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  1. You made it look like a model in those photos. Like tyra banks, but with a spruce top rather than rayon.
  2. Jeff, Did you mean to post a link here? . . . Dave
  3. Well I didn't think of that. I have a synth pedal with drum beats on that I can use. I'll check and see if it has a plain old metranome. Thanks, Dave
  4. Hi, Waiting on my first ever Gibson - my dream 2002 mahogony j-45 to come UPS. I've been perusing the forums and found more than a few references to Pete Townshend videos, and discussions of his guitars and abilities. His super fast strumming gives an extra range of expression. So serious question, being a learning player. How do I practice increasing my acoustic strumming speed? I know the Pete videos are an extreme example, being he's a master, but even so I noticed that when he nails it there is a physical body control that he harnesses, and you can see him going into intense co
  5. i've started playing four months ago and play every day for about an hour, and I think I have a better chance of finding Big Foot than Bm off the 2nd fret. For whatever reason most of the songs I play have a Bm and I just can't get it cleanly through an entire song. One day I will.
  6. Thanks for the info. And there is nothing else that was concerning me. I just realized that I wasn't sure if I'd ever seen a j45 with a two piece top. There are some J45 players around here at the open mics I play and gigs. I never really looked that closely at them, so I just wanted to check with you all.
  7. Hi this is my first post as I'm trying to enter the Gibson line with a J45. My first real guitar. I've seen a 2002 VS sunburst for sale with a piezo pickup that I suppose was installed after market - no preamp. My question concerns: The front is two-piece, like you would see on the back of many quality guitars. Is this correct? It raised a flag with me so I just wanted to confirm with some knowledgeable folks before considering it any further. Thanks, Dave
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