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  1. ..... turn the sound off if you must, but watch the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x20v9F-sWHQ
  2. Drinking my coffee Getting dressed Driving out to the farm Mowing about 10 acres of weeds with the tractor Riding horses Exercising my sick horse Going home for a shower Finishing off that bottle of chardonnay Playing guitar on the back deck Life is good!
  3. Wow, that was great! Reminds me a bit of Pat Travers for some reason. What ever happened to 38Special? I used to play one of their slower songs, Second Chance.
  4. OMG I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching that! He's probably going to have post traumatic stress disorder now!
  5. It's a big mesh blanket to throw on the horse to keep flies and mosquitoes away. You wouldn't think mesh fabric would be so expensive, would you? The bot flies will be out soon...... that's another issue The equine industry assumes (wrongly) that people who have horses have lots of money!!
  6. SO true! Another example........ horseback riding: Reliable horse - $3000.00 Saddle for said horse - $2000.00 Bridle/reins - $400.00 Fly sheet - $149.00 Grooming supplies - $100.00 Dewormer - $100.00 ongoing Farrier - $150.00 ongoing Dental checks - $75.00 ongoing Feed/minerals/supplements - $90.00 monthly ongoing Board - $350.00 monthly ongoing Gas to get out to said horse - $100.00 monthly ongoing 4X4 truck to get out to said horse in winter - $20,000.00 Etc!!!!!
  7. Haha! The flies aren't as bad as the mosquitoes this year. We've had so much rain and leftover melting snow that the mosquitoes are the size of pterodactyls this summer. The bricks are in fact to hold both the table down and the songsheets. I live on a hill just south of a valley and the wind whips up my backyard and makes a mess of things most days! Grampa, don't worry, that guitar is secure and was only in that spot long enuf for a picture. Supposed to be nice for all next week so hopefully I'll be re-creating this scene a few times more! Thank you everyone for the nice comments. Wish yo
  8. This is slightly off topic but have you ever seen that video where they strap a camera on the back of an eagle? It's incredible. I'm going to try and find it.... brb..... Edit: I don't know how well eagles can see but check out this view.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zwA-CwDiC0
  9. It's sunny and blue skies here, not that warm tho' (14 C). I am heading out to ride some horses. Not my horse unfortunately as she's got a bout of laminitis. Will then come home, eat something yummy for supper and likely play guitar and drink beverages on the deck. I put up some rope lighting and it looks really cool out there when the sun goes down. HAPPY CANADEH DAY everyone!
  10. I hear what you're saying Em7. It's your basic I - IV - V song (if I remember correctly). Thanks for the link Jchabalk. It just keeps buffering on me but I'm persistent so we'll see if I can get it to play.
  11. Yeah I'm sure Gibson would have replaced or repaired it. Are you getting rid of the guitar now, Adam? Or is it okay now?
  12. Oops! Looks like the new song/video got pulled by Acony Records.
  13. New song..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEDCJ1SvvPM
  14. I think I've only heard three so far but liked them all. Haven't made it to the store yet.... will do that tomorrow. GW on facebook posted that the CD insert (the US version) is made from cotton and they are recommending you dye it with coffee. They even posted a video on how to do this!
  15. Oh how I wish! That would be great! I love hot summer nights, guitars, refreshments and friends. Doesn't get any better than that! I sure wish I could find an armless lawn chair tho'. I get tired of sitting on the edge of the chair to avoid the arms
  16. I wish I could give you more than one + for that post. I was on an antidepressant a few years back. What a nasty thing that was. I too love this forum, and the people here. It's like Cheers, where everybody knows your name. Yeah I know I post mostly in the acoustic section, but I still know most everyone and definitely value the friendships and kinship.
  17. rats...... not what i thought...... I'll be back
  18. I didn't tape it but I did stay up and watch it ( :blink: ). They played one song and it was well done, of course. Dave's playing was impressive, as always. The crowd seemed to really appreciate them. You always wonder if that type of crowd can really appreciate this type of talent..... would they rather see Lady Gag? I was hoping Conan would interview them but they didn't get even a second to talk One of the things that really shines about GW is the rapport they have with each other and the audience. They didn't get a chance for that here, at least not from what was aired on TV. Maybe some
  19. Ooooh, a big plus for this one, Anne! I put my head on the guitar all the time. Or I turn the guitar to face me and play an Em with one hand just so that I can hear it from the front. Or I play a E or G repeatedly, slowly, just to revel in the sound. You know you're addicted to guitar playing when you look at a piece of wood (table, chair, closet door, 1970's rumpus room panelling, etc) and wonder what it would sound like it if was a guitar.
  20. I'll follow you with the hors-dovres*. Do we have to wear little uniforms or anything? Cause I'd be willing to do that if I can cruise and play guitar. *Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong
  21. Jam Cruise?! Is that like it sounds? You float on boats and play guitars?
  22. Are you getting it from Bob C? I think I just measured mine and told him it was for an EL-00. He knew which saddle would fit. Edit: be forewarned.... I'm going to take the bone saddle out of my EL-00 because it's too bright for my ears.
  23. ..... is on Conan O'Brien tonight playing a song off their new album. Just a heads up for you GW fans out there!
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