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  1. I have no expectations of your Fab -relation whatsoever - and don't know who you hang out with. But I would like his number. .
  2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please - Gentlemen - Peace Won't rise above this as I'm not interested in looking arrogant. And yes, I commented your comment, sergeant, about comparing the 'wet' new Gibsons to buying a not yet dry car. As I had mentioned that the 2010 J-45 Standard here generated black grease cakes* up the neck the entire first summer, my post regarding the car was a way to calm things down. The whole Fab-side-path was just polite small talk, , , eeehhh, apart from the pepper-Q of course, which remains highly important. I'd actually like to know what every single member thinks - how their intuitive association was when the album came out, , , and if it perhaps changed over the the years : Fruit or Corn. As already said, there's nothing behind it, , , no traps, no ambush waiting in the cliffs. I am not after you, Sergeant - if in doubt check deanc's Dove-thread where I react to your Martin/Dove question. Without any response btw. So search for no hidden clues, play no lyrics backwards, and for heavens sake stay away from reading codes into the name ex-Winston. Then do remember this Board is a platform for a fine mix between having fun and informing the world about Gibsons. Not a ring for boxing gloves. *Okay, burst, cakes may be a bit inaccurate/exaggerated, but I tried to avoid the term charcoal-coloured slime. Never met the phenomenon anywhere else - the Birds fx had no trace of it.
  3. Great warm and mably-wooden voice - sounds as if it's already broken in. When is it from ?
  4. It's just a question - nothing behind it. Thought there was a chance you might have a take on this. .
  5. If something is garbage to you, you should certainly continue to call it garbage. Just one last Q : Is pepper referring to the coloured fresh fruits or the puristic brown-black corn ?
  6. Assume you have seen the new private Lennon-photos taken during the film-work - if not look them up. Think they surfaced last year or something. Regarding R#9 I don't agree. The controversial collage was a 'job' that had to be done back in the day and noone was better suited to lift the task than ex-Winston and his new wife. I was a kid when getting the album 5 years after the release. #9 sure spooked me, but it showed something as well. From the start some liked others disliked it. People opened up or shut down. I still belong in the first group.
  7. It's Lennon's ex middlename, , , after the Prime Minister of course. He skipped it when goin' anti-establishment. Could very well be around the time of the quote.
  8. I'm sure you can find a better analogy than that, sergeant. Btw. isn't your avatar-line from a Fab-tune ? , , , something rings like ex-Winston.
  9. The G-squares have broader hips and shoulders, but are shorter than the M-dreads. Between 1 and 1-1/2 centimers - nothing to consider, really - unless of course if being erconomically challenged. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And yez, the many Gs in Japan are real.
  10. Yeesss, fascinating that coat keeps working and never finds rest, , , but thought about the start phase from soft'n'sticky to normal. Not least G-newbies should learn about that. I mean, the first summer behind my 2010 J-45 isn't forgotten. The black grease cakes generated on the neck sent whirling questionmarks and strange flies around my head. I'd say it cured the following winter, perhaps even needed another spring. And still recall how some lighter scratches on the upper bout back was reduced with a cotton cloth. Again after repeated circle-buff maneuvres. A totally new experience here. Is it fair to state - "The lacquer never reaches a final level - it only pretends to sometimes sleep". Not really sure - the vintage Gibsons here all seem stiff-stabile. Then again wouldn't place the 1953er in the sun, , , it would probaly turn to caramel. .
  11. Wow, , , btw. how long should we say it takes nitrocellulose to harden - 6 months ?
  12. So would I - neither have I Thanks for the report JJo ^ and welcome
  13. Why not, , , but it needs to change basis colour. Must come in TVamberorangecaramelbrown. Sorry Buc, , , I know you happily fly a blueBird. .
  14. Check this Korean guy set the hood on fire. A showman indeed, , , but also a lot more - composer for example. The world needs these originals. Is he taking tips at all. Maybe a round with the hat later. . Hep Hedy Ham ^
  15. The dreaded clunk of woods we all know too well - here between golden age and Norlin square. Hehe, , , almost sure professor D would be flattered by this notion.
  16. As an apropos to deanc's recent thread about 2 seriously different Doves, it's an idea to set up this video. Don't know if it has been shown before and actually not sure what to say. So apart from 1 Q I'll just keep quiet : Did Dylan really play a maple back'n'sides Hummingbird. If yes, when !? , , , please. .
  17. Eeeehhh, , , don't change the steel - your DNA will wear off, , , else you just take a boiling hot-water cloth. Blood on the deck roks - your dilemma doesn't. .
  18. Your choice is primarily a matter of heavy versus light bracing. Other factors may weigh in, but the main difference would be structure of the inner box. Some say A, others B. Though a percentage of the thick oldies are very good and full of character, I'm almost sure you'll get more Dove-lOVE out of the 07. This is my wonderfully broken in 96'er. A guitar that does what none of the others can do, yet isn't suited for everything. A keeper do doubt. It's actually very cherry.
  19. "Givesome/ Grabsome"
  20. Aaahh, I see - so this would be the reference
  21. Thanx for giving this film room. I lOVE the between 1:22 and 1:40-moment, , , and wonder what is said about the burst at 4:03/4. Maybe burst can help. The croc-case-Gretsch is kooler than a step-dancers fridge. .
  22. E-minor7


    One of the first if not THE first FAB-tune featuring piano . 1963 ~
  23. E-minor7


    Hep for a loyal go on a good choice of song . Made me remember that special old-then-new-Tandberg-tape-recorder-evening with my best friend and our dads when I heard it the first time.
  24. Very good ^ everything sounds fine. You have your act together.
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