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  1. Hmmm, I wonder what he's set the reserve at? Stay positive, that scratch on the lower bout, treble-side, may deter collectors. The nut width looks wider than the late 60's J-45's but it's hard to tell from the picture.
  2. OMG, can't stop laughing.... thanks for that LSG!
  3. He was sort of George Clooney-crossed-with Richard-Gere gorgeous, but with an old guitar. Can you picture it? Because he didn't utter a single word, it's just possible that there may be a bit of George Strait in there too. He was more the strong silent type. Hmmmm, maybe that's not George Clooney or Richard Gere. He looked like Richard Gere, but seemed more George Strait. Does that make sense?
  4. I was at the local bluegrass jam on Thursday night and some totally gorgeous guy showed up with a mid-fifties Gibson J-50! I sat beside him but he completely ignored me the whole night, even tho' I was the only other guitar player with a Gibson. His guitar had the original Kluson tuners, yellowed binding, scratched up headstock, oh it was just beautiful. The only words spoken were when he passed the mic my way and I said 'pass'. I really wanted to talk to him about his guitar, but he was really quiet and kept to himself. Does he know he has a treasure in his guitar? Does he care to connect wit
  5. If no one has it, and you can send me an mp3 of it, I can probably figure it out for you.
  6. OWF, I think that's an honest and sincere effort on your part, and I applaud you. But, what's going to happen when you just happen to be in the vicinity of a music store and you didn't plan ahead of time and you don't have your guitar and friend with you. You know how it goes..... you're *there* looking for some irrelevant item when suddenly.... there's the acoustic room, just off to your left. You can see bits and pieces of acoustic guitars through the window. People are wandering in and out and you can smell the humidity as they open the door. Well, it wouldn't hurt to see what stock they ha
  7. Married?? Me?? Noooooooooooo. Good grief, where did you hear that? The guitars are doing well, if not a bit humidity challenged from a brutal winter. Now don't go posting and bragging that you're standing on your deck in your speedo with the barby on! That's just rubbing salt into the wound! ;-)
  8. Hi TommyK!!!!! So good to see you ba-ak! You were missed!
  9. I hear two very different sounds with those guitars, but both shine in their own right. Flatpicking the Martin creates a well-grounded foundation, it doesn't really go anywhere but it creates a beautiful solid foundation for a song. Flatpicking the Gibson seems to almost 'take flight'. It depends on where you want the music to go, I guess. Both have different values. I would choose the J45 because I love how the music kind of 'lifts off the ground', so to speak. I'm guessing my description isn't making much sense to anyone except me LOL
  10. I tune down a half-step and full-step often and I find that I have to tweak it often for the first little while. If I keep it tuned down for a day it eventually settles in.
  11. Not in my neighbourhood. I'm on Craigslist every day and I haven't seen a single decent guitar, let alone a Gibson, for sale since forever. You guys have all the luck down there.
  12. If I've done my calculations properly (1 US gallon = 3.846 litres) we are paying $4.27 a gallon for gas up here. Are you feeling any better yet? LOL And this is oil-rich Alberta. It's funny that you posted this Hoss because I was on Bandmix last night looking for jamming buddies and I was eliminating folks who live far south Calgary, simply because it's too expensive to drive there anymore. Sad.
  13. Moose, are you looking for a vintage one? I just read that you can still custom-order them. I just read this on a banjo forum.... it was a January 2008 post.... "The rare Epiphone Excellente flat top, one of the most collectible vintage guitars ever, is still available by custom order after it's successful limited edition run sold out."
  14. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Mooseguy is sweet, And a good poet too. (see? I told you I was running out of good poems LOL) Retro, that is a fine collection of guitars in your signature!
  15. Terry, I like your new signature. I turn 50 on April 1st and I haven't grown up yet, and have no intention of ever growing up.
  16. Well, I'm definitely no expert but that is odd for sure. It doesn't take much to slap a Gibson truss rod cover on any guitar and try and pass it off as a Gibson. The guy's feedback isn't the greatest either. I suspect it's a fake.
  17. Mooseguy's still looking For his dream guitar He's been a'looking A'wide and afar Everytime I see The word ex-cell-en-te I think of mooseguy Exclusively I sure hope you find an Excellente soon, Mooseguy 'cause I'm running out of poems :)
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