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  1. rfori i would go with a replace neck deal say from warmoth or your guitar guy or try and take it on yourself to save money Rosa string works on youtube shows you how to plus remov-n all the not suppose-2-b-there screws and remove-n fret board could wind up cost-n more than the neck replacment

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  3. Is there a way to find my old posts? It says it only goes back to September 2018
  4. Awesome Thanks for the info
  5. How often should I use lemon oil on my rosewood fretboard?
  6. Are the Korina Vs that are made in Korea real Korina or just a veneer?
  7. Are the Korina Vs that are made in Korea real Korina or just a veneer?
  8. I don’t know if this means anything but all the Gibsons I’ve been looking at on line, the inside label is up and down (perpendicular) with the strings. On mine the label is parallel. Is it possible someone took the label from a Gibson and put it in a copy the wrong way?
  9. So far, all the 60s C series guitars I’ve found on line have black binding. Mine has white binding
  10. Ok thanks Were the logos stickers at this time period?
  11. My friend just bought an old guitar. It has a classical headstock with the Gibson mustache but no logo. There is a serial number stamped on the back of the headstock which dates it to 1914/1915. There is also a Gibson label inside with the serial number and made in Kalamazoo. It has a small parlor type body. Does anyone have info/value or model number of this guitar
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