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  1. They did a "Special" a few years back with 3 P90s. Other than the wrong pickup selector switch, in front they looked exactly like my 67. Should have bought one, and I still may if I find it at the right price and time. My 2016T Arrived on New Years Eve, it is freaking awesome! Got the amber knobs in the mail today. Not sure about them, they are a bit dark. Might order the gold, might keep these too. Deciding shortly on opening the package or not. I know I need pics, will take some and do a NGD thread tomorrow.
  2. Tom, I know what you mean. My signature is way out of date (haven't been here regularly in ages), but I need to just erase it (I'd have to add another 8 guitars, I think at that point listing them all is a bit over the top). And of course I am still thinking about what to get next! Been sitting around tonight playing several of them unplugged and greatly enjoying it. My latest, a 2016 Gibson Firebird T was just delivered at 6:15 on New Year's Eve (need to get some pics of it!). It is a real sweetheart of a guitar!
  3. Okay, don't "need" any more guitars, yet I guess I do. I've ordered a new Firebird T from Zzounds, hoping it comes in soon! Bit of background, I grew up playing a sunburst non reverse 1967 Firebird III with 3 P90s. Loved it but always wanted a reverse Firebird (wish I'd kept that one though!). Anyway, from what I've seen, the new 'Birds are coming with black top hat knobs. My old 'burst looked so good with the amber/gold top hats, and I've seen many originals with similar knobs and to me the black ones just don't look right. So I will change them (retaining the originals of course).
  4. My first time here in a few years too. Looks like maybe the software was "upgraded"? Still looking for the "post new thread" button LOL...
  5. Sounds like making Lemonade from lemons, great to hear. So, how's the Lasagne? ( I love a good Lasagne!).
  6. Sounds like making Lemonade from lemons, great to hear. So, how's the Lasagne? ( I love a good Lasagne!).
  7. Classic, great sounding amps. Hope to add one to my stable some day. Enjoy, and start thinking about "beyond" the carpet (I hear a Gretsch goes great with the AC30 too!).
  8. I started reading this thread, thought it really ironic. Just came from my Chiropractor's office 1/2 hour earlier, he also plays. We inevitably talk guitars/music for a few minutes every time I go, and he brought up Double Drop D tuning having recently seen a video on how it was used by Jimmy Page in the song Kashmir. It's a tuning I've never worked with (have used a few others though, all have their great points and to some degree limitations- though the "limitations" were no doubt actually my own, lacking the knowledge to do more with them). I'd like to give it a try. And why not, that'
  9. You're buying a used guitar, right? So there is no stigma to "used"... for my two Les Paul Studios that came in gig bags, I shopped eBay and bought a used (great condition, nearly as new) Gibson hard case for each for a bit over $100 ($125ish shipped IIRC). Alternately, I still want to get one of the great KSB molded hard cases (the ones with the TSA locks). These are great protection for a Les Paul, and probably what I'd prefer if I were gigging or just heading out to a jam night. These I recall seeing on eBay for around $110 (haven't shopped them in awhile, just had a quick look, just d
  10. Cool, I'll take two. Wait, what? No. No, I won't... Last time I saw Joe on film (tape), he was doing quite well with a solid body Rickenbacker.
  11. Yep, I bought my Road Worn 50s Telecaster from them. In fact I may have bought one or two others (possibly my Classic 60s Players Stratocaster in Sonic Blue) from them too. The Tele, I used the 8 payment plan, really convenient, and the price listed was the same as all the rest out there. As for the Strat, IIRC, there was a coupon at either MF or GC, but of course "some items" are not eligible (LOTS of stuff). These stores are all hot for each others Customers and will do whatever they can to win you over. In the case of the Strat, they either allowed the (15%?) coupon or gave me a suf
  12. A little known blues player, Murali Coryell is not as famous as his father Larry (jazz guitarist). Always loved this song... Saw him locally last year when he appeared with Joe Louis Walker. He was booked at the same club with his own band, wish I could have made it (was while I was working down in FL). JLW is coming back next month, I hope Murali comes with him again.
  13. Always wanted an L4C myself (since we're talking cutaway acoustics now). Happy my Martin has no cut, I prefer it's cosmetics. And hey, haven't you heard, "There's no money above the 5th fret" (I post that tongue firmly in cheek, it's reputed to be a quote by one of the Blues greats, IIRC maybe John Lee Hooker?).
  14. Like I've said, I'm not much on modding... but to keep it Fender, maybe consider: Tex-Mex (keeps the TX connection going). I do like the Noiseless vintage (have them w/active circuit in my Clapton). Or maybe some of the other Custom Shop models (like the 69s in my Custom Shop designed MIM Classic 60s Player). To demo a set of the Fat 50s mentioned above, ask to play a 2012 American Standard Stratocaster, they are standard in these (have one I picked up a couple months back at a steal of a price from Hello Music). If you do decide to go outside Fender (there are many, many justifiable choic
  15. Mmmm, purrrrdy stuff there! And you've got both types of pickups covered too (not to mention some fantastic colors)! Sweet guitars, thanks for posting them!
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