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  1. Anthony, that's a great song! Are you coming to the Homecoming this summer? We could all play it together. How do you get the link to say the words you want instead of the link name? I've always wondered how to do that. Here's one of my current favourites.... the human side of Lucinda Williams..... I just love this one altho' I'm sure she's horrified that it's on YouTube LOL.... Lucinda Williams Passionate Kisses
  2. For the record, I've had this error message as well. It seems to show up if I take too long to write my post. As Mike said, it still goes through tho' when I click on the 'Try again' link.
  3. Okay, who wants to trade me places? This is your chance to live in sunny Alberta. That white stuff there is sand; yes, that's it, sun-bleached sand:
  4. See?? That's exactly what I'm talkin' about. That's why you couldn't see the halo!
  5. Awwwwww, she's adorable! Do you have a name for her? She looks like a Beatrice to me.
  6. A 60's headband LOL LOL Your 60's headband is my halo! O:)/ ..... which brings me back to this point, wine notwithstanding: Suitable for me but not sure about the rest of ya! heehee
  7. Wine?? Me?? Okay, okay, you know me too well LOL Can't you see the halo on the smiley?? Hmmm, I think that means something serious!!
  8. The smiley on page 2 is actually an angel. Suitable for me but not sure about the rest of ya! heehee O:) O:) O:) ;=)
  9. I'm glad to see Gibson CS posted the Forum Rules as a sticky in this subforum. There appear to be a few 'hot-under-the-collar types' who need to rein their emotions in a bit. It's helpful to look at the whole story before posting. Reading through some of the posts on those links was pretty scary. Aiming rocket launchers at people??? I'm thinking that's a threat worthy of legal action. Sounds to me like Henry is trying to make right with this, even tho' the former employee appears to have acted without management's knowledge or approval. Hostile, ill-informed types who post without going th
  10. LOL How do you get a duck to play the blues? Put it in the oven until it's bill whithers.
  11. What exactly is flatpicking?? I use a flat pick to Travis pick sometimes (often actually), but I'm only playing chords/bass notes. Is that still considered flatpicking? I'm thinking not. I fingerpick, strum, and use my flatpick creatively so I don't know which one to vote for?
  12. TWilson, I hate to disappoint you, but I think ducks live everywhere. ;-) LOL
  13. Thank you! Will watch for it. Even the website shows Steve Earle (no ELH yet). Re J-45 induction..... it's about time!
  14. Just checked it out..... have I got the wrong magazine? It shows Steve Earle on the February cover? Love Steve Earle too but gotta find Emmylou!
  15. Thank you for the heads-up, AJSC. I love ELH..... will definitely pick up that edition!
  16. Haha! Good luck for you! I, on the other hand, had built up quite a little lump sum for myself :-( Rats.
  17. If you win the lottery and get that gorgeous fancy one, are you going to bring it to the Homecoming?? :-k/ I can't stop going back and staring at it.... it's so beautiful. I'll bet I dream about it tonight LOL
  18. Well, when I tried to open the link this time, I got an Error message. Remembering why we have a new forum now!
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