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  1. Blackflag

    SG MM

    Exactly. It's like the little guitar that could. ha.
  2. Blackflag

    SG MM

    I wound up getting two of these, because I love them so much and the prices were so low. I agree with you on the pickup, though...it's pretty high gain, and I'm not sure that's a good match to the brightness of the guitar. It might be good if you're a metal player. I have an SD Antiquity I want to put in to tame it a little. But Bence's suggestion is good, too. I want to take one of them and put a neck P90 in it. But overall, just an awesome, awesome guitar. I love how well it plays for such a stripped down model. Love it.
  3. It's like I don't even know you any more... I much prefer the 60's neck anyways.
  4. Yeah, that's all true. And I'll rephrase: they get some respect, but not as much as they deserve.
  5. Regarding their on-stage movies and props - they're just trying to put on a good show. I enjoy it. I never miss Rush when they're in town. Very likely the best band ever. And they get no respect.
  6. Ha - our resident Hungarian helps out with the translation. Thanks, man.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, I mostly care about what it plays like, then what it sounds like. Not that interested in what it looks like. So I'm 100% satisfied with my '60's tribute. In fairness to Gibson, if I wanted one that was prettier, I wouldn't have gotten this model. So I'm happy.
  8. Sorry, 1-piece is the ****. Ask Eric Johnson. That is all.
  9. If you mean the top surface, they'll wear in as you keep playing it, bro.
  10. Ok, the 336 has an arched top. There's at least one difference. The 336 has a one-piece back also, that's probably another.
  11. Blackflag

    SG MM.

    Totally. Something about the stripped-down nature of these guitars just make them playing machines. Cool idea about the heel.
  12. Same here - got an early one. Mine is Caramel Sunburst. I think it may be the same as Carleton Burst.
  13. I'm pretty familiar with the 336. Not that familiar with the Midtown Custom, though. Can somebody tell me the difference?
  14. I like the 60's neck the best, but to each his own.
  15. Blackflag

    SG MM.

    So even though I already had an SG Melody Maker, I was so happy with it - and the prices dropped so low - that I wound up getting a second one. I only paid $275 for it, which is the best deal for a new Gibson USA I'm ever going to see. I'm going to hack this one up a little - change the color, put in a neck single coil... These two guitars are literally two of the best guitars I own, overall. That's my story.
  16. There is a 50's tribute with humbuckers now, so the OP is correct. Personally, I don't like those two pickups...especially for the sound you're trying to get. But they're easy enough to change, and you can sell them on the fleabay.
  17. Word. The finish on the back of my neck of my Tribute is wearing off, and that's the way I like it. I built a Strat recently, and it has no finish on the neck or the body. Boo yah.
  18. Wait, you mean the mahogany feels like wood? Unacceptable..!
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