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  1. Nice, now all I need is a video of George playing with an SG Live during the beatles years
  2. Ive actually been here for a while. I just come on to ask questions and etc.
  3. Now can we get a video of George playing live during the beatles years with a SG and Jimi?
  4. From youtube. And make sure George is playing during his beatles years
  5. Gibson sg standard 100$ what? A week or 2 I think it should have a different color and maybe more 18
  6. I was thinking about getting it a new color, maybe some other things... What popular guitar stores do that if they even do, Daddys, Guitar Center, etc....
  7. Hey guys, I'm stumped on which guitar I should get. One of my choices is the Sg. What makes it special, besides the fact its hand made and is made in the USA
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