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  1. Jaw-dropping news - Neil on a Bird, , , I just can't see that happen - never ever.
  2. Read a post on some Forum where a luthier said he didn't relate to grain because experience had taught him there is no overall pattern to figure'n'follow. He did the tap-dance however and always let his fingertips cross the floor. Another mystery there, , , tap tada tatap tap tap, , , "aaaahhh yes ! this will make a sublime guitar. . "
  3. Eeehh, is the logo dot missing. .
  4. Okay - I'm kind of caught on the island of wight. . Spruce with clues and enigma from Engelmann to old sitka and Adirondack o lala I looked at wood this way So did you have it quarter-sawn or was it plywood and forlorn I wonder how your top was born and just have this to say I looked a grain from both sides now from tight and wide and still somehow it's grain's illusion I recall I really don't know grain at all
  5. Beautiful Jumbo - no Tune-O-matic, no dots on the bridge. Probably a 68er, , , but then we should be able to hear it, right. The fortification wouldn't go unnoticed. And I think we can. Norman's, , you are hereby challenged - sink the mirror, check the bracing. Ouhh, , , stingers are so hip - they'd make me a kooler player. .
  6. Relevant Q's, , , couldn't tell you. But if you investigate the attached 2013 thread, Nick claims it has to do with stiffness. Tight being stiffer is my guess. But do we want 'stiff' and why - does stiff vibrate better or differently. Something tells me flexible (wide) would be preferred vibers, , , or is the other way around. Admit being confused. Yes, agree, , , and it's what most of the responses say. Perhaps this was a hotter topic earlier on when the big collective acoustic epiphany happened in the 90's and 00s. The era when every aspect of acoustic guitars was sat under (theoretical) looking-glass, analyzed and discussed. Some even claimed that the ideal pattern is wide goin' to tight towards the seam. Now a days the scientists may not be that certain and Bozz obviously has a strong point by mentioning the many factors involved. "A good guitar is lucky a combination of components". Interesting thoughts, BK777 ^ - as said. Molly's hog dread is wide, , , and P-W btw. would never have brought her a weaker instrument.
  7. Plus a little silking. . ?
  8. Been looking a bit into this lately. Not really sure what to think or which logic to follow - and it seems there's specific consensus or rule hammered in granit. It was one of sweet'n'stunning Molly Tuttle's PRE-WAR dreads that me wonder. Been sleep-walking around thinking tight was preferred, but her top is wider than wide. So what do you think - W or T or T or W ? ? , , , , and why ? Of course the topic has been up before. Was about to revive this old thread, but it would have prevented the poll.
  9. I see, , , perhaps a few tattoos too. . Be glad you changed course.
  10. Aha ^ something is reached. Where did the Pyramids do good ?
  11. Is he mentioning the interesting black insert at all - wood or tusk, , , probably the latter. When was that - and did you see any Gibsons over there at the time, , , or other well known brands for that matter. Can you describe the acoustic scene'n'situation where you were. .
  12. E-minor7


    "Everything is poetry, , , except poetry", , , how about that. Well, there's definitely a Dove-player ^
  13. E-minor7


    Hmmm, let's try - I would find it very suited for a recording/song that at some point goes through a pronounced warm acoustic passage. It would also work fine as back-ground rhythm or freer style accompaniment, let's say in a folk-rock tune. But there has to be room for it - the clue is space. Recording wise it'll also be a strong partner when just singing a song voice'n'guitar. Yet the fat mellowness still out-counts certain things, , , a poor primal train-wagon blues fx. Sitting opposite another acoustic player, that be guitar or mandolin, what have you, the Dove will shimmer and sweep it all up. Capoed from second and up and played with precision it'll be king-kool. Well, , , my 5 Yen. No rules is the rule. I'll be glad if you or someone else ditch my words completely, , , based on serious experience of course. . 😎
  14. E-minor7


    Thanx ^ to billroy f too. Can't multiquote your box. Wouldn't use the Dove as an percussive tight strummed'n'distinct rhythm-guitar in a bigger mix. Of course you can thin it out by EQ, but still. It's nature's too fat and mid-rangy . Believe the Bird will be better there. Neither would I take it to an acoustic 3-4-5 person kitchen jam. Tried but the mellowness kind of disappears into the overall blend and I like to have the ability to raise my voice and be heard. It's a bright maple creature - but with older steel (which I prefer), it rounds down and even gets mushy* - especially in company with others. Still it basically sounds good - no doubt there. *The reason I choose 20/80.
  15. Tight grain = better strummer, , , , not so a f-picker !?!
  16. Closest I come is fantabulous squire Dominic Miller on Les P.
  17. Don't remember ever seeing any Gibsons in that camp. .
  18. Why not get a set of each, , , and even spend a weekend goin' back'n'forth while listening/learning.
  19. E-minor7


    Here's my Dove in a test from 2013 ~ old strings, still more than clear how fat the syrup comes a'drippin'. . As mentioned earlier, not a guitar for all purposes.
  20. Congratulations - Doves are amazing guitars. I'm (almost) sure you chose right. My square maples tend to get rather fat'n'round from all that genuine syrup when the steel fades. For that reason Gibson Masterbuilt bronze lights do the job on both. Put on the same date - December 7th 2018. Enjoy the experiment and don't hesitate to report.
  21. Highly interesting - tell us what happened when done.
  22. Now you are talking. . . Well (Baby Please Don't Go)
  23. I definitely saw you as young - got into Zappa, , , wow - it's a place from where very few people get back out. Ever heard him play with Lennon , , , hmm, they sound like you and me. .
  24. Hehe, , , , , , from Pepperland. .
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