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  1. Hi DJ, Sorry it took so long for a reply but I have not been on this forum in awhile. It is #235. Please post some pics when you can. Some very impressive guitars come out of Larry's shop, I am sure yours will be no different. I know I cherish mine. Put me in the very happy customer category.
  2. A few more pics...it looks different depending on the lighting...and it's one of the things I love about it. It is more shiny than stock as Larry Corsa buffs these out with Virtuoso Cleaner before he ships them and I also hand polished it myself with Virtuoso Cleaner and then Virtuoso Polish. Still not as shiny as a regular LP Standard but I love the vintage look.
  3. Ah I thinkI figured it out...here's mine:
  4. Wow that is a beautiful top sort of looks burled parts of it look like the derrig appetite guitar
  5. I would post mine but I can not figure out how to post pics either from my computer or from photobucket.....can anyone help me?
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