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  1. Danner, were you ever on the old Gibson forum before they upgraded to this one? There was a guy on the old forum back around 2005 who was ka-razy about the Gibson picks! But he specifically liked the ones that said 'acoustic' on them. He had folks mailing him those particular ones because they were scarce at the time. Anyway, I have a few kicking around still. I think I'll have to try them tonight!
  2. I'm at work right now so shouldn't be here but just a quick comment. I'm not sure if that Montana Gibson forum has anything to do with Bozeman. I think it's just a new forum started up by a few folks who don't like me. I could be wrong but I don't think the Gibson folks in Bozeman had anything to do with it. This forum is the official Gibson forum, AFAIK. For the record, I will not be migrating as I am not welcome over there. Furthermore, I like it here. Life is too short to be fighting. Why are people picking sides and loyalties? This isn't Gibson Survivor. It's supposed to be a p
  3. Shoot! me too! But I'm coming back to this thread first chance I get
  4. Seems to me BoyVader started a real wing-dinger of an argument in the acoustic section awhile back too. It takes quite a bit to cause chaos in the acoustic section! Anyway.... Nate needs to stay. Come on Nate, don't let the bad guys win!
  5. Just ran across this on my YouTube travels. I'm on my second listen. It's so enjoyable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaAYjdHvw4I&feature=relmfu
  6. That guitar sounds amazing! And you are a very effective player (and singer). [thumbup]
  7. Magic and the Tiger Lillies! Sounds like a great band name. Too bad I have no talent haha! Nevertheless, here's a pic of Magic. Not sure what the weird reflection is on the guitar?
  8. Struma, I don't know if this will work but this should be a link to watch the whole episode online! http://video.pbs.org/video/1397462226
  9. Oh that's horrible news! I had not heard this. So sad. I love America's music. I have an old songbook from the Hat Trick album and I still look through it every now and then, cherishing the old pictures of them. I should post some of them. I'll try to do that after work.
  10. Yup, this was my answer too. I am the happiest woman in the world on my days off. Not as cheery on work mornings.
  11. Not sure what times/channels in your neighbourhood, but Steve Earle and Kris Kristofferson are scheduled for ACL tonight at midnight. Should be a good one!
  12. LOVELY burst on that! Yes, like Larry said, you will love it. And the wait begins! I think I'll go play Anticipation on mine
  13. I remember him from when I was a kid..... that was 40 years ago. He is a legend, and very loved by many. There were some albums that EVERYBODY bought back then when I was young, some albums that transcended every music genre and appealed to every type of music lover. Sweet Baby James was one of them. I can still picture that iconic front cover of the album in my mind.
  14. And you'll need to get some of those yellow shoes, Em7! Oh wait, maybe that was the girls. never mind. Everything is so perfect ..... even their head-turning is choreographed!
  15. One of the things I love about this interview is when the announcer asks (a few times) if they'd mind playing one or two of their older songs. Without missing a beat, they launch perfectly into the song. Those two are the consumate musicians! Just bloody perfect!!
  16. I would love to go to that. A friend of mine and I have talked about it but so far no concrete plans. We saw Jorma at the Knox United Church here in Calgary a few years back. We had second row seats and Jorma did not disappoint! He had a mandolin player with him (whose name has temporarily escaped me) and the two of them were on fire! One of the best concerts I've ever seen.
  17. Oh, that was completely enjoyable. I really need to work on new picking instead of my same-old-same-old patterns. That was light and refreshing and the song was great! Thanks Fred!
  18. You're right Em7! Red lanterns bedamned!
  19. Thank you very much Gibson101. I agree too, that feature of the forum is not one of my favourites and subject to abuse :unsure:
  20. Can you believe someone gave me a -1 for this post? Gee, it's just an opinion, a harmless opinion, to which I am entitled??!!
  21. I'm going to try those JP bluegrass ones, Retro. Thanks for the tip!
  22. Oh! You're living my dream LOL! What a great summer lineup! On the interview I posted, the NPR announcer asks Gil and Dave to do a couple of their old songs in addition to the new ones. It's amazing how they can harmonize and play so well together. They're perfect!
  23. Butter pecan..... yes! Yes! Yes!
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