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  1. Mine are all named. Magic is named because I completely fell in love with the tone of that guitar while it hung on the wall at the shop. I pined for weeks until I finally got it. Lily is named after a character in ELH's song Red Dirt Girl. Jonathan is the name of my Seagull guitar (Jonathan Seagull). Elmo..... I have no idea why I called the Epi Elmo. He's a bit smaller and it just fit.
  2. Hi Jack! I LOVE it!!! Congratulations!
  3. Yeah, I was probably sitting a good 4 feet from the camera when I recorded it so will move it up a lot more. I think I had it set on auto and 720, but when you go into the Menu and then Lo Cut, it says On or Off? I tried both and couldn't hear a difference. Anyway, I will play around with the handyshare software more and see what I can come up with. And I will head over to your TVZ thread! Thanks Flatbaroque!
  4. Neo was a master at baiting. He was a master baiter
  5. OMG! I wear Carharrt overalls but it's to sling horse manure on cold days! Murph, have you seen those videos of Dave doing his old songs to a bluegrass beat? It's not pretty
  6. Ooooh, another big green lantern Guth, I agree wholeheartedly! I have been on hiatus for awhile but have been really enjoying the excellent videos people have posted (and it has inspired me to start playing again). [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]
  7. What settings have you got yours on? There's a setting called Mic Only (? What else would be on if not the mic?) and various levels of HD. I just recorded myself playing I Know You Rider on Lily but the sound coming out of the Zoom is pretty thin. Does it get better once it's uploaded? Lily is pretty shrill as it is so I was hoping to find a way to increase the bass here without resorting to electronics. And yeah, I need to practice a whole lot; it was not good
  8. I'm not good enough to play out but I have a small stage built into my music room in my basement. I often wear pyjamas and bunny slippers! If I was good enuf to play out I'd wear jeans and a black shirt (black is slimming)
  9. Rats! I tried to give everyone a green lantern but I got up to Bob and got the message that I've reached my quota of positive votes for the day. What??? There's a limit to how many positive votes we can give? Great joke Murph! I was actually laughing before the punch light. I'm sorry about your mom tho'. I have lost both my parents so I can relate. I am actively looking for another horse. I have my eye on a 12 year old Tennessee walker who's very sweet and docile, or her son, who's a big dopey teenager with more energy than he knows what to do with. Gonna ride both of them this week
  10. Hi Nick, thank you for the welcome I do miss playing, and I'm mad that I have lost so much that I've learned. I hope it comes back quickly. Good to see you again!
  11. This is FABULOUS news! Congrats on the happy romance and the pending man-cave.
  12. Hi Anne! I had to log back in, it's been so long. Good to see you!
  13. Oh Kermie, I could use a good joke! Yes, tis true, my beloved horse Sable passed away on December 1. I don't think I've picked the guitar up since then either. I've been a real sad sack. I need to get my act together here. Rest assured I have kept the guitars humidified throughout my hiatus.
  14. I watched the CMA awards, in between making perogies, and there were a few good parts. I did howl over the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill doll scene with Brad and Carrie! Whenever Taylor Swift or some of the other new country types came on I'd get up and check on the perogies. Sara Evans was sooooo pitchy. And I don't usually mind her. I've heard that sometimes artists will be pitchy in front of their own peers because of nerves, but I don't know how credible that is. Kenny and Grace did a great job.
  15. You know how you just get a craving to do this song or that song? Maybe it's been floating around in your head for a few days? Well, I somehow got Luckenbach Texas in my head and so I was playing it last night. But the second line: Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin' women I am NOT singing that So, here's my replacement: Is guitars that tune good and h-o-rse ridin' I just know I'll be chastised for messing with Waylon's lyrics
  16. I think Drathbun had a bad experience with the MacLeod set too. He's in Calgary. Guitarworks is bad for prices. I was looking at a Planet Waves humidity tester thingy awhile back and the same thing was twice as much at Guitarworks. Same with the guitars. They do get some nice Gibsons in but the prices aren't as good as they are at L$McQ The other thing I disliked about Guitarworks is I always seemed to get some 16 year old with blue painted fingernails playing Buckeyhead. If I wanted to buy strings or something, I got the third degree because I was interrupting his Steve Vai arpeggios (or wha
  17. Hi Anne! It's good to see you! I'm so glad you were here to keep the estrogen level up on the forum! You know how busy life gets sometimes..... whew! Just too much stuff going on these days, and I'm not getting any younger . This guy really needs some help and I'm out there literally from sun up to sun down (and beyond)
  18. Long $ McQuade. Have you been to the new place on MacLeod? I STILL haven't been there. And I've also heard that Guitarworks on 16th is opening up again. I'm so out-of-the-loop these days. All my money (yeah, like I have a lot of money [rolls eyes]) has been going to a sick horsey. Haha! Freudian slip! I typed a dollar sign instead of an amprosand in 'Long and McQuade'. I think I'll leave it there! It's quite appropriate!
  19. Hi JC, it's good to see you again. How did you come up with Andrea for the SJ200?
  20. LOL If you're disappointed, we could probably get some kind of scavenger hunt going
  21. Holy smoke, I've been gone so long it made me log back in again! I'm so sorry for the long absence!! SHORT VERSION: Fred is right, I have been really busy with the farm where I board my horse. LONG VERSION: My horse is also not doing well (Cushings and acute laminitis) so have been dealing with that. The owner of the farm is 73 and has a badly damaged knee. He is in the process of selling off some of his 35 horses because he just can't manage it any more. He'll be going in for surgery (possibly amputation) soon and there's a handful of us who are going to have to feed whatever
  22. 1) I like the guitar (skinny neck!) 2) She's very pretty 3) The flowers to her left look like they came from a low budget funeral home
  23. I voted no, but I secretly wish I could play like this..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_YfW0gXBQ0
  24. Wow, I have heard of him but never actually checked out any of his work. He's great! Thanks for the connection, AJSC!
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