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  1. I finally swapped the stock pick ups for GFS P90 and the sound is incredible now. it's very bluesy and soulfull. on top of that, the microphonia problems have disappeared. I guess the stock PUs were not wax potted. I could hear my voice through them just siging in front of them...
  2. I have not "opened" it yet, so i cannot really tell you. i saw there is a block undear the bridge, but i don't think the bigsby give the need of an extra one. i'll let you know
  3. I was thinking about the GFS P90 as I've read many good feedbacks about them and the price is really nice too. i'd prefer cream ones above blacks. i will also try the shims to level up the pick ups. thanks for your advices
  4. I there. I have just bought a second hand Sorrento MIK from 1997, mint condition in Epi case. It is really a guitar with strong personnality. the only thing that strikes me is the lack of output of the stock P90. I had before a studio les paul (gibson) with P90 and I remember they had a good output. is it current with the P90 from 90's epis? Did you ever tried to replace stock by other P90? if yes, what brand/model for which result? thanks in advance. here is the beast Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. abbeyrod


    I recently bought a Flying V pickguard on the net and when it was delivered I noticed it wouldn't fit my Gibson V. The plate was made in Japan. the length between the beginning of the neck and the stud holes is different from the gibson V, and so on... Are the epiphone v scratch plate different from gibson? that would mean it is an epiphone plate... I don't know what to do with it, I would like to sell it, but I cannot claim it fill fit a gibson V, so I need to know what it is made for. Thanks in advance
  6. What kind of pots can be set on a MM?
  7. abbeyrod

    My V

    Classic 57 are great pick ups, but too hot for me. I guess they must sound terrific in the V. give it a try! In mine I had stock ceramic 496R and 500T. they were cool for heavy rock but got no real personnality in clean and crunch territory. Now I have SD SH1 in it. it sounds really good. The nexk pick up is really nice. the bridge one is not the best I have tried in SD range. I prefer the APH1B or the Pearly Gates Bridge. But it's still very good.
  8. abbeyrod

    My V

    They have old style pots and caps. so it's very easy to switch in 50's wiring, independant or dependant...and so on. I wouldn't buy a gibson with modern wiring as on les paul standard 2008
  9. Concerning Vibramate and SG it only exists for B5 and I really do not like B5 (sorry for those who have B5). B7 rules!
  10. Again: - yes, it's possible to fit a B7 on a SG, I have one on mine. no problems with it, but I will certainly add wedges under the bigsby (near the bridge side of it) to compensate its "archtop fit" original bent shape. - Vibramate for bigsby B7 don't fit a sg. it is made for les paul guitars. I have tried the vibramate and the hole were not in front of the stud holes, so If you want to ad a B7 on a sg you'll have to drill real holes to tightened it to the guitar. it's quite easy to do but I wouldn't do that on an expensive custom shop SG reissue. - On my faded SG, no problem of heavy neck (even if it's a rounded 50's one) and guitar diving on the left (i'm right handed). maybe because of the large rough leather strap i use on it). the B7 may help to give extra weight on the back of the guitar anyway.
  11. Hi, it's easy to do. B7 is not the bigsby that fits the best SG,but it works. And As you said, it looks far better than B5 and it Horse shoe shape.
  12. abbeyrod

    My V

    Well, regarding the price, on Ebay you often find kits gathering bigsby B7 + Vibramate for 150-165 USD. for what concerns the playability and precision of the bigsby, it's ok for me. I'd say that with little care it can give you no more problems than a vintage strat trem. Personnaly I love those B7. I set one on my sg and now one on the v. It gives them Soul, it makes them look "retro-futuristic". using the bigsby you can easily get the effect you here on tarantino's movies music. I used a bit of graphit cream applied on the saddles and nut and it also helps a lot to remain in the right tuning.
  13. abbeyrod

    My V

    Here is my Faded Cherry V upgraded with: Seymour duncans SH1 neck & bridge Reflector knobs and pointers oil/paper cap - 50's independant wiring Bigsby V7 + Vibramate Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us She sounds as good as she looks.
  14. Henry, We want you to reintroduce the DC!!!
  15. I'm so in love with the B7 that I also set one on my V using a vibramate kit. for the SG, it still needs a bit of settings. the angle between the tail and the top of the bigsby near the bridge is too important (as if the bigsby was sinking into the guitar with its tail rising up). it makes the angle between the bigsby and the bridge too important too (hard to explain..) I Will soon use wooden wedges to reduces this angle by placing them under the bigsby where it is screwed on the guitar top near the bridge. this will raise it a bit, and hopefully enough to meliorate this string angle between the bigsby and the bridge. This does not prevent me to use the bigsby but I want it to be perfectly set.
  16. well the pearly gates sounds quite alike the APH1 with more midrange and output. so Pearly gates and Classic 57 are as hot, but classic 57 delivers more bass. Classic 57+ are definitely hotter than a pearly gates, but they are also quite good sounding on bridge. I never tried the PG neck, but it looks like it's underwinded to have a bluesy neck pick up.
  17. Hello, I'm really wanting a les paul Special DC( like 1959 model) tv yellow as you produced in the mid 2000's (faded ones). Impossible to find one second hand here in europe. Do you plan to reintroduce this model or not. Looks like i'm not the only one to look for that guitar as i've seen other posts asking for it. thanks in advance. Best regards
  18. On a scale of 10, I would say the classis 57 is 7,5 and Alnico PRO II at 7 (500T would be 10 and a strat pick up around 4) it's just what my ears indicated me. but the classic 57 are really warm pick ups and full of juice. I replaced them because I wanted something even more vintage, but they are sweet PU.
  19. I too want a Special DC... Please Gibby, have some produced again
  20. The APH1 is warm, but less bassy than original pick up. on a sg the sound shall be warmer than a les paul as it's all mahogany. the aph1 on a les paul has more attack because of the Maple cap. if you want something warmer than 490R, then you should try a classic 57 neck, they are really warm, but a bit too hot for me.
  21. I am too GASing a lot on those special faded DC tv yellow. If one day you wanna sell yours Charlie....
  22. JACK30 : well the APH1 is less muddy and more open than stock 490R. I also swapped stock classic 57 for APH1 on my les paul and the sound is also less in the bass frequencies, and more in medium/high freq. In fact, I guess it comes from the fact gibson PU have strongly charged magnets in them. The pearly gates sounds great with the APH1. very complementary. used alone on bridge, you get Angus young sound very easily. In fact it's a replica from 50's pafs with more bite. Duncans pick up are great and affordable as replacement pick ups. i will soon try duncan SH1 '59 on my faded V.
  23. Bigsby B7 is the most beautiful accessorie you can add to a guitar. I have one on my SG, and soon add one on my V. works great and soft, and looks so good
  24. And with APH1 neck & Pearly Gates Bridge, it sounds like hell. I haven't touched my LP or either my flying v as this sg is easy to play and good for the ears
  25. If that was a double cut why not, but like this no...
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