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  1. Not Devo. Okay, sometimes they do, but they do it with style.
  2. Years ago, I used to work at a home lighting store and we used 48" fluorescent light bulbs for our sabers. SMASH!!!!!
  3. Somewhat, but not really. The original Univibe was an attempt at making an electronic effect that sounds like a Leslie, but it fell short. What a vibe really is is a phaser with some chorusing in sync with each other and it's also my favorite swirly sounding effect. I've heard good things about the Boss and Hughes & Kettener rotary simulators but never tried one. IMO, the only way to really get that Leslie sound is to use a Leslie; there is just way too much going on with a Leslie cabinet in a room (Doppler effect, reflections, phasing...) to properly capture the effect electronically... at least, so far.
  4. Downloading the box set costs $150 on iTunes, buying the actual CD box set through Amazon costs only $130. http://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Stereo-Box-Set/dp/B002BSHWUU/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1290006581&sr=1-1
  5. Hi,

    No, I let my subscription lapse quite a while ago so I haven't seen that issue. Sorry!


  6. Played at a summer camp mess hall when I was 15 or 16. I was playing guitar and singing lead vocals and was so nervous I was shaking. I threw up afterward.
  7. My band consists of: Bass/lead vocals guitar/backing vocals guitar/backing vocals drums In some ways, I like playing with another guitar player (more textures and I don't mind splitting solos) but sometimes I wish is was just me so I could loosen up on my rhythm parts.
  8. WebStrings, 09's on everything. I buy them in bulk for $2.49 per set and free shipping.
  9. Van Halen II was recorded in ten days. Just sayin'.
  10. After a gig, if your fingers smell like strings and not p****y, you're doing it wrong. ;)
  11. Thanks, evol - very cool! Ultimately, what I'd like out of a fuzz is one that stays somewhat neutral in the frequency department but gives me that silky fuzz sound so I don't have to screw with other settings when kicking in fuzz. Probably doesn't exist, but I can dream. ;)
  12. evol, I am always hearing great things about the Yardbox. "One of these day," I'm going to have to snag one.
  13. Without question, the Fuzz Factory is the most versatile fuzz I own and it has some great sounds in it. The only thing it doesn't do great is a more mellow fuzz sound - it does do a good job of it but the only reason I say it isn't great at it is because I have other fuzzes that simply do a better job of it. If you're going to own only one fuzz pedal, the Fuzz Factory is probably the one to get.
  14. Which model Peavey is that? I loooove the Peavey Vandenberg I bought from AXE. It's a very solid and great playing guitar.
  15. Not exactly. Germanium tends to be darker/less trebly and smoother while silicon is brighter and a little more raspy sounding. I have a bunch of various Fuzz Face clones (mostly germanium) one of which is silicon and another that is a hybrid germanium/silicon fuzz. Playing by myself, I really like germanium best for it's smoother, more mellow quality but, in a band situation, I find that silicon works better as it doesn't get smothered by everything else.
  16. Nice! A friend of mine in highschool had an RD Artist bass that I always thought was really cool looking but... it was a bass. The original RD instruments had some funky electronics designed by Moog; this reissue seems to have more a more traditional layout.
  17. Like any other brand, play as many examples as you can get your hands on of the model you want. Wood varies so guitars do as well - some are duds, some are good and a few are great.
  18. With the Schallers, pretty much EVERY strap is too thick for the locks (why they haven't added another 1/8" of thread by now is beyond me). What I do is put the lock in a vice then take a socket wrench and use that to crank down the nut which causes the leather to compress and act like a washer.
  19. Schallers all around for me too. However, I do have a set of Dunlops on my SG Jr because I got tired of the ends of the Schallers poking me in the gut. Both types have worked great for me but I have more confidence in the Schallers.
  20. Great singing and cool interpretation. My gripe is that the bass line in the original is one of the main hooks of the song and makes it great (and launched hundreds of imitators) but it's completely absent in your version.
  21. Very cool! I'd love to get my hands on one of those master volume Rivera Champs. I do have a 1966 Champ but, even at it's diminutive power rating, it's still too loud to crank up in an apartment and it doesn't get seriously crunchy anyway.
  22. I'd say the owner got off lucky. In my town - which is a shore town that has very limited parking during the summer - if someone parks in front of a hydrant, they'll send a wrecker down to pull the car out of the spot sideways before towing it. The annual seafood festival is usually a good time to watch the hydrant across the street from where I live.
  23. Loudness - Disillusion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPnlDvJiW50
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