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  1. Ouh, not hard to imagine those lawns being over-crowded from March to November (is this some kind of quarantine-photo - no probably taken before the rooster got eyes). But the scenery looks inspiring in the idyllic way, , , a place where you'ld like to sit down an take a deeper breath when travelling by. Sure hope little toy-boats are out saying hello the ducks now'n'again. .
  2. Simply sounds as if there's no future for you and that particularly (quite far out) Hummingbird, , , maybe not any Bird at all. Do remember they are spezial guitars and have strengths as weaknesses. Why did you pick it in the first place - did you try other examples, , , other Gibsons, , , , high-end acoustics. . . Hey Mick - keep us updated
  3. My re-necked now long-scale 1966 CW is the loudest acoustic here. It even tops the Firebird, which is loud and louder than the almost similar built Dove. The Dove is about as loud as the 2 TV H-birds, yet has a different inner sonic space. The 2012 TVs are not equally loud though, (May significantly louder than April) still both louder than 1965 CW, that could be called a quiet whisper without being a J-200 at all. . Loud may also be described as room-filling or room embracing - meaning how much we feel the instrument reach out in front of us. It's quite easy to measure that when trying out different guitars in a shop or of course at home. Another way to measure it beyond doubt is to bring the guitars to acoustic jams and sense how much they speak up or disappear during such a party. For me the pattern is clear : My re-necked now long-scale 1966 CW is the loudest acoustic here But loud ain't and should not be gawd. Neither when playing electric stadium or festival rock. And it's almost irrelevant when recording.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me - many J-200s I tried over the years were surprisingly quiet, , , until I suddenly met some that surprisingly weren't.
  5. Heiiiiiiiiiii,,, , , never noticed that before, , , not even when when the guitar emerged and caused sensation a few years ago. Made me check Harrison's - seems it's the same thing. .
  6. Sound & looks very convincing. Not sure I could handle a rosewood slope Gibson though. Irrational, , , but things sometimes are like that and it could change after playing the creature. I'm a fan of this duo. Looking further into their test-sessions there is a subtle layer of comedy to be found. Enjoy that each time they are on. .
  7. As you probably know there are many differences between the mono and the stereo mix of fx The White. And the funny and peculiar thing is that the Fabs didn't care for stereo - they were present while making the mono mix and then trusted the staff to imitate that and left the studio. Sometimes it worked better than others, , , as I remember it the engineers forgot to speed up certain things on Pepper. There must have been several more or less crucial examples over the years. Apart from that me and 3 good (musical) friends sat down and seriously A/B'ed the black (M) and white (S) 14 CD-box when they came out remastered back on the 09-09-09. And there was were no disagreement or doubt : S far surpassed M - simply by bein' far more entertaining, , , embracing the room with whole other generosity. That of course only if not bein' a mono nerd. Most people dig the pleasures of the wide sonic panorama with it's good separation etc. , , , but then there is Tom Petty passionately talking 'bout the depth of a mono mix. Hahe, , , not me. Okay, once in a while for the variation (and Lennon may have a point when claiming Revolution fell apart in the stereo) - else, no thanx.
  8. Just remember a good answer serves and entertain an entire audience - not just the original poster. My dear ol' Landola Buffalo had the metal insert with a plastic-nylon saddle, , , if I'm not too far off. Turned the screws a bit - not much. Too young.
  9. I like and support zombie- , , , or reborn threads
  10. J-200s suited Presley good - the one above has an attractive compliance between top and sides/back. And it isn't the one he dumped on the floor during the 1970-rehearsals.
  11. Wowww, , , okay, let me take the ticket. I would lOVE to hang around and sneak in some harmonies here and there. .
  12. Hi - never heard of Cotswolds - had to look it up. Seems like a genuine acoustic place. Is this a site you recognize, , , and if yes, did you ever play a little guitar by the grassy riverside. . Enjoy yourself here. .
  13. Never ever seen him with a 6-string Guild before. It's a secret now half revealed.
  14. Tumbleweed your inner beauty is a peace sign to me, , , has always been a fascinating line. I go with the Guild-theory, , , and then it must be the Hank D-28. Thanks for presenting this film. Neil really is a country man. Wonder if it's back in Redwood. .
  15. Had the same thoughts - too much metal. But the some of these straps are more than tempting. I was close to put one in the basket.
  16. Don't worry, Kelly - I get some cats I really enjoy
  17. Yes we need Murph to say hey - We even need to hear him play
  18. (Oh, there was an E too much.) Here unison music-wise means the same note/notes opposed to harmonies. In the right balance it sometimes gives oooohhs a little fat. Do try it out when the opportunity is there - perhaps just for the experience.
  19. Yeah ! U look and sound younger than ever, , , any conciderations about a unisone dubbing of the ooohs. .
  20. Those 18 years didn't disappear in vain - they are heard in the instrument, which seems loose, but still with its core intact - warm, woody even smokey. . Keep digging
  21. The chocolate and the tobacco have been here for almost 10 years and I like them a lot. Had the local shoemaker narrowing the holes though. They were too wide for playing safe.
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