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  2. The EMGs are pretty cool. Wouldn't want them in every one of my guitars but they sound nice in this one. Really...there's tons of older LPs listed in peoples taglines/signatures? No oldies but goodies? Why is that?
  3. LET'S SEE YOUR MOST BELOVED HONESTLY WORN RELICS! I for one love "honest wear"...there has to be some "beautifully patinaed, paint cracked, scuffed, scarred and paint worn beauties" owned by members...and I for one would love the chance to see them. So...please share... Mine is only 26 years old and has some honest wear on her...so...here we go...
  4. I'd certainly second the "great body" comment!
  6. Of course...if you're a "well heeled" individual...you could always buy a "New/Reissue" for a bit more... http://www.privatereserveguitars.com/Gibson-Custom-Les-Paul-Custom-Natural-Finish-Electric-Guitar-with-Maple-Fretboard-518047-i1324107.guitars
  7. I had one for a short period...$99.99 Close Out Purchase @ Mars Music that was closing in 2003. Fun guitar...super raw high output pickups which I loved...rest of the guitar was marginal at best...plastic nut cracked/broke off w/in a week. Sold it pretty quick due to the feeling that I was physically "reaching" w/my left hand to play it. Had left shoulder/upper arm pain after playing it for about an hour at a time per day over a couple of weeks. Couldn't figure out why my arm/shoulder was getting sore until I was playing it one day and correlated the pain w/playing the guitar....*** the light came on ***.
  8. Here's a "Natural" one currently up for auction on eBay... http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Custom_W0QQitemZ220300823753QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item220300823753&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A4%7C65%3A10%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318
  9. Absolutely my favorite Gibson LP! I see those pop up from time to time on eBay in either BLACK or NATURAL. I drool each time that I see one! They seem to sell at about $3,500.00-$4,000.00 (too rich for my blood at the moment!). Really a unique and beautiful instrument.
  10. SO...MUCH...EYE...CANDY....MUST...STOP...DROOLING... There's a ton of BADASS BEAUTIFUL Guitars in this thread...Gibson's & otherwise...keep 'em coming!
  11. I personally think the lower/cutaway is much more accessible on a Tele than a Strat.
  12. I self limit at 6 guitars. Currently the 1982 Gibson LP & 1988 B.C. Rich Gunslinger are my two favorites to grab. It's mood dependent, as another day it may be my Warmoth SRV Tribute Strat or First Act Lola w/HB-R/HB-L. Same w/the Yairi DY53...and I cannot wait until I have the Kramer E.E. SC3 together to play it, as the E.E. Neck is a favorite of mine and will def bump it up w/the LP & GSlinger!
  13. Here's mine...year/make/model is indicated in my "signature" at the bottom.
  14. Nice! Love that "ZW Rebel" you have there. Got any addl pics posted? I'd really like to see more of it.
  15. Chinese Democracy... http://ultimate-guitar.com/news/upcoming_releases/gnr_chinese_democracy_track_listing_revealed.html more importantly... http://web.gunsnroses.com/splash.htm
  16. I'm a huge GNR Fan from the SLASH days...I haven't heard a GDT from Buckethead! Not slagging him off, but to say he's "the sh-t" just because he can rip a bunch of notes in a specified time period...is B-LLSH-T! That said...I'd look forward to hearing ANY of his work that can reach a mass audience appeal in the way AFD did...or "LIES"...or the "Use Your Illusion" Albums did. So...we'll see what "makes the cut on Chinese Democracy" and go from there. I'm not advocating that MASS APPEAL is better than ARTISTIC EXPRESSION...but come on...there are probably about a million UNKNOWN Guitarists out there that are incredible but never see the light of day because they never make it MAINSTREAM. Honestly...you're comparing a BLUES/ROCK BASED GUITARIST to a NEO CLASSICAL SHREDDER w/a PENCHANT FOR "MICHAEL MEYERS"...& POSSIBLY MICHAEL JACKSON as far as "freak appeal"...two totally different genres..granted BUCKETHEAD has TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY...but there's no "FEELING"...no "EMOTION" to his playing. He satisfies a few "TECH HEADS" but not the vast majority...and that's okay...but honestly...HE'S NOT SLASH....and SLASH IS NOT BUCKETHEAD...profound words I know....but "it is what it is". Leave it at that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs0C9M5ahvQ&feature=related *** Evalution of one artist above the other validates nothing more than "a preference for style" on the part of the "EVALUATOR".
  17. Wow! Let me first say that I find it INCREDIBLY COOL that there's not a huge SLAG OFF on the "bolt on" neck display of instruments here in this thread. Kudos to the admins and members...that shows the CLASS OF THE GF Members. Additionally, I'm seeing a lot of really fantastic instruments in this thread! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared thus far...cause I'M DIGGING IT! RETROSURFER 1959 - I've been dying to ask...ever since I noticed your Avatar...do you have your collection posted somewhere for public viewing...cause I'd really like to check out your full collection. Looks KILLER! Thanks for the kind comments in regards to my EE SC3 Mutt...I can't wait to get it all together so I can PLAY THE HELL OUT OF HER! I really like what you've done w/your "Kramer Classic", as those are fine undervalued guitars in their own right. The mods you did are very tasteful and fullly add to the geetar's vibe. Very nice. Great collection of guitars BTW! Big THUMBS UP! Also have to ask...how do you like your VOODOOO LP? GUITARJUNKIE - Cool "Paisley" & "Floral" Teles...always been a couple of my favs!
  18. Without a doubt...OFF! Looks much more aggressive/hard core & rock & roll! Personally, I think the pickguard breaks up the otherwise classic lines of that beautiful LP shape...to me...it's more "classy" w/it "OFF" than w/it "ON".
  19. Wolff...nice "Butterscotch Beauty"! Is that a '72 Reissue?
  20. "It's not your father's Tele"...matter of fact...it's not a Fender...but it is a "Kramer"...which is now owned by Gibson! I'm currently working on getting my Kramer E.E. SC3 Tele Project together....
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