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  1. So, I have a 2004 Les Paul standard limited edition in pacific reef blue. Does it mean that musicians friend illegally sold it to me in 2004?
  2. Let me clarify something. I'm not defending people who steal anything from anyone, I think they are the lowest scumbags that walk the planet. It's just common knowledge over there that those products are knock-offs and that is one of the reasons tourists frequent those markets. Sorry to steal this thread from the OP, I'll stop now.
  3. No arguement here, but I don't see why I'm a "clown" because I bought some stuff in China...
  4. You don't have to resort to name calling. I was just saying that knock off products are very common in China and it's not like a black market thing for them.
  5. Well, here I will make sure and not steal anything fron the american companies, but, in China I plan on supporting their economy by supporting goods that they have to sell me, which would be the knock-offs. For moraliy reasons, you don't have to. Also, you don't think that products from "American" companies are made by child laborers? Take a stroll through your house and check the labels to see where the stuff you buy comes from and tell me which economy you're "supporting" more.
  6. Stealing what? I bought them in China from an actual Chinese person. It's not like I met them in a back alley anywhere. I didn't steal any opportunity away from Converse or Coach because I wasn't going to give them my money anyway. If I were to take those things back home to america and pass them off as authentic products and sell them for a profit, that would be wrong. Same way if you bought a Squier guitar instead of an actual Fender and tried to pass it off as an actual fender. Squier guitars are pretty much copies of their fender counterparts, but are cheaper and made from lesser quality components. Would it be wrong of me to buy one if I didn't want to pay the price for an American fender, but wanted aguitar?
  7. No reason to hate China. China is prety awesome. One funny thing about Beijing is tht there are huge "Markets" (3 story mall-type markets) where you can buy anything you want like iPods or iPhones. They are all knock offs, but they look just like the real thing. I bought a pair of Converse All-stars there for about $3.00 and bought my wife a Coach purse there for about $5.00.
  8. I just thought a cookie sounded good. Didn't mean to offend. I apologize.
  9. White Chocolte Chip with macadamia nuts are pretty good...
  10. Also, I was wondering about the neck profile of my Les Paul. Since my wife ordered it for me, she didn't pay much attention to whether it ws a 50's or 60's neck. It came from musicians friend, but it didn't have a model number in the hang tag that came with it. The neck is definately alot bigger than my American Strat, to give some sort of reference. Is there any other way to tell, in a body cavity or something?
  11. Yes she is a very nice wife. Her dad has a Les Paul Classic, so she understands. I guess she thought my Strat needed a buddy. Of course I will post some pics. 2 of them might be more like "product shots", but I just love the color and the grain of the top. Something tells me that you guys wont mind though. As a part-time photographer, I tend to get a little too "artsy" with my pictures. Thats what my wife says anyway. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4142/4756023205_f3e5a7956d_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4140/4756020081_dc7d46a11d_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4119/4756026207_71f604cd55_b.jpg
  12. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday tho my 2004 Les Paul Standard LE. The serial # is 01834xxx. My wife surprised me with it on Christmas. I saw one in Manhattan Midnight at the guitar store in town and told her how awesome it ws. She decided to order me one from musicians friend, and when it came in she opened the case and saw that it was the wrong color (it turned out it ws the Pacific Reef Blue). She said she almost cried but she gave it to me anyway. She said that I could return it if I wanted to, but I told her "It's a Les Paul, I don't care what color it is!" Spent many a good time with it. Took 4 years to pay it off, but it's all mine now and I couldn't be happier, (well maybe an SG to go along with it, but that proposal didn't go over well). Anyway, now to practice up so I can make it sing like it's supposed to.
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