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  1. Nothing to it really. Most work done was grinding down the sides of the Schaller strap button to fit it in the end of the Bigsby.
  2. No, but if I did; I believe I would sell them and put the money towards a R9.
  3. Really like my PT-2 with hard case. Thinking about getting a Mini to set up the Looper and it's control pedals.
  4. Friends come as a package deal; warts and all. My condolences for your losses.
  5. Second what Duane said. They most likely need some leveling and dressing.
  6. I picked one up today from GC on a 10% off coupon. Not bad for a 9 volt toy is correct. All things considered it's okay. I am planning to do a good bit of traveling during the next few months, so it will be handy to have along anyways.
  7. If the music store you deal with will oblige you, try out one of the Peavey XR8600 or equivalent size powered mixers. I believe you can split those for 300 watts to monitors and mains each and have plenty for rehearsal.
  8. I am thinking about trying the micro Fender Twin; which is probably as close to a real Twin as I'll ever get.
  9. There was one in the counter of the GC at Jackson, MS the other day.
  10. Nice guitar, but from what I've read, very much similar to the 50's. A Cherry burst with mini humbuckers is an idea though.
  11. Fender mediums, confetti. Buy them by the gross.
  12. David has found his niche and done well for himself and his fans. The fact U2 is having to extend dates on an already heavily grossing world arena tour shows their formula is working for them. True, he's no Jimmy Page or Jack White, but then how boring would guitar be if everyone sounded the same.
  13. You have a solid state amp now and have yet to be satisfied. Tubes are still the way to go for tone.
  14. Page has a Number 1 and Number 2; please be more specific.
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