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  1. Very sorry to learn of this. I always enjoyed his contributions here. He'll be missed.
  2. I still have a Thorens TD-165 in good working order. I sold off around 2700 LPs keeping only my jazz and classical. Everything else is on my computers and is streamed. Just couldn't justify dedicating so much space in my 1400 sq.ft. home, to records. I still buy a new title now and again. The funny part is having to remember the record has to be turned over. I'll be in another room and the music will stop and I'm all WTF? Then I remember I'm listening to an LP.
  3. I watched "Hereditary" tonight. Highly recommend. Best horror film I've seen in years.
  4. Not that well known, Nick. I like it like that. Prolly would have remained quiet but the declaration about the career of the Dixie Chicks being "wiped out" stunk so of B.S. I felt I'd share a few facts to freshen up the air. So I did. It's my new thing for the era we live in. The Modern Age of Mendacity that is 2018/19. Calling out abject bullsh*t when you see it. Carry on and Happy Holidays and New Year to all.
  5. Actually, your uninformed and incorrect claim about the Dixie Chicks wasn't. At least until now. Happy to clear up your misconception for you. The validity of your argument is nonexistent when the facts don't support it. It stops being an argument and just becomes hot air. I will, however, agree with you that in some cases, politics are best kept to one's self where entertainers are concerned. An example: as a concert promoter, I'm involved in bringing a Russian band to the U.S. next month for their first ever tour. They are a Chicago (the band) tribute act that's tearing up the internet
  6. Yes, and here's mine that was shot to my spec. I guess you could say it's brown and more brown.
  7. I used to feel the exact same way. But, I changed my mind. I quite like the 1833 burst now and I have a 00018 in Ambertone which is also very nice. It goes without saying that the tone and playability of the Martins are outstanding as well. So, buy what you like and don't buy what you don't. Pretty simple. Maybe you should look at one of those Lime green J45's they're building these days. Could be perfect for you!
  8. This is my Martin CS00 in Adi/Koa. Love the burst on it. And I'm wheelin' and dealin' for this Bourgeois to be my next guitar:
  9. I see Hogwash, the Gibson Forum's resident pedant is still here.
  10. You should look at their Pollstar numbers. Between 2016 and 2018, 77 reported shows averaged an attendance of 11,546 with average grosses of $804,536.00. So, they played to over 800,000 people and grossed over $61 Million. Pretty good for being "wiped off the map". BTW, Springsteen's average gross is $2,717,705.00 so you really showed him by staying home! Facts are a pesky thing. Especially when you don't know what you're talking about. But, you do you.
  11. You should probably get that order in before the new management shuts down Bozeman.
  12. Hello stranger, it's 'been a long time... Some folks might remember me here, some not. Mox nix. This board fueled a several year love affair with Gibsons. The pursuit of interesting Gibsons has been a lot of fun and I've had the pleasure and privilege of playing and owning many great examples. (Partially due to the unrestrained support here for buying a guitar regardless of, well, anything.) Time marches on and tastes and circumstances change. Once was a dread guy and now I'm all OM/000/00. Easier on the old shoulders. So, my last two Gibsons are for sale. 1951-52 J45 (I bought i
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