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  1. hey weres h-bomb he could realy load up some pictures
  2. one other thing ive noticed from personal experience I find the standard has a slightly slimmer neck than the specials well newer ones anyway
  3. I cant find a faded but I did find a special ebony
  4. hey R9 I was just wondering how the sg vos is?
  5. yeah if only what about burstbucker one and two pickups are they any good
  6. thank you everyone yeah I was just wondering cause then you could add a maestro and put on any sg or es you wanted.
  7. well as good as stetsbar probaly is I personaly want a maestro and that vibramate would be awsome if they came out with the long maestro.
  8. hey the faded specials are awsome but as prevosly mentioned if you get the special you will always want the standard, so i say if you can swing the extra money and get the standard go for it.
  9. well much thinner neck wether that is good or bad for you I dont know and on the standard the neck joint is at the 19 fret but on the 61 reissue it is on the 22 some people say that standard neck joint is stronger but not enough to realy make a difference there is a wider headstock on the 61 reissue for vintage looks there are also thiner carved horns so that somtime makes it so it has a thinner body and that is about it.
  10. Hey I've heared somthing about a maestro the you just use the stud holes, has anyone heared of this?
  11. well the other opion for me is localy there is a 1965 gibson sg special.
  12. well im looking for that classic rock sound like acdc and led zeppelin and realy what im asking because I want the guitar to be stock 61 reissue vs the classic with p-90's. Oh and the amps that I would be using are my 1979 peavey classic and my fender blues junior.
  13. Hi I've heard some good thing about both these pickups and was just wondering in your opinion wich is better?
  14. well thank you for your help and I think I will probaly go for the 61 reissue... wich at long and mcquade is only $1775.
  15. well im in british columbia and new would be best. Oh and i was also wondering how difficult it would be to install an all parts maestro?
  16. Oh sorry... I forgot to meantion im not able to use ebay.
  17. Hey Everyone I was just looking to buy a sg and just wondering what the best one to buy would be, my price limit is 2 grand. Thanks
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