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  1. 51 minutes ago, JuanCarlosVejar said:

    Honestly I don’t think in terms of better or worse ... I think the standard hummingbird or the modern are great guitars but the historics (even if not 100 percent accurate) do capture a certain spirit present in the old ones.

    Think you are right - there is an obvious bond both in feel and sound between the new Vintage Birds (squares) and the actual vintage ancestors.  And though the modern versions differ a bit from ex to ex they can be absolutely stunning  acoustics when broken in. Regarding the oldies, the best of them are simply heavenly.  And not the slightest a hyped myth. The  ceramic saddled  cherry 1965 Southern Jumbo I played last year still blows my mind. Unfortunately it had the narrow neck., , , but my purse was happy. .

  2. 7 hours ago, Lars68 said:

    Em7, I will look into that variation for sure. I'm seperated from my guitars at the moment, but will get back to you once I've had a chance to try it out.

    Thanks so much for taking the time!

    A pleasure.
    Isolated from the guitar !?, , , , ouchh. 

    Lars, , , I know that making a tune is a very personal thing and that one really doesn't want any others to interfere. Songwriting is an opportunity to create a highly subjective and unique space like arranging an akvarium or a scale-train tableau. Nevertheless there's a mid-path too, now we set the wagon a'rollin'. .  :

    You keep the chords, but follow the suggested vox-notes. 

  3. Another nice and sincere song from your corner of the planet. 
    I would like to suggest 1 thing - please allow me that as it can be ditched within seconds :

    The chorus - is it Gm - Am (something). Why not make a variation in the second line, which could go Gm - F with the vocal saying they stay with me over the following notes : G-A-Bb-A

    Gm . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . A. . . . . Gm                         F

    These moments in time - they stay with me

    I don't know, but it just instantly occurred somewhere between these ears. Maybe it's too poppy for you  - but try it, , , at least in the last round. And let me hear what you think - as honest as my idea is clean and free. Have fun Sweden - Cheers

  4. I believe they are quite different - you'll get a pic of this by putting on earphones and zooming in on the Tube. Plenty of both there. But yes, the price-jump is pretty serious and your dilemma is understood. Can't give any further advice though. For several reasons it's too personal a choice. 

    Note -

    There's a chance your back-brains always will think'n'blink 1960 if taking the Std.  Probably not so the other way around. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Brucebubs said:

    That explains Neil's rather amused expression.

    You could say so, but as I recall it this is really a CSN gig - and in comes Y at some point where the others are warmed up and goin'.  He's a guest - therefore the  borrowed guitar and  bold or joyous mood. We're talking early 70s (after the break) so - probably like all of them -  he may be powdered up. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, gibpicker said:

    Appreciate the replies! I may have to just wait until shops start to open back up...we'll see if I can do that or if my GAS makes me do something more impulsive.

    That would be the wisest, believe me. There are so many variables and corners to investigate and finding (buying) a new high-end guitar - your first - is a serious quest (move). 
    CU later

  7. 3 minutes ago, uncle fester said:

    I love this guitar, but was a fixed bridge offered back then (might have been in the video, but must missed it?).  I'm torn between this and one of the new S Crowe CW as the current target of my GAS.  Thank you for posting.

    By Kalamazoo - No it wasn't. 

    Understand your dilemma de luxe.  Sweet situation in sour times. . 

  8. Hi - you obviously have experience with playing and listening closer to acoustics. I'd say you know too much for advice. The nuances in the models in front of you are too many and too subtle for us to make sense by talking certain Gibsons up. In other words you must try them all, , , as many as possible. And the handful you line up is a good place to start.                                                                 Throw yourself after everything that calls you - and don't delay if one particular guitar blows your hat off. Take it home - it may be gone tomorrow.  

    Not trying to underplay you post - but what you read is the best I can. The hunt will be good fun - and if you absolutely must buy now during the crises, remember to get a deal that enables you to return the thing. Aaahh, an idea 💡 = if you can, then get 3 home, let's say a J-45, an Advanced Jumbo and a Hummingbird. Enjoy yourself indoors for a week before sending the 2 lesser guitars back - then keep the home-romance goin' with your chosen one.  

    Good Luck gibpicker - do send us a postcard

  9. Hey - this beauty sounds good.

    The caramelish back'n'sides/neck set it apart from the previous True Vintage/Vintage Hummingbirds and really make the whole thing come together.

    Would love to try one live and compare it to my own broken in non-torrefied darker B'n'S also darker logoless necked (yes, Gibson !) 2012 TVs.

    They'll be hard to match now, but the ex above is very alluring. 

  10. 4 hours ago, j45nick said:

    The Gibson he is playing there is probably a B-25, and someone(Neil?) conflated B-25 and J-45. 

    Now there's a bit of confusion on the line.  Wasn't the B-25 the same as the LG-2, only with a new name. 

    As falcon-eyed BK777 noticed on March 22, the new Neil-guitar hasn't got the mid-seem-brace, which would make it an LG-1. 

    Into a little sherlocking here 🔎 - not because of the times, , , but because of the place.  

  11. 4 minutes ago, 62burst said:

    Nahh.. . 'just over with the whole "it's all about the sound" - thing. More about the connection, anymore. (and then, the sound will take care of itself)

    Aha, , , but to me the force of these first videos was the triple-point in both the man-machine-connection, the look and the actual sound of this creature.  Anywayzzz. . 

  12. 8 minutes ago, 62burst said:

    Hard to imagine a sweeter unboxing moment than when Matthew met this Dove for the first time-

    Sure, , it made him some sort of saint he may never have been without it. . .

    8 minutes ago, 62burst said:

     Does it really matter, the effect of what the Tune-O-Matic saddle n' bridge will have on the Dove's sound? Love is blind, and maybe deaf, as well. It will sound as strong as the connection between the player and the guitar.

    Not really understood - d'you mean the T-O-M didn't play a role in the first place. . 

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