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  1. I buy all of my supplies and some of my tools at StewMac. Great place but the shipping can be steep. I wouldn't pull binding from the neck, or anywhere unless it was damaged and needed replaced.
  2. I played one at GC. I buy and sell a LOT of Epiphones on CL here in Austin (100 guitars a year average, not just Epi's). Not really impressed by a lot of them but I do have a setneck Jr. from a couple years back. I already have the REal Alpha pots, wire, switches and knobs to rework it. I have a lot of pups to try as well. There are a few extra Gibby headstock overlays over there ---> and one may just find its way on there too.
  3. The P90 Epi setneck Les Paul Special. $299.00 with free shipping. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Special-SC-Electric-Guitar?sku=584590&src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=485004875
  4. I feel like I finally found *that tone* Too bad the feedback is huge plugged in. Sounds amazing when properly isolated.
  5. 95% of my playing is on a Ramirez or a Rodriguez classical. I buy and sell a lot of guitars and honestly had no idea what a guitar like this would be best with.
  6. I've had it for about 4 days now, traded a Firebird V (2005) for it. I love flatwounds on my Elitist Broadway. I put a set of Dean Markley Blue Steel 11's on it today, with a wound G. Much better projection than what it had (unknown brand).
  7. Here's the back, And some beautiful lacquer checking,
  8. I'm a LONG time nylon player, wondering what to put on this,
  9. Spin them so they are all the way out (as tall as possible). Unlock the string and remove. You might have to Stretch the high e a bit when putting it on but theo others just tighten the lock so they stay put and tune. The process really is very simple. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tuners/Guitar,_solid_peghead_tuners/1/Steinberger_Gearless_Tuners/Instructions/I-5460.html#details
  10. Not a big deal really, they are being sold here by the thousands. It's going to get worse, and the copies will get better. Educate and protect yourself. He states it's a replica, get over it.
  11. I lowball every decent guitar I see on Craigslist, then resell the ones I get for a definite profit. If they don't sell right away they will eventually. I have the patience to make it work and trust me, it's always worth the time it takes.
  12. Bought the Epi (yes, set neck and all) and sold it right after. Mediocre guitar at best.
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