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  1. When you say "dimple" is that alraedy in the wood grain - or is it a ding-type thing in the varnish ? I have a natural dimple within th wood on the top - it dosn't bother me at all. As far as your thought of returning it for that reason, I would think twice before you do it. These are going for over $1,000 on Ebay - as they are very much in demand due to the great features, ( eg. 3 Dimarzio's, ebony fretboard - the overall construction ), even with the flaw that you have - I would keep it. It's a great guitar. Mine arrived not perfect - the sodering of the volume pickup had a bubble in it - an
  2. I have both the early 2000 Epi Ace Les Paul, ( Trans Black ), and the new Epi Budokan,( #182 of 1,000 ), and even though I like them both - the Budokan is a better made guitar. I was disapointed with the neck of the 1st Ace Model; the neck just didn't feel like a true Les Paul neck. I understand that it was based on the Epiphone "Classic" Les Paul Models that they were making at the time - but it does have a rockin' tone - well : that's the DiMarzios for ya. The Budokan is better, in every way. I think now that Epiphone has it's very own factory - quality has gone up and these are guitars to b
  3. B) I love my Sheraton 2, it is really versatile - the block under the pickups gives it the punch that the ES guitars do not have, however - having an ES that is completely hollow gives you more warmth. But to rock-out, I would vote for the Sheraton !!
  4. Here is a picture of me and my ne Epi Budokan; I hope it came out - but it looks like the picture we've all seen, but looks BETTER in person. What a Sweetie !!
  5. YES ! Mine is #182, and I am thrilled with it. Worth the $799 - no question. It is as good as my Gibson Les Pauls - anyone who tells you differently is just being a snob, or is just too lazy to give the new Epiphones a chance. I have the original Epiphone Ace model - and this Budokan blows that one away. I think it is because that now Epiphone has a factory of it's own that is being overseen by Gibson Managers, this could be one of the reasons. I think my older Ace model was made at the Samick factory back in 1999 or so. Sure my Budokan needed tweeking - but most guitars do anyway. Basical
  6. I just replaced the pickups in my Epi Les Paul Special to Gibson P90's and I am glad that I did; the Gibson's have more punch to them, an extra boost. I never would have done it if my friend didn't give me the Gibsons as he took them out of his Les Paul and they were lieing around. But the guitar is a beast now...before it was rather tame. I think the Epi P90's were lame; the growl and hiss that is one of the features of the P90 were just not there. So - if you get a chance to change them - do so !
  7. My Epi Budokan is # 182 - I ordered it last January the day after it was announced, there was no way I was going to be shut out of this one. The wait was worth it, ( I have it for 3 weeks now ) , and it should be noted that some tweeking is in order before this model can become gig-worthy. My volume pot for the bridge pickup needed to be re-sodered, as there was an air-bubble there, due to a rush-job; I couldn't lower the volume. Also - and this is major - there is NOT an inner nut on the input jack input, so that if you turn the outer nut over and over you can snap the wires. My tech did thi
  8. Gibson is now delivering the BFG's on June 4th to Musiciansfriend Well - no big deal then, as I have 12 electrics anyway to play....but I was wondering about the Schaller Trem system : I noticed that there is not a locking clamp-nut on it, and even though it is equipped with Grover locking pegs - WILL THERE BE TUNING ISSUES ? I mean - is it AS GOOD as a Floyd Rose system ??? Does anyone know ? Thanks Yee Awl !! Sal :unsure:
  9. I was honored to have Les Paul sign my 1980 goldtop, it would depend on how much you value the artist - I WOULD have Eddie Van Halen or Ace Frehley sign my guitar(s), but not someone like Brad Whitford, as his autograph dosn't mean anything to me. But - yes, Les's autograph on my Les Paul means the world to me, especially now !
  10. Mine is on back-order; Musiciansfriend is expeciting it April 18th...I can wait, as long as I get one ! It looks amazing, and certainly worth the money ! It's hard to believe that so much of the cost of all, ( or most), guitars is because of the instruments finishing process. Granted, Gibson's finishings and laquer processings are 2nd to none, but the main part of the guitars are the woods themselves...that's why the BFG's are such a great idea : less man-hours spent on the instument = a great value for the buck ! I am spending $1,200 for this, a Standard costs over $2,000. Anyway, the
  11. Well ; I have my yellow Special ; it's really not that "special ", but as they say - you get what you pay for it . I wanted an axe with P90's , and there it was. And $379 is not that steep a price , comapred to the $1000 Gibson counterpart . Actually - I do like it . Mine is a solid banana yellow ; I cannot see the grains - which I do like , as it stands out more. I like the flat-top as well, as it is easier to play than a LP Standard, ( of which I own 2 ) . I DO recomend it to anyone , as it has a comfortable neck ! $ 379... get it !!
  12. I like playing any song from Led Zeppelin 2 and 4, ( Zoso ) on my '80 goldtop. Out of my Marshall JCM 900 too, of course...
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