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  1. Welcome to the forum, Rak. Gorgeous guitar! Fred, the guitar in your avatar..... is that the koa one that I liked so much? Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread. Carry on!
  2. I have seen those come up on eBay, but not very often. If I see any, Retro, I'll let you know.
  3. Onewilyfool, if you want a file for Windows Media Player, I can try and send you an mp3. One of the files is pretty hefty tho'. If you want me to try and send something, PM me with your email.
  4. Hi Econtras, If you're previewing the post before posting it, the picture will show up as a code. Once you post it, it should actually show the picture. You're using an image host (like photobucket or image shack), right?
  5. Terry, are you sure you're not thinking of Thunder Road? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGGSc9vS66I
  6. Oh! Hoss, if you go and test drive it, please post a review? Not that I could buy it or anything, but I like to know what I'm missing LOL
  7. Who do you want it by? Numerous people recorded this song
  8. Oh, so nice to hear stories about good honest people. I DO believe in karma..... I've seen it in action. Laura I sent you an mp3 but it kept coming back undeliverable? How are you?
  9. In my daily 'net-scouring for maple Gibsons, I found this beautiful old girl.....isn't she lovely? Make sure to click on the 'More Images' button for a close-up of the top..... so cool. 1945 Gibson J-45 maple sunburst...... http://www.gbase.com/Stores/Gear/GearDetails.aspx?Item=1804342
  10. Oh louie that's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear of this news. I have had my house broken into a few times so I can appreciate that 'violated' feeling. It takes awhile to go away but it will. I hope the guitars show up. Having the serial numbers and pictures is a wise thing. Will keep an eye open for them. I'm always browsing eBay.
  11. Jannusguy, your wish is my command. Here's some photos of the world's best SJ!:-s/ ... And last (and least) a bad pic of me (seemingly attempting some very challenging manoever) but a good closeup of guitar.....
  12. Hugs for Rocket88, EddieDean, and Jannusguy.....
  13. Lights or mediums, Woodruff? I love Elixir mediums on my guitar. They seem to go through different 'sound phases', and even at 6 weeks, they still sound cool. Different, but cool.
  14. I think the little quotes at the bottom (that you're referring to) are posters 'signatures'. You can set up your own signature in your profile.
  15. I don't know if they can set something up after the fact? You can always click on your own profile and read your last ten posts, tho'.
  16. I think it's a great idea.
  17. What's he playing now? If he's in Canada maybe he's already got a Seagull? Seagull would be my vote too. The Epis in L&McQ are a bit more than $400.00. Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie are all in Canada and good reliable guitars in that price range.
  18. Yes, I'm 'thirding' the motion (is 'thirding' a word LOL ?) I'm not wasting any more time over here in this thread; I'd rather be in the other threads with sensible people. It's futile to reason with trolls. The one guitar that Sandy doesn't buy is not likely to bring down the company. And her actions are her son's loss. I would have loved a Gibson when I was 18. I was playing an old Mansfield! Anyhoo, sayonara!
  19. I don't know why this is continuing to get hashed over, Phelix, because it's a done deal. The company (Henry specifically) has stated that they are investigating what went on and will deliver what was promised. The fact that you're still arguing it out suggests that you're just looking to start trouble. It's a done deal, and will be handled by the appropriate people. It's really not your issue now, is it??? Don't you have better ways to spend your time??? And yes, Nova, I did read through those posts (which really was a waste of MY time) and they were filled with childish threats by people
  20. His profile says he hasn't been around since January 8. Is he on the road maybe?
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