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  1. Well, after 4 months of going into my favourite music store and playing the same Epiphone, I finally took the leap and bought it!!! So what took me so long you ask? You see, I just didn't need another guitar --- and I have the "one comes in, one goes out" policy (it's my wife's rule actually!!) so I would have to give up something. I decided it was time to trade my Gretsch surf green G5434T and this was no easy decision. There are only 60 of these made by Gretsch and it is an absolutely stunning guitar. The only thing I found it was too heavy and it just couldn't compete with my other Gibsons and Fenders. So, getting back to Epiphone, it spoke to me from the first day I picked it up. It was light, responsive and just plain fun to play! It seemed to fit my had the best of many guitars I've held, and when plugged in, it sounded as good as many of the high end guitars I played. Fit and finish is as good as my $2K Gibson Classic Goldtop. So, without further adieu, here are some pics. Click on the pics to enlarge.







  2. President's Day here in the US. My wife and daughter are at the Westminster Dog Show in NYC, I am home alone. I am really a Solitary Man!


    (I modeled this after the CI version - used my SJTV, my LG2 American Eagle, my Gretsch bass, and a cajon with brushes)




    Wow!!! Really like it!! You have inspired me, time to head down to my basement studio (just a man cave!) and lay down tracks of something... not sure what yet, but being inspired, something will hit me!!!


    Well done, love it!



  3. Congratulations on the new guitar, the J-15's are truly stunning. I'm surprised Gibson haven't realised what a winner they are and put the price up!






    Shhhhh! They will hear you!! Let's keep it our secret!!! I'm sure they will at some point though!!! [-(


    By the way Jorj, I like your walnut back -- nicely figured, mine is kinda plain looking. [bored]



  4. Congrats on a beautiful guitar. May I ask what a northern jumbo is?


    Exactly what Slimt said in his reply... made for Long & McQuade as part of a limited edition they put out. Here are a few pics to tell the rest of the story.....






    Thanks everyone for the congrats and wishes --- I truly feel I have found that one very special guitar that was missing in my life. The Northern Super Jumbo is truly special and now I have this J-15 that compliments it so well.



  5. Hey NewStrings - Congrats on the new acquisition - been a few of those around here lately - I've liked every one I have ever played, they are surprising animals. [thumbup]


    No kidding, took me completely by surprise!! I think Gibson has a real winner here and I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of these around!!


    Thanks for the kind words! [thumbup]



  6. With absolutely no intention of buying another guitar of any time (so what the heck was I doing at a guitar store????), I saw 2 Gibson J-15's hanging on the wall. I was curious as 2 why this store would even care one as they carry a very small inventory. Turns out, one was used with a $400. price reduction. Now I said used, but I looked it over and not a freakin' mark anywhere. Nothing. No pick guard swirls, nothing. So, took it down, strummed a few chords and I guess you know the rest of the story. LOVE!!! (yes, it was Valentine's Day, so that might explain a few things!!).

    It followed me home and I just haven't been able to put it down! That is the reason I am posting this a day late! I must confess, I have a true love of Gibson acoustics, I currently own a Northern Super Jumbo (limited edition only 50 made). So.... without further adieu and a lot of mushy dialogue regarding how this guitar speaks to me in every language, here are some pics I took today. The only modification I made was taking out the Tusq saddle and made a custom bone saddle from a blank I had purchase from Stewmac. But honestly, can't tell the difference between the bone and the Tusq.












    So back to playing with a big grin on my face!!



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