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  1. Did anyone see or have a Japanese late 70's Aria Mach 1 AF-255? It is a J200 copy, looks like all woods are laminated.
  2. I see in the pics of the new Gibson that they still are putting the locator hole in bridge plate too close to the bridge pin hole - this one looks close, but not impeding the edge of pin hole like on my J45. Also will get worse over time with use.
  3. This latest album sounds like a continuation of the Lanois produced albums, spooky repetitive grooves with Dylan riffing story like lyrics over the top. Dylan's last great album to me is the one backed by the Band, mid 70's? and then after that i liked Street Legal from '78. After Street Legal - ??
  4. Love this guy & his great lyrics. Is this Gibson a Custom Dwight Yokum ? sounds really good like a Gibson should - esp finger picked
  5. That's great thing to do Dan. I wish you happy adventures ahead...please be sure and take pics wherever you stop to show us home bound types. Where do you pull it up to at night, a camper grounds or just anywhere? Powder sure looks like a good boy. He doesn't even try to run or wander off on his own & stays right by your side? Is he a purebred retriever? My last dog would have run into the nearest whatever when I turned my head, I had to be on my toes, but my dog growing up didn't need a leash, he stayed right with me.
  6. Would be interesting to see pictures of old bracing vs. new side by side. Perhaps someone has a mirror that have taken pics of these braces? Doesn't make sense that Ren would deviate from the old bracing, since he did study the old timers when they were just starting to make re-issues at MT. What would be the incentive to change? Do you think he was thinking 20 years into the future to charge more for the way the scalloped bracing was on the originals and call them(Legends)
  7. As for me, I like GHS Vintage Bronze on my WM45. I leave them on for a long time. The bracing carve - how did Ren change it from the old way it was done?
  8. Don't throw your harmonica and rack inside the case with guitar. This is what Dylan did with his J50. But he was younger then, and older than that now.
  9. You guys ever read this? Good to read thru before shipping. Towards the bottom, he says that FedEX is the worst to use, UPS & USPS better. http://www.lutherie.net/shipping.html
  10. Good find on that one, congrats. You should be glad in retrospect it was not in a case - if it was, probably would have had a cracked neck or broken headstock because the guy probably wouldn't have thought to support under the head stock at all. Would have been worse bouncing around inside a case. How's the neck angle? Did you run a straight edge down the neck to bridge? Truss rod works o.k.?
  11. I think its nice that Paul is still willing to go out there with the people sharing the love we all have for his songs, which bring up so many great memories.
  12. Just how are we to pay for all the children & parents needing and using crumbling public services coming across the border? Why, by more taxes that's how! Gonna be something when the working stiffs don't have any more $ for taxes. Can you say revolution?
  13. Looks nice, lucky you it was so close by. Not many of these were built. Yours is a copy of a '43, well mine must be a copy of the late 40's - I have a '91 also, but a bit different - although also a Mahogany back/sides, it has no banner logo but a gold block letter, label says SJ-45. I replaced the green Schaller Keystone tuners w/Waverly and installed firestripe pickguard. It is light, at around 4.2 or so lbs. Wonder why the variation in the same year? Sound has also very deep bass and neck is round / thicker than any current J45 or J35. Here are some pics I took to compare h
  14. Where you gonna put the pup when out rubbing elbows? Do they have pet friendly hotels? I'd like to go but can't stand the thought of a not so nice stewardess telling me my 6 string can't be taken aboard, and getting it smashed in baggage!
  15. If the black paint bothers you, take some lighter fluid (napitha) soaked in a cloth & rub. It will probably come right off.
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