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  1. Yes, although Jones and Stewart used plastic bridge. But didn't McCartney play BB on the rio D-28. .
  2. Good to see Ferguson with a Gibson again.
  3. All fine Lars ☮ son of the father in the air force you are a man of inner as outer peace
  4. Haha hehe he, , , hilarious - the answer is yes ! Haheh, , and now we have all these fantastic p-guards. .
  5. And here we see him caught after a brief but fierce battle.
  6. Here's the shrewd Wehrmacht officer. An opponent of highest risk and danger.
  7. I could use this for my collection of hand-painted tin-soldiers. But the situation is that I don't have such a collection. Well, , , very few, , , in plastic.
  8. Good to hear, , , yea the bass is as simple as it's right ^
  9. I know this ain't a piano-forum, but glad you noticed and mentioned the piano. Nicky Hopkins was a saint by those keys and he and the engineer really get the tone right in the outro. They melt it down with some flanger effect. It's beautiful.
  10. Great clip - would like to hear more of this guitar. Is it un-scalloped !? . .
  11. Thanx - a real piece of candy, isn't it. But no 67er for sure. A long-scale bulky mother all the way - and it has been tempting to get it re-braced. Sccchhyyy, no no no. .
  12. My 1968/69 heavy braced Southern Jumbo has the attractive 11/16 - you can almost see it here. Looking closer it's also possible to spot the double-ring tulips and the c u s t o m on the tr-shield. Don't know if these features were added later, but it sure is original stuff.
  13. My idea of Jones behind a J-200 comes from the well-known Godard-clips seen on these pages many times. This footage was taken during the recording of the BB-album. I believe the so called progressive stations played a lot less poppy material back then - including Stones. Those radios lived for and survived by sending the barb-wire in the air. .
  14. Yes, and this a 68er (the tune, not the Bird - we probably hear a 1965 H-bird and Jones on his ? J-200). The 60s, , , as I said to my good friend the other day : Don't forget we* see them as a blooming time with increasing comfort everywhere where they were much complicated and tough fx in the States. *I live in Northern Europe
  15. Apart from the head it looks rather good - can't believe the sound lives up to that. May be ideal if it's time to sing Goodnight Ladies late at a dinner party. Orville, , , isn't he more or less in constant rotation. .
  16. Let's end this weekend with one of Birds (Bird-sounds) that made the model a legend. This track is not often taken forward as an exampel. A nize re-listen, yes ? , , , you hopeless old rye rockers. .
  17. Great ^ may you spend many blissful hours together. .
  18. Well, that's what we do when listening to records, isn't it. Problem is that (almost) none of the old goldies are used by their owners anymore, , , Stones, Donovan, Dylan, Taylor, Stevens. Macca has his Texan - but with 'fixed' saddle. Then there is C S N & Y - especially the first and last still swing their D-45s. Thing is that you can't really sense the nuances we're talking about in authorized recordings, , , certainly not live -recordings or performances. .
  19. One of the big Qs about old guitars in this condition is whether the lack of full-blown day to day use can be heard in the level of 'openness'. The1963 SJ A/B'ed with my own from the same year a couple some 24 months ago definitely wasn't as broken in as mine, , , obviously never that played either.
  20. Thought the same thing - tight corridor to work in. This guitar should be recorded'n'heard with faded strings - then we would get true colours, , , balance, bass and rounded highs - not to mention amount of nectar. And apropos colours I played a just as mint 1960 H-bird a few years ago. The neck was thinner than thin, but to sit with that instrument and that burst (especially the browny red shoulders) was awe-generating. Didn't however sound as good as the also ceramic saddled 1965 I encountered in my basement last year. It had a plain faded matt cherry, but man, , , the sound coming from that creature. .
  21. No, , , it isn't the best recording or demonstration seen/heard on the web - and the guitar deserves more. But still, , , the potential is there for sure. .
  22. Seldom have we seen something so old that new Sounds pretty good too
  23. The original poster is still around - found a H-bird TV then and now primality flies a Dove. .
  24. O yes, know them - like them too. Good longevity. .
  25. First update So now over a month in, the Gibson Coated Phosphor Bronze lights are beginning to calm down. Mind that I don't fly the 2 Birds as often as possible simply because there are other tempting acoustics around. At this stage however the strings have fallen to a level where they don't sound overwhelmingly artificial. Yet there continue to be way to much new-sting-force in them (which some would admire) to say anything final. Their nature keep reducing the fine guitars to carriers of extrovert bronze-power and I don't want my hog squares hidden behind a nickel-tin fountain. All that said, I haven't lost faith in these strings. For the aim is something different, far from reached at this point. As mentioned in post 1, the plan is to wear them to a state (almost under) normal. Then sense if vision bares fruit : A faded set - which suits the Hummingbird so well - with the coating close to gone, still barely present, all adding to the ideal symbiosis between wood and steel. We'll see, , , and hear, , , s t a n d b y
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