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  1. Believe it or not I still haven't been to that store. I should go and check it out. Maybe you should put a deposit on it, Doug, or else someone may come along and nab it. Not me tho', I'm broke.
  2. I'm still trying to decide if I like that guitar or not. It has an understated power to it (sound-wise) but I'm not sure if I like understated power in that song :unsure: Anyway, cool video!
  3. So that was YOUR Rickenbacker on Kijiji! Do you have one picked out or are you about to start your GAS exploration?
  4. Oh gawd I used to dance to that song in the 70's. I was howling when the puppets popped up!
  5. Agreed! Bridges was so believable in that role, and the music was great. As for the new album, how can you go wrong with T Bone Burnett?
  6. Wow, he really knew his way around a guitar, didn't he?! I love how 'the Hendrix sound' comes through loud and clear, even without the advantage of all the bells and whistles. So cool.
  7. Ahhhh, I know OF him, but never knew the face. My friend Roxanne is the consummate ELH fan and talks about Buddy Miller all the time. Now I know. Thanks VW!
  8. Well, that's a first for me! I have never seen that guitar, nor heard of it before. It's an odd looking thing..... slot head electric?
  9. Thanks Retro! Man she has a great voice! I really prefer lower female voices too. I also love her confidence. And that is a catchy song. I had to get up in the middle of the video to get something for the cat (treats, you can tell who wears the pants in this household) and I was humming the song when I was in the kitchen! I could definitely hear Anne doing this. I don't have the vocal range for it
  10. Bob Dylan wrote You Angel You??? I always thought it was Mannfred Mann! I used to love that song! Pretty good lyrics there yourself Em7!
  11. It must be a custom. Why would that be desired? I'm curious now. I love ELH and I love that song but as hard as I try I can't do it justice. What the heck is that guy playing? Great video Doug, thanks.
  12. But then it will just look like a flying guitar. You might not like it? I love her face. She's smiling. Plus, you'll probably have ten years of bad luck if you cut her head off.
  13. I think you deserve a better webcam. There was a lot of hissing in that video and it masks your voice and the guitar notes.
  14. Awwww, that's a great song Larry! I loved the lyrics too. Guitar sounds sweet and you have a really nice soft genuine voice, perfect for that song.
  15. Tequila sunrise!!!! Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  16. So true! It would be just another angel wall hanging, but the guitar changes the whole thing! I love it!
  17. What a lovely gesture and a great way to inspire a new life. I remember vividly how I came into my first guitar, and the people who inspired me to that point (and after). He will always remember fondly what you did for him.
  18. That was exceptionally well done and beautiful. The tone of that guitar takes me back to 70's CSNY for some reason
  19. Are we dreaming big here? I would love to get a blingy D42. So what if the guitar's worth more than my life, and certainly my skill level? That's never stopped me before
  20. Hi Jack! Did I miss the new guitar thread? I'm missing a lot these days :unsure: Anyway, thrilled to hear about this newest acquisition!! Yes, that J-45 I had my hands on at L&McQ awhile back..... that was a close call. I even had my wallet out. It just had something special. You know it when you hear it! And it was on sale too! But it was just as well I didn't pick it up because it seems to me I ended up with some humongous unexpected bill shortly after that, likely related to a vehicle or a horse But I still think about that guitar....... I WILL have a rosewood Gibby
  21. Huh! I seem to have missed this thread the first time around. This sounds like a 'must-have' for me. Thanks for the review Larry. And Passthej45, couldn't agree with you more on the JTE thing. His new Cd Harlem River Blues is incredible.
  22. Did you get it Peegee?
  23. Moe, what strings were on there in those videos you posted? Was it the factory lights?
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