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  1. Moosey, I could NEVER forget you, nor the exquisite Excellente poetry we shared Forever yours in cyberspace, GG
  2. That was excellent! No, correction, that was beyond excellent!
  3. I don't know for sure if that's what my problem is, but both my hands hurt some days and feel puffy. My heart and soul are both willing, but the hands are not participating in the program! I'm working on No One Needs To Know Right Now by Shania Twain, lotsa barre chords. It's taking me forever to learn because I seem to be losing strength in my hands, regardless of how much practicing I do. It's frustrating, to say the least. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. YES! We don't get hurricanes here but we had a few tornadoes touch down this summer and I live in terror of those.
  5. That was fun! I loved the square dance at 13:00. The woman singing at 6:00 sounds like Iris Dement. Or maybe Iris Dement sounds like the woman at 6:00! Did anyone ever see the movie Songcatcher? There were a few weird parts in it but it was a great movie about Appalachian music. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching IMO.
  6. Pretty song, beautiful playing, guitar sounds incredible (for a non-Gibson )!
  7. Anne, everytime you do one of these songs they just keep getting better and better. Your voice reminds me a bit of Mary Chapin Carpenter. How are you recording these songs?
  8. Moosey!! So good to *see* you again !! My vote is ADVANCED JUMBO! Just throw a paper bag over the headstock and blow 'em away with the sound. Yeah, the purists might notice the little arrowheads on the fretboard but so what!! I must tell my standard banjo joke here: What's the difference between a n onion and a banjo? No one ever cried when you cut up a banjo I really need to get some new material
  9. Sounds great to me but I'm full of questions: Do YOU like the sound of it now? Did you put the lights on after all? Where did you get the chords to that song? I looked high and low years ago and couldn't find decent chords. I ended up doing 320033 X32033 022033 but I just couldn't get it to sound right. Anyway, sounds great when you do it!
  10. I know I'm supposed to pay attention to the guitars but I really like the shoes! What ever happened to the guitar? Do you still have it? I'm guessing you don't have the shoes any more. Great pic!
  11. Another John Hiatt fan here..... thanks for the video, it's a good one. John has mastered the art of palm muting; I'm almost there. Oh, and what rantings and ravings? Happy 1000th my friend and so glad you're here!
  12. LOL I hear this song most mornings when I'm getting ready for work. The only radio station my 40 year old radio picks up is this little country station out of Drumheller, and this song gets a whole lot of airplay. Listening to it now, I'm so glad I don't have to go to work today. But then, that wasn't my point. Anyway, yeah, funny little song, I never knew it was Tim McGraw. I remember my parents *bragging* about how their generation was so much better and how the moral fabric of society had just fallen through with MY generation. Boy, if they were alive today!
  13. Yeah, I laughed how he has it hanging on the headstock. And he's playing with gloves on. I wonder if he's in Canada?
  14. It would make a great bluegrass song! As for me, I'm working on it
  15. That's such a steal. Makes me wonder if it's stolen. Probably wouldn't put it, complete with serial number, on Craigs if it was stolen tho'. Wow. Wish I lived in Illinois.
  16. Sometimes it's fun to just wail away at top speed on your guitar, doncha think? You can get in a groove and really get it going. I find I do this much better when I play along with someone else. Playing along to this song (below) is a riot.... just Am, barre F, barre G and back to Am again. There's an E at the end of the verse. You gotta have an E else it isn't a freight train song. Lily does most songs exceptionally well, but this is one where Magic really steps up to the plate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsFeT0OU0_U
  17. Hi Jack Dreaming IS fun, and it gets me through my days haha! Last time I looked a D42 was selling for about $9000.00. Not sure what they go for nowadays but I'll think I'll check, just for something to do (dreaming!)
  18. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. Did you ask if it was sold or just assumed so when it wasn't on the wall? Maybe it's just on a loan? If it really is gone, it's just a matter of time before another one catches your ear. You can't beat L&M really..... I love those guys. They've been so good to me.
  19. Oh wow, is there a Canadian alive who isn't familiar with that log song and video? I still love it after all these years. Thanks for posting it Doug.
  20. I loved Elvis when I was growing up. I used to save my money for months just to buy an album of his. They were $5.00 at the time. I remember my mom complaining that his albums were 'way more expensive than the other albums'. I remember how excited I was when I bought the album Girls Girls Girls, which was the soundtrack to my fav Elvis movie <sigh> Thank you Elvis for all the fun and great music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOHmbHDlOWs&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z54-QHEZN6E&feature=related
  21. I LOVE my J-185. It's such a versatile guitar, and it really has a sparkle to it (sound-wise). I'm sure you will love yours. Congrats, and have lots of fun over the next little while
  22. Nope, I got the same page again, not a video but my channel favourites. To post the actual video, click on the last icon in the REPLY options window. It says Insert Media. Then you can put the link in there.
  23. Moe I can't get this link to work?
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