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  1. Screw the amp, but if he thinks its all that then he'll want a fair price for it, you might could score a standard for $250, that would be sweet!
  2. You'll have to re-locate them, this is not a reversible mod. But the example brian posted shows the old holes filled so you can get the idea. You could always just omit controls if you don't want to drill the body.
  3. I have a 295 and the pickups are VERY good. But you can put whatever you want in there.
  4. As a matter of fact that is something I run into a lot. Say someone breaks the headstock on their G400, then they come to me wanting a repair. I may quote them as much as $300 depending on the location and type of break. The response they invariably have is " But I only paid $250 for the guitar used 3 years ago." And they feel like since the guitar is cheap, the repair should be as well. Like it takes less work to re attach a cheap headstock than an expensive one. And in some cases it may take less, but not by much, and I have to charge a reasonable rate for everything I do. If I spend
  5. It does if the guitar is only $200 to begin with...
  6. The key word is "a couple hours of work". Just like diesel mechanic shops, a guitar shop MUST bill some things by the hour. Would you work for $5 an hour?
  7. Never seen that, probably an after market add on, the twelfth fret dots seem a little close to the edges to be a factory job. Prolly DIY since the cost of inlaying the dots would be as much as the guitar.
  8. Really?? You've got to be kidding me. Of all the VALID and IMPORTANT concerns voiced on this forum EVERY DAY regarding the quality of brand new Epiphone guitars, you choose to answer the burning question of, "wheres my sticker and throw away cord?"! Epi1 I am asking you as one professional to another, please do not insult us again with something like this. It actually has made me mad. I love Epiphone the guitars and the brand, but this is infuriating. You choose to answer a question about free swag thats included in a new guitar (which general consensus is the end consumer never gets th
  9. Oh yea, they dye them, and it comes off on your fingers for a while. It'll go away one day.
  10. ^Its all personal taste man, if that set up suits his style, good for him! You'd be surprised of all the different ways I have to set up a guitar. Some things just feel better over another to a particular player. FIG How many knobs does the special have? It could be the wiring. Cold solder joint, dirty/dead pot, faulty wire, cap, ground, all could cause a drop in volume. What else does it do? Listen closely and experiment with the controls. Also make sure your amp or room isn't tricking you. Room modes wreak hell on how much of an audio source we actually hear. If you're in a cor
  11. You should take it to get buffed if the finish looks good (after it cures). You'll never get all the swirlies out by hand.
  12. Only the high end Custom LPs, and low end garbage????
  13. Epi-Man, you said the pups sound good, better than your dot, why change them. I used to have a 94 LP and the pups in that thing were flat out great. Just cause its stock don't mean its bad, you can always pot an old pickup. The best sounding pups I won are 40 years old!
  14. I for one am down on GC, no offense to MIDI whom I like and respect. I just feel they are the Wal-Mart of music shops, ruining it for the rest of us..... to tired... must sleep.
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