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  1. Oh that's very cool! How did you get that in there?
  2. Yeah, I got the email notification of this, too. I wish wish wish I could buy a new guitar. Sounds like a great opportunity. I wonder if there'll be a line-up at the door when they open in the morning? I'd camp outside if I had to. Just like the good old days LOL
  3. Blaster, all your posts are there. Like Caseybean said, you have to hit Refresh EVERY time you open a new window. Obviously the forum has to work out a few bugs. Your pictures were there too. Nice!
  4. My friend Craig bought me the latest Chip Taylor CD.... Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez LIVE from the Ruhr Triennale. It's a great CD! Anyway, I'm trying to learn a few songs off it and am struggling with some of those chords that ya know are close but not quite right. So, I'm experimenting and I find a really close one..... X00220. Anyone know if that's even a chord?
  5. I'm still having problems posting in some threads. I wonder if this will go through? It might be my computer? Love the new forum and those smilies are really great! Love the liar one LOL
  6. Testing, testing, 123 check check (insert unwashed roadie here)
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