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  1. It and Pranoid are absolute necessities on that guitar!
  2. Binding in the nut can be resolved by scraping some lead (graphite actually) from a #2 pencil into the nut slots. I had binding problems, did this, and it solved everything. A nice cheap and easy fix that you can do yourself in only a few minutes.
  3. Because, in my experience, getting an answer there only takes a couple of minutes. What's the big deal?
  4. Is the guitar still under warranty? If so, take it in and they can fix it for you (takes no time at all). If not, you can pay to have it done properly and, since it is a 30 second job, it shouldn't cost you more than $10.
  5. Yeah' date=' it is pretty decent. You should try to grab the [i']Learn and Master Guitar[/i] course as it is very very good and quite thorough.
  6. Welcome and nice guitar. Funnily enough, I was playing around with that exact guitar in the store earlier today. Even though I only messed around with it for a few minutes it felt really really good. As for amps, the new Orange Crush PiX series are decent and I quite like mine but I recently grabbed a Traynor Dynagain DG15R as a second amp and I actually like it better than the Orange which was unexpected. If they are available where you are look for one as they are great little amps. ETA: Sorry, just noticed your comment about the amp you got.
  7. The paper serial number is not their old way of doing it - the paper indicates a factory second. And I am not sure that is a G-400 as they usually have trapezoid inlays. They didn't always have them so, depending on when yours was made, it might be one of the pre-trapezoid models. But I think it is more likely a G-310 or something like that. The uncovered pickups also make me think it is a G-310.
  8. Let me know what you think of them. I'm curious as to whether you will like them as much as I do.
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