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  1. Not Devo. Okay, sometimes they do, but they do it with style.
  2. Years ago, I used to work at a home lighting store and we used 48" fluorescent light bulbs for our sabers. SMASH!!!!!
  3. Somewhat, but not really. The original Univibe was an attempt at making an electronic effect that sounds like a Leslie, but it fell short. What a vibe really is is a phaser with some chorusing in sync with each other and it's also my favorite swirly sounding effect. I've heard good things about the Boss and Hughes & Kettener rotary simulators but never tried one. IMO, the only way to really get that Leslie sound is to use a Leslie; there is just way too much going on with a Leslie cabinet in a room (Doppler effect, reflections, phasing...) to properly capture the effect electronically..
  4. Downloading the box set costs $150 on iTunes, buying the actual CD box set through Amazon costs only $130. http://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Stereo-Box-Set/dp/B002BSHWUU/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1290006581&sr=1-1
  5. Hi,

    No, I let my subscription lapse quite a while ago so I haven't seen that issue. Sorry!


  6. Hope all is well. Quick question. Do you receive the ToneQuest report (one of the forum members thought you did)? I am looking for the March 2010 issue in which they reviewed the Bare Knuckle Mules pickups. I am thinking of buying a set but wanted to see what they said about them first.



  7. Played at a summer camp mess hall when I was 15 or 16. I was playing guitar and singing lead vocals and was so nervous I was shaking. I threw up afterward.
  8. My band consists of: Bass/lead vocals guitar/backing vocals guitar/backing vocals drums In some ways, I like playing with another guitar player (more textures and I don't mind splitting solos) but sometimes I wish is was just me so I could loosen up on my rhythm parts.
  9. WebStrings, 09's on everything. I buy them in bulk for $2.49 per set and free shipping.
  10. Van Halen II was recorded in ten days. Just sayin'.
  11. After a gig, if your fingers smell like strings and not p****y, you're doing it wrong. ;)
  12. Thanks, evol - very cool! Ultimately, what I'd like out of a fuzz is one that stays somewhat neutral in the frequency department but gives me that silky fuzz sound so I don't have to screw with other settings when kicking in fuzz. Probably doesn't exist, but I can dream. ;)
  13. evol, I am always hearing great things about the Yardbox. "One of these day," I'm going to have to snag one.
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