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  1. @ mduke22 - I own the SG that you're referring to with the 3 single coil blades & natural satin finish. I have been gigging with it for the last 3 years & I absolutely LOVE it! Like all SGs it's one of the easiest & fastest guitars I've EVER played. My band plays all sorts of stuff from funk, rock, disco, & the 80's, and I have found this guitar to fit right in, even on the heavy stuff. We cover G'nR as well as Ozzy & it TOTALLY keeps up. What amplifier do you use with it? I run through a Bogner Alchemist 40w paired with a Vox 4x12bn. Pedal-wise, I keep it simple with only an Ibanez ts808, Boss bd-2, & a Vox wah, & again I've got tons of punch and usually even have to dial down the bass (on the amplifier). Great guitar, I would hold on to it if I were you, but then again, tone is King & you gotta be happy... Either way, I'm just happy to chat with someone else who has one!
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