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  1. ^ This. I usually set up my own guitars. I'll tweak truss-rods, mess with both the bridge end and the nut end. I kinda know what I'm doing, but sometimes... Every now and again I get one that won't behave for me. I take it to my dependable Luther. He knows I do my own set-ups most of the time, he knows I come to him for fret-work, he shows/teaches me stuff, he's even been known to sell me his old tools. My dependable guy can fix the set-ups I've screwed up - of course he never tells me I've screwed it up ... he just tells me how he fixed it (from which I figure out what I was doin
  2. I'm a big Bare Knuckle Pickups fan and I've tried the following in my Explorer: BKP Riff Raffs. A5 humbuckers, kinda like late 60s Patent Received. BKP Mississippi Queens. Humbucker-sized P90s. Both worked real nice - I preferred the Riff Raffs, but I wanted them for a Faded SG (and a "Les Paul"-type guitar has the MQs now and sounds heavenly). So I've ended up with a pair of 57 Classics in there. It was temporary at first, but it's my favourite so far. I also have a 57/57+ set spare at the moment, I intend to give those a go next time I restring - I think that for me personal
  3. Really not sure I know what a "PAF" actually sounds like - I thought I did, years ago, but when I started chasing it I found the sound that I was originally after was mid-70s rock, so Patent Received and T-Tops (makes sense, that's the music that woke me up) There's plenty of records with "hey! here's a proper PAF... listen to this" reputation... and they all sound different... it's in the hands of the player, the amp, the room it was recorded in, the mics... (some of the recordings even turn out to be strats or teles if you research it far enough ). Once you've agreed it's not a cer
  4. Well it arrived a few hours ago. OH MY GOODNESS! Love it. All I've done so far is lower the pickups a bit to get it a bit sweeter - loved the sound it was making, but I go for slightly less rasp. It needs setting up for me, I'll do that in a few days - heavier strings, nut slots sorted (widened if necessary but definitely lowered), action raised at the bridge end - but even as it is I'm really very pleased. No pics yet, but I have done a quick doodle video with my laptop and stuck it on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXYQioyxAV8
  5. Oh my, that's pretty. Congratulations.
  6. Dear oh dear, you guys, what have you done?!!! I was watching this thread on and off at the end of last year (I didn't get a 61 re-issue years back when I could/should have, regretted it ever since 2012), but I'm in the UK, and originally before christmas I was thinking "b@stards" why don't we get any of these... So I bought a new tele as my chrimbo pressie to myself. Then the other day, a black "SG61 reissue proprietary run" was advertised to me via amazon.co.uk. I discovered that was Rich Tone Music. I came looking for this thread to see whether there were any updates in here. There
  7. If it's not coming through the amp at all, I too would suspect toggle-switch and pickup springs. I've had buzzes on the headstock before as well. Tuners can sometimes rattle. The string behind the nut can also vibrate in the back of the nut slot - but that only usually happens on unfretted notes, is likely to show through the amp, AND the luthier is likely to have spotted it (it means a poorly cut nut). There's all sorts of stuff that can rattle on a guitar, and it's a pain tracking it down - you often think the sound is coming from the opposite end of the guitar to what actually turns out
  8. NICE solution! I use the "stick it down with masking-tape" or "leave the 1st and 6th on" solutions. But I like the idea of this. I'm guessing it probably adds to the tone as well? ;)
  9. Love everything about this post, D First - richlite, I know others must have said the same somewhere, but that's the first post I've seen by someone who feels like I do and... has actually tried it with an open mind! Nice one, less scared of it myself now. I have some maple strats and teles - I've grown to quite like the feel, although I much prefer the look of a nice piece of rosewood. Then, Ebony - yay! I've always thought I was a bit odd for not getting the "wonderful feel" of ebony that everyone else seems to love. And then "Now the whole MIDI statement has thrown me I have n
  10. Personally, I'll happily mod anything. But it really is up to you. I got a Les Paul Traditional (2012, had been hiding in some stock room for a few years) just over a month ago. I love it, and I've just finished making it do what I want. It was wonderful as it was, but seeing as I'm keeping it, and it's mine, I'm happy to fiddle with it until it's spot-on. I've replaced the speed knobs with bell knobs and pointers. That's easily reversible. I just prefer what the bell knobs feel like in my fingers, and the pointers are useful (and I prefer the look... not that anyone over 10 feet away
  11. Woo! That looks good. I have one of the Trans Black ones, think mine's a 2010 as well (at work, so can't check). The back of the neck has gone glossy like that, and I'm sorely tempted to polish the rest of it... I think you might have just pushed me over the edge!!
  12. Haven't posted on here for a while, but I got this beastie a couple of days ago. Not managed to take decent pics, but this almost does it (the wife's old camera). I was looking at another telecaster, I'd ruled out a new SG earlier because I can't cope with the idea of the auto-tune and funny nut business. I decided against the tele and we were on our way home. We got talking about this wine red Les Paul that had been hiding in the corner (the shop's a Fender and Gretsch dealer, rarely has Gibsons in). We went back to have a little look, and came away with it. It's a 2012 Traditiona
  13. It's a painted Logo on my Faded SG (and other fadeds I've seen). It was a slight disappointment to me at first... but you soon forget it I can't judge on the price/deal (especially in dollars!!) but that looks great...
  14. ^ Yep, I got an email back from them the other day saying the same thing. Looking forward to it.
  15. I've sent them (Vibramate) a message to ask if they have a launch date yet. I'll let you know if I get a reply.
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