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  1. I agree, this will make a good 'war wound' story some day. There's lots of jobs that a person can fake their way through. Being a soundman isn't one of them.
  2. I gave everyone I could green lanterns but it cut me off at 10 so I'll have to wait 24 hours then come back and finish. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Losmecos, Denis, Ol Fred and Buc, you can get your green lanterns tomorrow.
  3. How did that soundman ever get to be a soundman? Perhaps he should take up another career. :mellow:
  4. Thanks everyone! Happy birthday Brums!!! \:D/
  5. Yes, yes, Marty Feldman, I saw him too! "Wasn't that hump on the other side?" Quiz: what movie is that line from?
  6. Yes, I was just going to post that the "I've got a buzz" threads start popping up every springtime it seems, when the weather changes. Wooden doors stick and guitars do funny things
  7. I can't buy it because I just bought a horse. I have a real addiction to abalone tho'. I have abalone necklaces, abalone earrings (lots), abalone bracelets, etc. And abalone on my guitars. I would LOVE that guitar but I have a horse to feed :lol: Slim, you're near the Stampede? Are you in Calgary? If so, you can be in Bozeman in about 8 hours. If you buy that guitar please let us know
  8. I can think of so many songs to play on that guitar! Looks Like a Good day To Ride - George Canyon Horseback in my Dreams - Corinne West and Kelly Joe Phelps Horse In The Country - Cowboy Junkies Tennessee Stud - Gillian Welch Baby Ride Easy - Carlene Carter and Dave Edmunds just to name a few
  9. WOW! That was incredible! I'm watching it and thinking to myself, hmmm, how many guitarists do they have? Then I realize that one of them was Nancy! Gretchen did that proud. She's a real powerhouse. I am not a Jennifer Nettles fan either. And when that ridiculous "Stuck Like Glue' song comes on, the station gets changed. Steve Earle can do no wrong in my books, and Justin is so very under-rated. I have seen him twice now and he is a real showman, with incredible talent, and he can make a guitar sound like no one else.
  10. Whoa, where's my sunglasses!? I'll bet Taylor Swift has one for her glitter guitar
  11. I love my Shubb capos, and to compensate for that 'stronger pressure on one end' thing, I use it upside down. I can't see the picture for that Swarovski crystal one.... just got the big red X? I should post a picture of the one I made for a friend for Christmas last year.....
  12. Jim, where are you? Hope you are okay? Sending good wishes......

  13. I just checked the label on my Wranglers..... they're made in Mexico!
  14. Oh! Isn't that stunning?! Mine, mine, mine!!
  15. Hi Duluth! What about Tennessee Stud? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHcg1GzoOAg
  16. No, I have to board unfortunately. But some day I'll hopefully sell the house and move onto an acreage. Right now she's at the stable who raised her, they have TWH.
  17. She needs a good grooming, which she will get today, along with her new saddle and tack. Guitar-related....... I went downstairs in my music room last night and played all my old favourites on Lily and maj for at least an hour. I had a riot! Fingers are tender this morning as callouses are almost gone.
  18. This might get yanked because it's not in the appropriate forum, but here goes anyways! I am putting a deposit down on this little girl today. Actually, she's not so little, 15.3 h, very forward-moving but manageable. She is 14 years old and has a long list of awards for best in her class. She is a registered Tennessee Walker, her name is Spice.
  19. Thanks for this post. It is really encouraging. I suddenly got bad tinnitus in my left ear about 5 months ago, following a bad sinus infection. Loud noises do definitely make it worse, for example, if I have a shower (loud running water) before I go to bed I can really hear it. I started wearing ear plugs around the house and it did seem to tone it down a bit. And the whir of the computer seems to aggravate it too. It is a horrible thing I am going to pick up those drummer ear plugs and see if I can get it to go away.
  20. Gee, they must have stored it in a hermetically sealed container! It's in remarkable shape for its age. I hope people say that about me when I'm 94
  21. Love the stool, Nick. Love the red piping on it!
  22. Congratulations Mike! It's just gorgeous! Hey, how's the weather down at your end of the country? We are having at early spring here... it was 14 today! How do you like that pink case? I have one for my J-185 and I love it (very luxurious) but I do find them a bit heavy (for a girl)
  23. Wow! It's beautiful, no doubt. As for me, I will continue to sit on my armless kitchen stool and prop my guitars up against the wall (don't yell at me )
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