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  1. Yeah, I hate that... Forgot my password, now I have like 20 letters/numbers I have saved in my email so every time I log in, I go to my email, copy it, go to gibson.com and paste it all..
  2. Not really, You just gota help em and that is one less person to worry about. Plus I enjoy hearing what others say about stuff. I am a gibson newby so its nice for people like me to learn new stuff. As of people asking if something is fake, well.... you're right how that can be annoying.
  3. Alright, I am going to change the question around a bit since some people understand, and some people dont... Which feels better playing, easier, makes you feel like a man, tastes better, looks better, see what i am trying to say now?
  4. You've never heard the term? lets say they were both 500$, which has more to it, is stronger and in general, better.
  5. Which gives more for its dollar, has the great sound and can be played for anything ( rock, blues etc. ) When I say SG or Les paul, that counts as standard and gibson. Price is not a matter, but like I said, what gives more for its money Which feels better playing, easier, makes you feel like a man, tastes better, looks better etc.
  6. No damnit you ruined it, I said STANDARDS ONLY... Ok... start all over people because of this dude... who randomly posted his guitars with dates that arent even in order.... Just kidding, but please, I asked for standards and dates in order, Not for people to brag about a Faded sg with a bigsby tailpiece (Sarcasm)
  7. I'd get it. The reserve not met scares me though
  8. 1 More quick thing, If you again, were to sell it, you could get 900 and guitar stores sell their SG Standards for 1,200$ , and people usually sell their used SG Standards for 700-800. Just something to think about
  9. I was a bit more curious about this guitar so I did a little more research. Used price goes up to 700 New goes up to 900 like I said. If you ever were to sell it, I'd suggest bringing it to a local guitar shop to get it restored / looking new. They would probably charge about 100, which gives you 400$ profit IF you were to sell it. If I were you, I would restore it, sell it for 900 and buy a SG Special since they sell for 400 or more. Here's a quick link. http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m570.l1313&_nkw=Gibson+SG+Special&_sacat=See-All-Categories
  10. I've seen quite a bunch of these all over the net selling at most for 900 so I don't think it's THAT rare. As if differences from other models, the fret inlay seems unique and it doesn't have the same pickups as the standard. Has the same pickups as the SG Special. So, the difference seems to be the inlays really, which gives it an extra hundred if all of them sell for 900 and specials sell for 800. I'm not an expert , there could be some kind of special wood, but I know the price range and the pickups etc. Hope I helped!
  11. Holy **** thats a beauty.... You must be proud of yourself
  12. My friend asked me to restore his SG since he has seen me work on Strats before. So, where can I buy 490R and 498T Pickups (those are the ones right?) online? I checked ebay but all they have is epiphone and vintage pickups, I am looking for new or good condition.
  13. Here's one to spark things up. http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/msg/1863227702.html
  14. I'd prefer a store link to also go along with where you got it. That way we can all share the love
  15. Ive told him how beautiful the guitar is and how amazing it sounds, but he doesn't think the 1,200 is worth it. What should I say? inb4ITSWHATHELIKES
  16. Keep posting, just 1 year per posting
  17. Came up will a little somethin' if you know what I mean to do in spare time for people. So basically, you need to post a picture of an SG Standard from every year in order. Here is here your setup will be. ( Year ) ( [ IMG]PICTURE OF SG [/i MG] ) [without the space between I and MG] Here is an example. 2009 (randomly picked that picture and a year) Then the next person will find a picture of 2010 and post the picture, and so on. Only 1 picture and year per thread. When its all the way to 2010, I will post all the pict
  18. What do you mean... This isn't my guitar, its just a picture(s) I found, I am interested in getting a SG '73 and just wondering if that is a standard or delux
  19. http://www.vintage-guitars.se/1973_Gibson_SG_Standard_040604.htm
  20. If a gibson sg '73 has a blank truss rod cover, is it still a standard or is it a deluxe. Here is a picture, not mine, just a random one off the net. http://www.vintage-guitars.se/1973_Gibson_SG_Standard_040604_head.jpg The reason I am asking is because I've seen them with Standard on the cover, and this one is blank so I'm a bit confused. Please answer asap
  21. Can anyone find directions and where I can buy a Maestro tailpiece? ;)
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