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  1. GuitarLight - forgive my ignorance but there are 8 pins in the PW package - 7 are normal size - one is huge/oversized - what is the purpose of that one???
  2. OK, I picked it up to try out before dealing with the pin issue. Gotta say, I do love it - exactly what I was looking for in this type of guitar. Love playing it it, holding it, admiring it:). No glaring flaws in the finish or the frets. At this price point, I didn't even want to look that close:). Just picked it up and started playing. Very comfortable. The neck is absolutely great. It plays nice and easy (light strings are a joy). Its really quite suitable fort soft fingerstlye, picking and moderate strumming. On this guitar, I don't use a pick and its bright with 80/20;s and I like to mellow it out a bit with my fingers. Sustain is decent as well. Lot of potential. Great style, love the cutaays, nice electronics, solid top - man this is a good deal - period. If I attack it to hard I start to hear some string buzz - but action is nice and low and with light strings which vibrate more than the mediums I am used to, so some such buzzing not a surprise - I can tweak it out over time if I wanted to. Also everything is new (wood, strings. room, etc), so I want touch anything just yet. So, very happy with the purchase. Doesn't compare with my high-end Taylor on tone or volume but it wasnt intended to. This is the fun one that I wont be afraid to take out of the house at 1/10th the price. Lots of potential here On the pins, good advice not to play wit hteh pins, not the guitar, I ahd hoped I could just buy and use the PW set and be done with any need for drills, files etc. but I guess I will deal with it on the next string change. Thanks for your post of how to do this - now I have it for safe keeping.
  3. I ordered the AJ220SCE from my regular dealer ( bought many before over the last few years so he knows me well) asking he put on fresh set of Elixir 80/20 lights and the Planet wave pins. It's ready for pickup HOWEVER he didn't change out the pins (yet) as they noticed the low E hole would have to be enlarged a bit, and want to ensure the guitar was other ok by me. Did you find any such issue? Could of course be the variance from guitar to guitar at this price point.
  4. What strings do the AJ220SCE come with? Couldn't find it on the web site. - Dadarrio or Elixir? - Coated or Uncoated? - PB or 80/20? - Medium or Light? They will of course get changed out, but as a reference, its good to know what I am listening to out of the box.
  5. GuitarLight - Really appreciate you sharing your experience and advice. Thanks again. Point taken re saddle - there is only so much one should change out of these type of guitars. Over lunch I saw and played one at a local dealer. I had played the ebony before in passing, but now that I am more serious, was looking for one in natural - found it , and ya, pretty nice! Its perfect for what I want it for. Based on serial number, it was brand new - June 2013 and made in Indonesia (Factory Code 23). It was a bit buzzy but that's easily fixed. Could not find the Fender to compare. I did play a Yamaha FCX700SC, which was quite good to be fair, but I have no desire to own a Yamaha. I did not walk out with it as I prefer to purchase all my guitars from my regular dealer who will order one in, inspect it on arrival better than I can, send it back if its too much out of whack), so a setup etc. I dont know what stock strings it comes with (I will confirm but guessing uncoated D'adarrios PB lights??) but I will leave them on for reference before changing them out...and will add in the new PW ebony pins at that time as well. Its amazing how one gets just as excited about a new $300 guitar as a new $3000 one!!
  6. PINS - Thanks for the confirmation. SADDLE - Did you end up changing out the plastic compensated saddle to tusq or bone? If so, is there an easy swap-out option or does one need to shape and file the new saddle to work? CASE - Did you end up with one? Perhaps not even worth it ; at most I would consider a generic soft case if the Epi would not fit in any of my existing cases. The only remaining concerns would be the cautions from MF/Amazon posts (some surprisingly quite recent). Proper humidication and setup would seem to address most of these, but there are some quality control issues there. Then again, its a $300 guitar :) Sept 2013 - Surprised to see several blemishes and scratches .. After playing it a few days, I decided I could live with it even though the fret ends were not dressed properly, I will need to have some work done to it. June 2013 - Love the sound, but my quality of build was poor. When I received mine the plug in jack on back of guitar was not assembled correctly and unscrewed, hanging out of guitar. June 2011 - It needs very minor adjustment (humidify it a day or so with a damp sponge in the case) such as smooth the fret ends with the right type file (cheap to buy from StewMac), deepen the nut slots carefully (most folks should have a luthier do this), oil the fretboard and bridge wood, clean off the frets and change strings last. I took out some neck relief and tune mine to 1/2 step low and then let 1/8 turn out if needed to get just enough neck relief to stop rattles. Mar 2011 -When it arrived it was completely unplayable. The bridge was set too low, and the frets were unleveled and peeling up from the bevels. Got the exchange delivered a few days ago.. Jan 2011- I have had nothing but problems. ... high e string the thinest one, from the 5th fret on down to the 13th fret the notes are dead and sound exactly the same pitch....slight crack forming in it at the 1st fret, ... but multiple dead notes on a product name I have grown to love and trust since 2004 is unacceptable. What happened to the quality of Epiphone? See : http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/61626-huge-problem-with-indonesian-aj220sce/
  7. Thanks for the valuable info. They both seem like good values. I am more inclined to go with the Epiphone, as Fender just doesn't have the track record, tradition, reputation, etc Still, it's a interesting option, and gets really good reviews .. Also looking at Seagull Entourage cutaway for absolute $150 more, but that's a slippery slope. Read about the bridge pins in a few reviews, so that's a non-issue - easy enough to change out. Are the ones shown here the correct size to fit the Aj220sce?? : http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/planet-waves-ebony-bridge-end-pin-set?CJAID=10684459&CJPID=5696037
  8. I am looking into picking up an inexpesive solid top cutaway acoustic/electric - kind of a back-porch, campfire, knock-around, practice acoustic I can have some fun with (the serious Taylor is staying in the house). I am looking at the Epi AJ200SCE and the Fender CD140SCE (w/Fishman Presys). Same price ($300 CDN) 1) Is the Epi (a jumbo?), larger or smaller than a dreadnaught? 2) Any happy ( or unhappy) owners?
  9. How does one adjust nut height??? Clearly it's not a simple set of screws like bridge height, but I gather from your question that adjusting nut height is doable???
  10. Almost all the buzz was removed with a little LOOSENING of the truss rod. I was left with only buzz on frets 1 and 2 on the two high strings. Didnt think raising the bridge would address that ... so I put some graphite shavings in the nut and it worked like a charm. Not sure if this is a temporary fix (as in hours) , but I guess time will tell!
  11. Yup, bridge adjustment needs another 101 visual as well. Gonna work on one.
  12. Hmmm, I know it takes time to feel/hear the affect of the adjsutment, Bought i tightned mine a bit and it seems to have more buzz, not less. I think the pics above are good but I mught have my notes wrong re (do this is there is buzzing...)
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