times as often. They have a personality within them, , , even call it soul where the Martins are more neutral (which can be seen as a virtue too). Your idea of one of each is the only way forward - it will make you a happy man. Just remember the M must be scalloped. Now is the time for step 1 and only your deeper intuitive feeling - yes, feeling is the key, the dilemma holds no real rationale - will know and point out what is right. So exciting for you, , , and us as well. Write more as you go and good luck
  17. Then try to imagine the tag on the actual McCartney Texan.
  18. On a serious note I'll be the first to say : You need them both. With a Bird or a J-45 and Mart rose dread you are home.
  19. P.S. - glad to se he didn't remove the baby-decal. Would have been a bit hazardous. .
  20. O yea, , , what ends well ends well. . I think one can hear this isn't a loud guitar, but it sounds exactly as it should. Have to say I dig the T-O-M just like the other alternative bridge/saddle Kalamazoo concept : The adj. What's more important is that the dude really loves the nature of the Dove and seems to have found his dream-version. He's already 1:1 with this guitar and actually was from the start. If he is an electric guy this acoustic will blend in perfectos - and as we hear, it'll do great as a solo thing too. What's not to like, , , hmmm maybe except for the gauge. 1 step up, young man ^ 1 step up. .
  21. Especially if you sit at home where the possibility to get into the deeper nature of the creatures is optimal, the difference will be significant. Though tried fx on these pages many times, it's pretty hard to describe - and both can be terrific. Btw. the best way to really understand your acoustic guitar is to 1 be by yourself and then sharpen all senses - without bein' afraid of reaching a point where you almost step out of this realm. 2 sit face to face and play with a good friend - then once in a while switch instruments and hear your own axe from the front while evaluating the difference between your own and the one you now have between your hands. You should tell us which way your choice falls, , , or rises. How/why and so forth, , , it's good stuff. .
  22. It's almost as if it's my job & duty to remind the Board-members/audience of the fact that McCartney's Texan had the plastic bridge - like Wizz Jones's and A- Stewart's by the way. . All 3 drove hollow plastic bridge with ceramic saddle. In fact W.J. stil does - hasn't changed his acoustic since the mid60s. .
  23. After failing in my first post I boldly try again : So the big Qs are whether you want torrified or non-torrified top, pick-up or no pick-up. And they actually are quite big. Can only second MissouriPicker - feel your way forward. Ouh, , , and then there is the aestheticss of the Pickguard. Another highly personal choice.
  24. My previous post above is hereby deleted - it obviously misunderstood the dilemma by taking the Original for a Standard.
  25. Yes - this is a fat and very fine sounding Dove. Trebs, mids and bass, , , it's all there. And at the same time the test demonstrates exactly why the Dove isn't a H-bird : Maple D-sirup flows thicker than hog-Bird nectar.
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