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  1. When are people just playing their guitar,instead of 'writing' about it???? My goodness....so many threads about tone,this mod,that mod,blablabla....just play, stop writing about it! THATS THE POINT! IMO a forum topic is nice and ok,it's a nice way to chill out....to informe sometimes.... But really, sometimes I think there is too much writing about tone, and too less playing... For me : just plug out the PC and plug in the guitar! Let the guitar talk about the tone! Sorry, don't mean to judge anyone, it's just my way of seeing this!
  2. Man, just get a good and heavy Les Paul, full of nice mahagony wood! Or a SG! Some 57 paf's,Seymour Duncan 59'ers or some Burstbuckers... Plug this in a Marshall Vintage Modern with the zvex Box of Rock or the Rothwell Hellbender! That would be just what you want! And if you want THE rael thing, the holy grail : a 59 les Paul trough an original 1959 SLP from Marshall, cranked up to 10!!! Voila, you got the tone! And to the rest of the discussion : pffffffffff,borring!!!!!!! Metal is relatively new, so please, Cream,Hendrix,LedZep,Black Sabbath,ACDC....metal????? They didn't know about the term 'metal' when they started!!! Just good timeless Classic Rock! Blues Rock,....pure rock! Every band has some 'heavier' songs, they are not heavy metal bands for that??!! This is an endless discussion! For my grandma Elvis Presley is Heavy Metal! I think all those 'catalogs and charts are very subjective and based on some opinions of a couple of people having some discussions! My grandma's chart would look very different and mine too! So, maybe there are as many charts as there are music-lovers out there!!!
  3. I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see WOOD on a guitar!!!!! So this is great!!! Nice dark wood! Love it! I would never buy a painted guitar! Show wood!
  4. Vinny


    Isn't this a GIBSON-forum??????????????? Nice guitar anyway!
  5. It's not I don't like it, because bands like Mettalica (not the latest stuff),Tool can be very nice of course! But to me it was just meant to say that Led Zep,Sabbath,Ac/Dc and all the other classic rock bands are NOT heavy metal bands!! For me heavy metal is like sepeltura,pantera,megadeth,anthrax.... too heavy for me btw! It's just a point of view!
  6. Page...Heavy Metal!!!!!??????????????? CLASSIC ROCK or BLUES ROCK, but please.......never call it Heavy Metal!!! Page and Plant always got/get pissed when they call their music heavy metal!
  7. Anyone knows how to obtain this effect : it comes on 3:45 and again 4:02!! It's so nice and a dramatic attack! Very nice to start a solo in a gig!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf68y9f2_MQ
  8. Led Zep!!!!!!!!! The Stones, The Doors, The Who, Elvis Presley, Pearl Jam, AC/DC Queen (Wembley!!) Joe Bonamassa (at Ambert Hall!!) Guns 'n Roses with Slash (off course!!) Jimmy Hendrix
  9. Only this appears when I hit the button :[/img] Don't understand the trick! Maybe it's so simple, but not for me I guess!
  10. Hey, Just can't decide which to buy??? Tested them both, both sounds great,so can't decide!! Anyone's experience with those pedals, please reply! Thanks alot
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