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  1. I looked, I played, I bought. I offered him $60, he took $60. Pretty decent action and pretty good tone, too. The trem will need to be blocked in place before I'm totally happy with it, though. Still, for the price, I'm happy! I'd sure like to know its exact model, though... Here is a link to some VERY close-up shots of the guitar. Hopefully someone will be able to shed more light on exactly what it is: http://www.thebupps.com/epistrat/
  2. Ok, I checked out the link to the Epi-Strat guide, but none of the models exactly fits what the guy is selling. I'm still gonna grab it if its playable, though. Thanks very much for all of the input!
  3. Try this link. not sure what happened with the other, but this one works on the post preview. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/msg/2107719857.html
  4. A local individual has listed an Epiphone Start-style guitar for a very low price on Craigs list. the add is at http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/msg/2107719857.html. I've attached a headstock photo sent to me by the seller. He also says the serial number is 71211398. That serial number doesn't fit the description of the guitar, or the modern-style headstock. Can someone shed some light on this please? Thanks!
  5. Is there a mod to split the coils or add split-coil hums so I can run single-coil if I want to?
  6. Mine have adjustables under each string on each side of each humbucker.
  7. I have no idea if this case is actually original or not, but I suspect not. I'll post a photo or two when I get a chance.
  8. The pothead must have removed the control before writing it, because a small part of the writing is under the POTentiometer body
  9. How can I tell which pickups I have? I looked in the control cavity, and it was made on Oct 24. I also saw the numbers 3 and 4 stamped or printed in red. There was a hand-written "4:20" by one of the controls, as well.
  10. Would love to get my hands on an original rod cover.... Can never seem to find them when I actually have $$ to spend on them, lol!
  11. Exactly right. The general concensus of opinion is that someone added a pick-guard, and that the rod cover was replaced at some point. Every other point of the guitar matches a 1978 The Paul standard. I suppose its possible that someone ordered a custom unit, but I have no idea how someone would trace the guitar's history to find that out.
  12. I was a bit off in my first post. There is one other detail that's different from the description of The Paul, and that's a pick-guard. I have no idea whether it was made with it, or someone added it. I suspect it was added. Anyway, I took some photos, so maybe someone will be able to tell me what I actually have here. Although it doesn't show very well in the photo, the back of the headstock does say Made in USA under the serial number of 72978682
  13. About 10 years ago, I purchased what now appears to be a 1978 The Paul Standard. It was about $300 used in a local music store. The store owner wasn't sure what Gibson model it was, and didn't seem to be too willing to research it to find out. I researched it on my own after buying it and it matched up with The Paul's description. The serial number also indicates that it was a 1978 The Paul. Every single detail is correct EXCEPT the truss rod cover. It does not have "The Paul" engraved on it. The guitar appears to be correct in every other detail. Did any of The Pauls come off the line with a plain rod cover? If so, maybe I'm sitting on a REALLY rare and valuable item. If not, maybe I got a really well-done (and great-sounding) fake, or maybe someone just replaced the rod cover. I can't take any pics to post at the moment, I have my rig set up at the venue in which I will be playing later this morning. I will try to get some pics posted later to help with the ID.
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