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  1. Guitar sounds so beautiful! When you hit the Dsus4 (??) at around the one minute mark, it just dripped with tenderness, gave me shivers!
  2. I hesitate to justify this with a response, but I can clearly see why your nasty words may have been deleted. I am going to ignore them, and any future posts of yours, and go and play my guitar. I suggest you do the same, and take it somewhere else.
  3. Agreed! I've always said, if I won the lottery, I would not buy a hugely expensive exotic sports car (okay, I might lease one for a week or two). I would buy a fleet of first gen RX7's, because I love them, they're a riot to drive, and I love the sound of a rotary engine. I take my two RX7's in for servicing at RX7 Specialties, and the guys are always working on RX7's that they're modding for this race and that race, and there is just something about the sound of those engines that I love. I do love a real throaty V8 too tho'. Anyway, this isn't a 20b, but it's a nice sounding 13b...........
  4. I don't have any tabs. I just do this kind of weird intermittent travis pick thing for that song I am one of the minute minority who does not like Judy Collins' voice. It is just too high for me, hurts my ears. I know, I'm weird.
  5. With all due respect Jerry, you probably came along well after the memo was sent. Thanks for the invite, if that's what that was, but I think I'll stay here. I like it here, and I like my friends here, it's home for me.
  6. Wow! I didn't know she played drums. Another 'unknown drummer' is Gillian Welch. Anyway, I wonder if that is one of the videos posted on the PBS website under ACL shows? I think I'm going to pop in there and snoop around a bit
  7. The 'new' J-45's can't handle mediums?? That's a new one on me! What's he basing that on? Has he seen torn bridges or is he just surmising what he thinks would happen due to the appearance? A quick call to Gibson would clear that up, me thinks
  8. LOL When I was 7 years old I had a pair of patent leather shoes exactly the same color. Gawd I loved those shoes
  9. Cool guitar! I can't help you but I'm always jealous when people say their grandfather gave them a guitar. My grandfather didn't play guitar; he raised raccoons
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160633051904+&clk_rvr_id=253771231108#ht_56990wt_1083
  11. In defense of women around the world, I'd like to add that I have been driving for 37 years and have never had an accident, not even a fender bender. I've had bad drivers run into me twice tho'. Both times were young men. I drive manual transmission and can parallel park a truck faster than you can say, uh, 'sexist'
  12. WOW! You just really have a knack for songwriting! I LOVE that one! Guitar sounds great too. Do you notice a difference in the tone at all? Seems richer to me but that might be because I'm expecting it to.
  13. I Hear Them All by OCMS In My Dreams by ELH Someday Soon by Ian Tyson
  14. What is she playing in that acoustic clip? 12 string Southern Jumbo??? Oh wait, she lays the guitar down at the end! Now I see!
  15. Awwww, congrats on the new kitty, and how nice that you saved a life from a shelter. I gave you a +1 for that but I'd have given you more if I could
  16. Well, I had to dig my gear out of the basement! It could use a serious polishing with silicone spray but otherwise it's okay.
  17. Certified diver here. Just basic open water. I went through PADI many years ago. I had plans to go all the way to Divemaster but life got in my way. I'd still like to take more courses, like cavediving or wreck diving. Unfortunately I haven't been outside Alberta, but I've had fun diving the lakes of Alberta! I still have some of my gear in the basement. It's pink!
  18. Sounds like a fine plan! Bob, that guitar sounds like it could take on any task, any song, and do it serious justice. Of course your playing has something to do with that too, but that guitar has captiving highs and meaningful lows. What more could you ask?
  19. Oh! So weird that you posted that as I was working on that song this week! Such a great great song. Hmmm, where's my songbook......
  20. For Gillian Girl it's Gotta be a Gibson Guitar and a Greek Goddess pizza!
  21. I'm jealous! Congratulations!
  22. In my perfect world I'd have a slimmer neck, and I secretly (okay, not so secretly) fantasize about owning one of those late 60's J-50's with the skinny necks. The Epiphone has a 1 9/16 and I am quite fond of that one. Magic has a slimmer neck than Lily. That being said, I find I can adjust to the larger neck, given sufficient time to warm up. Barre chords are a bit tougher on the wider neck, as are weird little chords like D/F# where I have to cover it with my thumb. I obviously have smaller hands so would gravitate to a narrower neck. BUT, I'm okay with what I've got. I hope Anne chimes in
  23. Moe, are you going to do a CD of these songs? Or have you already done one? If you haven't I think you should. This one was excellent too.
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