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  1. It and Pranoid are absolute necessities on that guitar!
  2. Binding in the nut can be resolved by scraping some lead (graphite actually) from a #2 pencil into the nut slots. I had binding problems, did this, and it solved everything. A nice cheap and easy fix that you can do yourself in only a few minutes.
  3. Because, in my experience, getting an answer there only takes a couple of minutes. What's the big deal?
  4. Is the guitar still under warranty? If so, take it in and they can fix it for you (takes no time at all). If not, you can pay to have it done properly and, since it is a 30 second job, it shouldn't cost you more than $10.
  5. Yeah' date=' it is pretty decent. You should try to grab the [i']Learn and Master Guitar[/i] course as it is very very good and quite thorough.
  6. Welcome and nice guitar. Funnily enough, I was playing around with that exact guitar in the store earlier today. Even though I only messed around with it for a few minutes it felt really really good. As for amps, the new Orange Crush PiX series are decent and I quite like mine but I recently grabbed a Traynor Dynagain DG15R as a second amp and I actually like it better than the Orange which was unexpected. If they are available where you are look for one as they are great little amps. ETA: Sorry, just noticed your comment about the amp you got.
  7. The paper serial number is not their old way of doing it - the paper indicates a factory second. And I am not sure that is a G-400 as they usually have trapezoid inlays. They didn't always have them so, depending on when yours was made, it might be one of the pre-trapezoid models. But I think it is more likely a G-310 or something like that. The uncovered pickups also make me think it is a G-310.
  8. Let me know what you think of them. I'm curious as to whether you will like them as much as I do.
  9. Yeah, the Classic Rock strings are their pure nickel strings. As far as I know they make a pure nickel, or Classic Rock, version of all of their normal Slinky strings. I used to use Super Slinkys and switched to Regular Slinkys. I then switched to the Classic Rock Regular Slinkys and have just recently switched back down to .09s and am using their Classic Rock Super Slinkys. I love their Classic Rock strings, absolutely love them. I'm getting rid of my Epi G-400 SG for a Gibson SG Standard at the end of the month and the first thing I will do is to put Classic Rock Super Slinkys on it. --
  10. I've been playing for 8-9 months and, unfortunately, am no longer young (41). I was thinking of getting the Gibby because of how good a deal I can get. Also, I've always loved them. My playing abilities don't currently justify a Gibby but I am not sure a similar deal will be available in another year's time.
  11. I am seriously leaning towards the Gibby but wanted to toss other ideas around before I pulled the trigger.
  12. I am thinking of getting rid of my Epi G-400 SG so that I can buy a Gibson Les Paul Standard because I can get a good deal on a new Standard from my local store. However, I was also thinking that, if I could mod my G-400, I might be able to put money towards other gear (a tube amp, and Epi Les Paul Standard, etc.) as the mods would, hopefully, cost quite a bit less than the Gibson would. I know a G-400 will never ever be as good as a Gibson but I am wondering how close I might be able to get. Has anyone here tried to mod their G-400 to get it as close as possible to a Gibson SG Standard? If so, what did you do to yours and how much did it cost? How is yours compared to a Gibson? I am thinking I might be better off just getting the Gibby and forgetting about the Epi LP Standard as having one great guitar is better than having a couple of really good guitars but I wanted to check here before I made my final decision.
  13. I really think trying an Epi or Gibson might change your mind about SGs (especially the Gibbys). I wasn't a big fan until I got mine and now I love them.
  14. Try a real SG - either Epi or Gibby and you'll notice how much better they are than a knockoff.
  15. Post these photos over at MyLesPaul.com and the experts over there will be able to tell you if it is a fake or not.
  16. I've got a G-400 which I really really like but have been GASing over an Epi Les Paul Standard. I don't need one, I just want one. But I'm wondering if maybe I should hold off and save the money as I am not sure that I've liked any that I've played more than I like my G-400. Maybe I should just save for a while and get a Gibson SG Standard rather than spending money on an Epi LP right now.
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