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  1. Perhaps Joan Jett autographed that. Or Les Paul... Those are the only 2 people I can image signing
  2. I am getting back my awesome computer that broke 3 months ago and was FINALLY repaired... So yeah, an EPIC weekend without using this laptop :-
  3. I have a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster thinline. Sounds amazing but the wood isn't that strong. I am not good with Acoustic, but try going to your local Daddy's or Guitar Center, the ones I live near have a nice room FILLED with acoustics with a wide range of prices
  5. Umm... perhaps.... I could search it up on google' date=' but someone MAY be able to dig up the link if they have the link in their email, or want to HELP
  6. Don't see it. Can I get the link to Gibson's Beatles article about their songs?
  7. Been to : B.B King ( Willie Nelson's son played the opening band with his group ) Crowded House ( 2 times ) U2 Dave Mathews ( Willie Nelson was a guest star at the concert! ) Augustana One Republic Going To : Vampire Weekend in september
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJVwfJs8Eqo&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODXE5WZS4jY
  9. Lol no, I don't mean it like that. Strats have the switches and volume control and all that stuff glued on. Is there a scratch remover that works on SG Pickguards?
  10. Is that it? I remember it said 5 or 10 easiest beatles songs to play. Can you find that?
  11. It was about top ten guitar albums, had a pic of Zack Wayde. It showed up in my email for the newsletter but t won't open. Can someone give me a link to the page
  12. Is there anyhing stuck or glued under the pickguard and is there a scratch remover that works
  13. Oy... that kinda scares me. Reason I wanted to take it off is to switch the one it has now, its scratchy as hell. So, let me rephrase it. Is it easy to switch pickguards or is there a product that is garanteed to remove the scratches from the pickguard?
  14. Here are 2 quick questions. 1. Will this bigsby tailpiece fit in the standard hardshell cases? ( Not buying that guitar, its just the only pic i could find of the thing) http://cgi.ebay.com/SG-Custom-w-Bigsby-Style-Vibrato-3-Humbuckers-Cherry-/280533667485?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Guitar&hash=item41511c0e9d 2. How easy is it to remove a pickguard on the SG Standard. Reason I ask is because I know strats have **** and electronics under their pickguard, but I've seen people with no pickguard on their SG. Thanks! -Jon (I am restoring my friends SG)
  15. I was thinking about getting a Fender GDEC, which records your music that you play through your amp, plus has a lot of different things to tinker with on it. Its 400$ for a 30W amp... So I thought why not get a better amp and a cheaper recording setup. So, looking for a nice Mic to use and some software and anything that makes my recording sound better
  16. Gibson and everyone reading this, I am very proud of you. I've been on quite a few forums before, and they were terrible. People spamming, 11 year olds Writzing LIek Tis, and way more issues. But here, its so nice here. People always helping, no spam, no TALKIN Liek TIZ, its just awesome. You guys are wonderful, keep up the awesome work. I haven't seen 1 issue since I've been here You all deserve a thumbs up.
  17. No idea, he bought it a while ago and it had a different type of pickups that I've never heard of before. I got it all settled now though
  18. As a beginner, start off small. Don't be jumping torwards a Gibson Les Paul. I'd get a squier or epiphone guitar, not only are they small (depending on what guitar you get) but its cheap and easy to learn with. Like, start off with a Squier Strat and then after a year or two, go for a Gibson
  19. I saw a 1972 Gibson SG on ebay. I would've traded the dude a case, squier telecaster thinline and 800$ for it. Poor bastard wanted 1,000 for it and said that he could get my case and telecaster for 100$ each. Which would still lead up to 1,000.... I cried of coarse, since I wasn't able to hold that sexy guitar... WHY GOD.... WHHYYYYYY
  20. I dare someone to buy 5 Gibson Les Paul Standards and a video camera. Then take a video of them smashing each guitar. Then Post it here. Then dare everyone except me to never come on the forum after they give us a livestream link. Then go to a gun store. Then buy a pistol and ammo. Then make a livestream account. Then give us a link and never come on. Then point the pistol to your head. Then point it to the trash and throw it away. Then come back to the forums. Then don't smash the 5 Gibson les pauls. Then love me. I win
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