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  1. Yeah that is the guitar, I could have sworn I read somewhere that they were initially only going to produce a small amount. Something like 25 going to the UK and what not, maybe I am wrong, I was torn on parting with mine, but that makes it a little easier knowing there is more out there.
  2. I bought one of these SG's within the first month they were being sold and at the time it was just going to be a limited run of 200 guitars. My question is, is gibson still making these and when did they decide to make more than the initial 200?
  3. Idk, the PCB guitar I played muddied up when I rolled off the volume knob.....maybe I'm just picky
  4. The shop that this guitar is at (house of guitars btw) actually says the guitar is a 1970 serial number is 95545 and that dates it from 70-72 They told me around $4000 for it which is definitely a no go for me especially with the condition it is currently in, but I'm gonna see if I can open the control cavity and date the pots, maybe talk them down a bunch, and if they don't bite they always have a black custom shop sg standard with the half guard to get an idea it looks like the black one Angus Young always plays now and they told me $2000 for that.
  5. The guitar is at a store and I am looking to purchase it what would be a good price to offer, they told me to make an offer.
  6. Yeah I asked on everythingsg just wanted to see what more SG guys had to say. Yeah the guitar is pretty much unplayable I thought it was the bridge leaning at first but upon further inspection its just the saddle screw is bent. So if 2k all original then this guitar should be worth around $1500 at most? It has original pickups and the stuff you can play on it sounds amazing and the guitar has a great feel to it, better than my 61 reissue imho
  7. I was wondering what the value of a 1971 Gibson SG standard with replaced tuners and small extra holes drilled into the back of the headstock from where different tuners were installed in the past? Also the body has nicks and dings and the back of the neck is worn from a lot of years of being played. Also the saddle adjust screw from the low e string is bent up slightly causing it to mute the string when the string is fretted at all.
  8. Yeah he played an SG a couple times....http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt9/gitaarventje/Jimi%2520Hendrix/HendrixSG.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.kramerforum.com/forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D47725&h=466&w=698&sz=57&tbnid=GRIaXTahNWkBhM:&tbnh=101&tbnw=152&zoom=1&docid=8H896JlOxCOR-M&sa=X&ei=7KD-TpfIDOrp0QHGk7C6Ag&ved=0CCYQ9QEwAQ&dur=485 but my favorite is Angus Young's 71 sg with the Maestro Vibrola, there is one identical to it at the HOG I wish I could afford it
  9. I modded my faded and put a mid 70s t-top pickup in it and I am glad I did. If you don't like the way the pickups sound you can always put it back to stock, but I wouldn't worry about the value of a special too much since they don't really bring in a lot to begin with.
  10. The hardware was probably changed somewhere along the line, or it could have came with nickel hardware from the factory, the only thing that makes me think that it could've been changed is the removed pickup cover on the bridge, or added pickup cover to the neck.
  11. I've been seeing this color offered recently and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Gibson this has always been my dream color for the Gibson SG.
  12. There's a clip in my sig of my 2006 SG Standard along with a 2004 fender strat live during one of my bands gigs covering The Jack, The SG was used for leads
  13. What is a pedal? I plug directly in me marshall isn't that how its supposed to be?
  14. Yes, that is very common with some Gibson's as it is harder to get a nitro finish to look "perfect" than it is for a poly finish to.
  15. I paid $375 at guitar center for my first Gibson which was an SG faded. It was brand new too I should add.
  16. Reynolds_wRap


    I have tried Orange amplifiers and have not been impressed. I am not saying that there aren't good ones out there just the models I played weren't that good at all. The Marshall Class 5 is a good all valve amp.......I personally can't get enough of my Metropoulos clone of a 66 Marshall JTM 45....
  17. Hmmm.... That's odd haha they fit nice and snug, but not too snug, they look great and definitely is easier to grab just the volume knob and crank it up just before I do a solo.
  18. http://www.guitarfetish.com/4-Vintage-Tele-Custom-style-Knob-Set-of-Four-Volume-and-Tone_p_842.html I got some of these awhile back......
  19. ehhhh, for me I go into an X2 digital rack wireless system and from that directly into my Metropoulos JTM45 clone when I play live, but for jamming and in the studio I just use a trusty cable.
  20. He has a fender strat that's his main guitar.....Haha broke a string in the 2nd song. That was my backup that the one on the left was playing. He is looking to buy a ES-335 but when I first met him he was all fender this fender that. Here is the first song:
  21. I thought the stock pickups were fine in the standard.... This is a stock SG through a stock 66 marshall jtm45 replica. If they aren't cutting it though, I guess the 57 classic's would be nice. Also there are some Throbak pickups that seem to be nice too. My all time favorite pickups are the t-tops that's what I put in my faded and really brought it to life.
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