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  1. Uh, where do you suppose a person could purchase one of those? Just curious
  2. It hit 30 degrees celsius here today and I'm enjoying a big bowl of my favourite ice cream Breyers Skor It's the little things in life that make such a difference. Altho' ice cream is a pretty big thing.
  3. Very interesting! Someone's been doing the same to me. We have enemies apparently A big +1 to you my friend, from me! Good to see you back
  4. Well, I still haven't got the album (darn horses) but I did find this most excellent interview! NPR Fresh Air interview July 18 - 45 minutes long
  5. This is the answer from Wikipedia, FWIW: A: This can be very unsafe! The design of nylon string guitars is very similar from steel string guitars. To get the best sound from a guitar there is a balance between length and flexibility. Nylon strings are under less tension than steel strings so the top is made thinner and the internal braces are lighter allowing the instrument to vibrate more, giving you better volume. The extra pressure that steel strings put on a nylon guitar can, over time, cause the top to pull up, cause braces to come loose, and even pull the bridge off the guitar! Also,
  6. Don't do it Luis! Steel strings exert more pressure than your nylon string guitar can manage. You can put nylon strings on a steel string guitar because it is braced for strength, but not the other way around. I wouldn't do.
  7. I love Elvis. I grew up on him. I always got really good babysitters because we had a record player at our house and my babysitters would always want to come over and play their Elvis records! First record I ever bought was Girls! Girls! Girls!, followed by A Date With Elvis, and then a whole lot more. He was the best. I wish he was still with us.
  8. The rosewood back is bee-yoo-tee-ful! Funny, I was just 'window shopping' when I bought my guitars too.
  9. I have Elixir mediums on mine. I LOVE them on this guitar.
  10. Haha, good one Doug! As for me, I'm always losing my sunglasses. Thank goodness I don't lose my guitars.
  11. Good riddance to the b@st@rd!!! Patty doesn't need that jerk!!! Great song Anne! I was playing along with you. Now I'm going to go back and play along with you again.
  12. Personally, I can't relate to this. Nevertheless, I know a winner when I hear it, and this is a winner! Hope things are back to normal real soon, Fumble <fingers crossed>
  13. Aha! Yes, that must be it. Good to know. You'd think that would be explained in the instructions, but no! Thanks Enmity
  14. And did you suture yourself or did everything just drop out (or off)?
  15. OMG Damian! I'm afraid to ask.... what got stapled?
  16. Okay, I bought a staple gun to staple some new fabric on my chairs for the music room. There's a symbol on the gun but nowhere in the instructions can i find an explanation of what the symbol means? (see the pic... the symbol right next to the Made In USA print. It has a plus and a minus sign but makes no difference when I staple?) Also, aren't the staples supposed to close, like they do on paper? What good does it do them to remain open? They would just fall out? I stapled a box and the staple just goes in but doesn't close??
  17. Yes, I miss him too. He did put a new song up on YouTube a few weeks back so maybe he's just busy playing guitar, which reminds me, I have to go do something.....
  18. I pop into the AGF once in awhile. I also frequent a pigeon forum (hey, there's a forum for everything) and a horse forum (or two or three). But this is the forum I check into regularly a couple of times a day. I have been a member since 2005, back when it was really just a basic black and white one dimensional board. (Hey Murph, where are you?)
  19. Oh this is awesome news! What a great looking herd (herd?) of guitars, MP! Congratulations on the new J45. I must go find the thread. I notice there are quite a few fingerprints all over that J45!
  20. Anne, you need to change the title of the thread from Another day ...another song, to Another Day ..... another GOOD song!
  21. I did notice that! If you like videos where the artist screws up (and who doesn't like those) here's two that'll make you feel a bit better..... Lucinda can't remember what key she's supposed to play the song in. And she even has a songbook in front of her! And Cat Stevens forgets the words to Bitter Blue..... twice!! Both playing Gibbys too (I think Cat has an Every Brothers but the pic is fuzzy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=artjAo-AJxo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkVcFoc71Uk
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